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Unique Vintage Copper Décor Ideas

By Rachel

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Last Updated on February 14, 2024 by Rachel Granholm

Unique vintage copper décor ideas helps you create a character-rich and timeless space!

If you have been following me for any length of time, you probably know all about my love for vintage copper. Copper just has this simple beauty to it that is aged and timeless. Due to that, it is easy to work into any space in your home. Follow along as I share unique vintage copper décor ideas!

Decorating with Vintage Copper Accents

I love hunting for vintage copper. Copper adds such a bright and cheery glow to any area of your home! However, I have found that whenever I’m actually looking for it, I never find it. It usually just happens…a piece of copper just sitting on a shelf at a thrift store or antique mall, just waiting for me. Does that happen to you, too?

a thrifted copper cheese shaker on a peg rack

Copper color really can’t be compared to anything else. The best is when that coloring is covered with a beautiful antique patina.

I’m super excited to share my thrifted vintage copper collection with you today. I hope that these ideas inspire you to start a collection of your own, add to an existing collection, or give you some decorating ideas for your home!

a vintage copper bowl used for a fall display

A Brief History Of Vintage Copper

Copper has been around for thousands of years. There are some pieces that date to around 9000 BC!

Since it’s discovery, copper has always been valuable. It has been an important metal because it is very diverse, being used for practical purposes as well as decorative.

Copper cookware became popular during the 1800’s and into the 1900’s. These old pieces are quite expensive and heavy, typically showcasing a brass or cast iron handle.

As Julia Child said in Mastering the Art of French Cooking, “copper pots are the most satisfactory of all to cook in, as they hold and spread the heat well.”

Tips for Finding Thrifted Vintage Copper Décor

Most of my copper pieces have been found at thrift stores but there are a handful that have come from antique stores. Typically, when I head into a thrift store, I make a beeline straight for the kitchen and house ware aisles.

Other places to look for vintage copper include estate sales, garage sales, flea markets and online sources such as Mercari and Facebook Marketplace.

a vintage copper cheese shaker sitting on a vintage linen

I started collecting copper a few years ago and am always on the hunt for more pieces. You might assume that you need to pay a high dollar amount to purchase vintage copper pieces but I’m here to tell you that you do not!

a vintage blue floral hanky displayed in vintage copper

All of the pieces that you see here have been found thrifted for an affordable price. Unique vintage copper décor ideas are all about budget-friendly decorating!

a vintage copper mixing bowl in a kitchen

Unique Vintage Copper Décor Ideas

Copper Teapots

I found my first copper teapot years ago when I first got into thrifting. My collection of copper teapots with white and blue porcelain handles is still one of my very favorites.

The combination of the porcelain and copper is just stunning and never gets old!

a vintage copper teapot with a porcelain handle

Each of my teapots has a slightly different shape than the other. The pattern on the porcelain is reminiscent of a French bistro, which makes me feel fancy:) They also make for fantastic copper kitchen decor.

I haven’t paid more than $15 for any of them.  vintage copper teapots styled in a kitchen

I’m not looking to add any more right now because, well, I’m running out of space. But, sometimes you will come across one that is unlike any of the others.

So, if I see one for a good price that is unique, I will most likely bring it home.

vintage copper, milk glass, and ironstone styled in a hutch for Fall

Just this morning as I was making coffee, I was looking around, admiring my copper. Each piece brings me joy. I’m a big believer in that if something makes you happy, buy it!

Copper Creamer and Sugar Dishes

The next unique vintage copper décor ideas on the list are these adorable little creamer and sugar dishes.

I’ve only found one set that came together. All of the other’s I’ve found separately at various thrift stores, never paying more than a few dollars for them.

a collection of vintage copper and enamel cups and creamers

I just think they are so cute! These little pieces are some of my favorites to style into vignettes and displays around my home.

Fall is a lovely time to use them but I also utilize them for Christmas decor as well as during the winter months. Copper brings such warmth to a space, which is perfect for riding out the cold days.

milk glass and copper in a kitchen shelf

One of the nice things about using smaller decor pieces such as these is that you can use them all over the house. Even though they are technically a ‘kitchen item’, they don’t have to be confined to the kitchen.

Get creative and decorate outside of the box!

a vintage copper creamer holding a green bottle brush tree

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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Copper Kettle

The largest piece of vintage copper that I have found at a thrift store is this beautiful kettle.

It was still in a box by the donation door that was just being wheeled out and I scooped it up!

a vintage copper kettle with faux fall stems on a table

The copper coloring has a pink hue to it and the double handles make this piece one of a kind. Usually I have the kettle sitting on top of my kitchen cabinets but pull it down from time to time.

Last fall, I used a variety of faux stems to make a fall floral arrangement for my dining table. You truly don’t need to do anything fancy to make your home beautiful for the seasons!

a vintage copper pot used in a Fall vignette with faux leaves

Copper Pots

I was antiquing with my husband and spotted this copper pot in one of the booths.

Normally I don’t purchase copper at antique stores because they are always priced too high but this pot was marked for $10! It is stamped on the bottom with ‘Old Colony’.

a vintage copper pot with other vintage decor styled in a kitchen

It’s too rusty to actually use for cooking so it lives up above the kitchen cabinets.

Copper is one of those fun decor items that you can mix with just about anything! I created this simple display for Christmas mixed with some enamelware and various other vintage finds.

a vintage copper pot with a lid on a stovetop

This is another copper pot that I found at a secondhand store. I had to buy it because it was only $10!

My husband does all of our cooking and prefers to use stainless steel cookware, so this pot is used to melt wax when I pour candles.

Closing Tidbits on Unique Vintage Copper Décor Ideas

This old metal provides an instant statement from chic to contemporary spaces. But, it is just as effective at creating a warm and cozy atmosphere for a more vintage feel.

vintage copper displayed with other vintage decor in a kitchen

The patina and weathered appearance that copper tends to give off adds such character to a space.

It really is the perfect type of vintage decor for any home.

a vintage ironstone platter used in the background of a hutch for Fall

Curating a collection takes time. I hope that these unique vintage copper décor ideas gives you new inspiration on how you can incorporate into your space!

Many years of thrifting and antiquing have gone into my copper collection but I think there is a lesson in that. Be encouraged to find décor that makes you happy, finding patience and perseverance along the way.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Let me know in the comments if you collect copper or something else. I love to know what others are collecting for their homes!

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a vintage copper measuring cup hanging on a peg rack

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