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Vintage Inspired Amazon Gift Guide

By Rachel

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Last Updated on October 12, 2023 by Rachel Granholm

Find the perfect holiday gifts with this vintage inspired Amazon gift guide!

If you are one of those people who loves to get a jump start on your holiday and Christmas shopping, you are in for a treat! You probably know by now that I prefer secondhand finds over anything new.

However, I realize that’s not always entirely possible. There may be someone on your shopping list that loves the vintage aesthetic but maybe you don’t know where to look or are confused on what to look for.

No fear…I’m here to help! I’ve spent hours scouring Amazon for the best vintage style decor and accessories for the home. I truly hope this vintage inspired Amazon gift guide is helpful for you during this busy season!

Posts on theantiquedjourney.com may contain affiliate links. You can read my full privacy policy and disclosures here

The Purpose of Gift Giving

The holiday season is quickly approaching and with that comes gift giving. Remember, giving gifts is an act of love and kindness. Before I buy any kind of gift, I really take the time to think about the person who will be receiving it. I think about their interests and hobbies, really being thoughtful about what I’m purchasing for them.

The ten items in this guide today are things that I would purchase for my own home or as gifts for others. You will find vintage inspired home decor items and accessories that can be used in many different ways.

To view each item on the Amazon website, simply click on the image. I do hope this is a help for you. Let’s get into it!

A Vintage Inspired Amazon Gift Guide

Wooden Cutting Board

The first item on this gift guide is a wooden cutting board, a very versatile and useful item! Vintage and antique bread boards can be super expensive, so this is a budget-friendly option.

The beautiful wood tones on this one really caught my eye. Besides a lovely cutting board, it could also be used as a charcuterie board as well as for rustic home decor!

Copper Canisters

You guys know how much I adore vintage copper. You do have to really look for it though, especially at thrift shops and vintage stores. So, I have sourced this brand new set of 4 copper canisters. They are so beautiful!

You can use them in the kitchen for various things such as utensils or storage for food items like coffee or granola bars.

Or, for something different, these canisters can be used in a bathroom to hold makeup brushes, q-tips, or hair binders. In any way that you use them, this copper will add such warmth and patina to your space!

Marble Rolling Pin

Rolling pins are on of those items that you don’t think about too often but they are actually so useful! If you are buying a gift for a baker or if someone you love collects rolling pins, this one is completely gorgeous. The white marble paired with the light-tone of the wood make this rolling pin aesthetically pleasing.

Due to the neutral color scheme, this item will work well with any home decor style. Use it as is or stick it in a crock with other rolling pins for a lovely kitchen display!

Enamel Bread Box

Bread boxes are one of those kitchen items that you can use for so many different things. I have a vintage bread box and it truly does keep our bread fresher for longer. So, you can use it for that, but you can also store various baked goods in it such as cookies or muffins.

If you have kids around, you can use a pretty bread box to store their snacks so they are within easy reach for them. These also make for a lovely home decor item up on a kitchen shelf filled with faux greens!

Water Carafe and Glass Set

You guys, this is one of the prettiest things I’ve ever come across! This etched glass carafe has such a beautiful shape to it and the matching glass is just adorable.

How lovely would this look on the side table in a guest bedroom?! You could also use it as a mouthwash decanter in a bathroom or for a fancy vessel to hold juice for a brunch. This set makes such a thoughtful gift for anyone on your list!

Vintage Green Glass Bowls

There is something so special about vintage glass and these pretty green bowls are no exception. They are adorable!

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How fun to use them for a Christmas gathering as little vessels to hold nuts, chocolates, or dried fruit. They also make perfect dessert bowls for ice cream or parfaits!

Linen Table Runner

Vintage linens are something that I will never grow tired of. You can always find a use and a place for them in your home! This pretty linen table runner by Solino Home would look so pretty on any holiday table.

Green is a color that you can use all year round, making this runner a perfect addition to any linen collection!

European Style Country Side Art

Art is such a thoughtful gift. In my opinion, one can never have too many art pieces. I change out my art about every other month to keep things looking and feeling fresh.

These vintage style European scenes are stunning. They tend to be more washed out looking and pastoral, giving them a very whimsical feeling.

This picture would look so beautiful in an entry way or a living space!

Pendleton Blanket

I’ve never received a blanket I didn’t like! Blankets are always welcome, especially during the cold winter months. The Pendleton brand is a long-standing company and their vintage blankets are highly sought after by collectors.

They make amazing, quality blankets that are so warm and cozy for use throughout the year. Use them on your bed or as a throw blanket for the couch!

Enamel Tray

Trays are another super useful home item. Obviously they can be used in the kitchen for holding dishes or food but they can also be used in the bathroom to contain lotions or other bottles. I use mine outside during the summer months to hold potted plants.

Trays also make for pretty decor pieces! You can create a simple vignette in a tray by using a tall vase, some greenery, and a few small accessories such as creamers or lidded dishes.

Closing Tidbits

This vintage inspired Amazon gift guide is meant to be a helpful resource and I truly hope it is! My sincere hope for you this holiday and Christmas season is for you to be able to slow down and be fully present.

This is such a magical time of the year, filled with a child-like glee. May you have the courage to find the light and hope that this season gives.

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