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Thrifted Home Decor for Summer

By Rachel

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Last Updated on May 14, 2024 by Rachel Granholm

Style a budget-friendly space with thrifted home decor for Summer!

Over the past month or so, I’ve been thrifting for pieces that I can incorporate into my Summer decor and have had amazing success. Come see the thrifted home decor for Summer that I’ve picked up, the budget-friendly prices I paid and how I have styled them in my home!

Guide to Thrifting for Home Decor

Happy Summer! This time of the year, I like to keep my decor minimal, simple and airy. It’s refreshing to lighten up the interior spaces of my home for the warmer months ahead. An easy way to achieve this is by using thrifted decor!

I am so happy to have you back again for our monthly Thrifted Goodies series here on the blog. I’m joined once again by my thrifty friend MaryJo from Master’pieces’ Of My Life! Together, we are bringing you two thrifting posts. We love to encourage others to shop secondhand to find special pieces of home decor. Head over to her blog to see her thrifted patriotic tablescape!

a thrifted tablescape from Master'pieces' of my Life

Thrifted Home Decor for Summer

You guys. This is one of the largest thrift hauls that I’ve ever shared here on the blog!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember my recent road trip. Many of the items that I’m sharing today came from some amazing antique malls on that getaway. I’m so excited to show these pretty old things to you, so let’s get right into it!

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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Thrifted Find #1: Eyelet Table Runner

The first item on the list today is a lovely old linen. Eyelet linens are probably my favorite type of vintage linens. I use them all year long in various areas of my home. They are simple and minimal but the texture on them is so pretty!

This runner came from a new to me thrift store and the pricing was incredible. I purchased it for under $2.00!

It was being used on my dining table earlier in the Spring as a pretty accent piece, complemented by a vase of Lilacs.

a thrifted eyelet table runner with a vintage vase

It did have a little rip on one end but it was on the seam, making it super easy to sew right up with a needle and white thread.

That brings me to my first thrifting tip of the day.

Thrifting Tip #1: Don’t be afraid to purchase something that is not perfect. If it can be sewn or mended, do that. If there is a crack or chip on one side of a bowl, simply turn it so that part is facing the wall. 

The most character-rich items are the ones that have chips and dings and missing pieces. These are the real and raw elements that add interest to a space.

Thrifting is not about perfection. It’s all about choosing to embrace the imperfections of things. That’s why I love it so much!

a vintage eyelet table runner on a table

Thrifted Find #2: Copper Cheese Shaker

The next old thing to share is this cutie little copper cheese shaker! I haven’t been seeing much vintage copper lately so this was a super nice surprise.

I found this a few weeks ago at my favorite local thrift store for only $2.00!

a vintage copper cheese shaker hanging on a peg rack

Look at this thing. It’s crusty and rusty and dented and definitely not a useable kitchen item. So why buy it, you ask?

Well, I’ve been collecting old copper pieces for about 4 years now to decorate my kitchen. I can’t really put into words why I love copper so much. I just do. It speaks to me and makes me happy!

That brings me to my next thrifting tip.

Thrifting Tip #2: If you love something, buy it. It is speaking to you for a reason even if you don’t know what that reason is yet.  

a vintage copper cheese shaker

My pretty shaker is proudly hanging on the peg rack next to the kitchen island.

The thing about old, thrifted decor is that you don’t know where it’s been or the life that it had before you. But now, it gets to keep on going and be a part of your journey. Isn’t that neat?!

a thrifted copper cheese shaker on a peg rack

Thrifted Finds #3: Blue and White Table Linen- Thrifted Decor for Summer

Look! It’s another linen! That’s not surprising at all 🙂

This old linen came from the Harmony Antique Mall in Harmony, Minnesota. If you ever get a chance, I highly recommend visiting. It’s huge and wonderful and completely packed with pretty things. I spent almost two hours in there!

a vintage blue and white striped table linen

Anyways, I almost missed this! I was about ready to head to checkout when I figured I would do one more quick lap. I really wanted to find a Summer table linen that actually fit my dining table and that was blue and white.

Well, lo and behold, the light blue color of this was sticking out from the very bottom of a stack of linens that I had passed by on the first lap. I pulled it out, looked at it and knew immediately it was exactly what I was looking for.

The best part? It was just $10!

a vintage blue and white table linen

Thrifting Tip #3: ALWAYS do more than one lap. There are so many things to look at that you are bound to miss something the first time around. I usually do two laps around clockwise and one lap around counter-clockwise.

This pretty thing is freshly ironed and is just the most perfect Summer table linen!

a striped blue and white vintage linen for Summer

Thrifted Find #4: Glass Flower Frog

This is my very first flower frog! You guys. I’ve been looking and looking for one of these for so long but they are so expensive!

On the way home from our road trip, we stopped at another antique mall. My sweet hubby actually spotted this for only $4.50!! I couldn’t believe the price and immediately snatched it up!

Thrifting Tip #4: Don’t settle. I’ve come across many wonderful flower frogs but the price was much too high. Rather than overspending, be patient. The right item will come along at some point, and when it does, you will be so happy that you waited!

vintage glass jars styled in a hutch for Summer

Flower frogs are very versatile decor pieces. They can be used all year round and in many different ways.

For my first go at styling a flower frog, I displayed it in my Patriotic hutch display for Summer with some faux yellow stems.

I love how it pairs with my other vintage glass jars. It serves as a nice resting spot for your eyes amidst all of the bright colors.

thrifted glass jars styled for Summer

Thrifted Find #5: Hobnail Milk Glass Creamer

Years ago, when I first started dipping my toe into the vintage world, a milk glass vase was one of the very first items that I purchased. That vase started my first collection, so milk glass will always hold a special place in my heart. I love it just as much today as I did then.

On the road trip, we happened upon an antique barn just across the Minnesota, Iowa border. A retired German farmer owns this incredible place and we were the only ones there!

Right when I walked in the door, I spotted this creamer for only $4.00! He didn’t take cards but luckily I had a few dollar bills in my wallet.

a vintage hobnail milk glass creamer in a Summer basket vignette

Isn’t this hobnail creamer just adorable?!

I’ve had the matching sugar dish for a long time but never came across the mate! I’m so happy that the set is together now.

a Summer basket vignette with vintage milk glass

For Summer, I created a small basket vignette. I used some of my milk glass pieces along with other vintage decor and placed it on the credenza.

This simple display of blues and whites is light and airy, making for easy-breezy Summer decor.

a Summer vignette on a credenza

Thrifted Find #6: Vintage Glass Jar

Next up on the list is this super cool glass jar with what I’m calling a ‘waffle pattern’. I don’t know if that’s what it’s actually called but I think it looks like a waffle!

I found this at yet another antique mall on our roadtrip. Was I looking for a glass, waffle-patterned jar? Of course not! But when it jumps out at you and it’s only $5.00, the prudent thing is to buy it, of course!

a vintage glass waffle pattern jar styled in a hutch

I have it styled in my Summer hutch along with my enamelware collection and various other vintage pieces.

The beauty about this type of clear glass jar is that you can use it anywhere, with anything, and anytime of the year! It’s a super useful and versatile home decor item and, truly, the epitome of thrifted home decor form Summer.

Thrifting Tip #5: If you find an item at a thrift store or antique shop that you like, do a quick mental snapshot of your house. Where are all the potential areas in your home that you could use or display the thing you are looking at? If there are two or more options, I usually purchase it. 

vintage Summer decor in a hutch

Thrifted Find #7: Transferware Lidded Dish

I’ve saved my very favorite piece from this haul for last.

You guys! Okay. First of all, blue and white transferware is exceptionally beautiful. I only have one other piece of blue and white in my collection. It’s highly sought after in my area, making it very hard to find.

Second, this Ironstone lidded dish is just incredible. It was sitting right in the front of a shelf and couldn’t believe my eyes. I almost didn’t even go look at it because similar ones that I’ve looked at are upwards of $50 and that’s just not in my budget.

It’s a little heart-breaking when you see a pretty thing and you can’t afford it, you know??

an antique transferware dish displayed on a credenza

I kind of squinted my eyes as I turned it over to find the price, bracing myself for a high dollar amount. Are you ready for this?? It was marked at just $15!!! Wahoo!!

Triple checking the price, I eagerly snatched it up and carried it around the store with me.

The intricate details on this dish along with the curved handles are just lovely. There is not one chip or crack in it…it’s basically in perfect condition. For a piece this old, that’s very rare.

an antique lidded dish

I wanted this dish to be the star of the show and not be cluttered with too many other decor pieces around it, so here she sits in all her glory.

We’ve had both sets of parent’s over lately as well as friends and everyone has commented on how pretty this dish is. It makes me incredibly happy when other’s can, just for a second, appreciate the beauty of an old piece such as this.

Thrifting Tip #6: When you find a particularly stellar decor item, don’t feel like you need to do a lot to display it. Let that piece be a focal point and speak for itself. 

a Summer vignette with vintage decor

Closing Tidbits on Thrifted Home Decor for Summer

I hope that these thrifted home decor for Summer items gives you ideas for styling your own home! Thrifting and shopping for secondhand decor is such a passion of mine. It’s something I will always enjoy because not only is it budget-friendly and affordable but it’s also helpful for the environment.

My hope through these thrifting posts is to inspire you to live in a more sustainable way through the use of vintage and secondhand finds. Be encouraged to find beauty in the imperfections, however that is for you.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Leave me a comment! What you have found at the thrift store lately? I love hearing from you!

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vintage books and milk glass for Summer decor

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