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How To Shop Your House

By Rachel

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Last Updated on October 22, 2021 by Rachel Granholm

What if I told you that you could refresh your home and give it a whole new feel, but for free? Wouldn’t that be exciting?! Let’s talk about how to shop your house.

The purpose of this post, ‘shopping’ your house, is to show you that you can totally change the look and feel of each room by using pieces that you already have. I will give you simple examples for each room in your home and how you can give a piece of decor a whole new life. Follow along and be inspired as I show you how to shop your house!

How To Shop Your House: Kitchen

When looking to change up your kitchen space, it’s important to remember function. The kitchen is probably the most popular room in your home, so look at how you can re-decorate it yet still maintain a functional space.

For example, recently I found my kitchen countertops looking really cluttered and not very use friendly. I stepped back and took inventory of what was working and what needed to be changed. I’ve been using my KitchenAid mixer more now than I ever have. The mixer was always put away in a cupboard and is so heavy to take out each time, whereas my blender wasn’t being used.

As an easy switch, I just swapped out the two appliances and put the mixer where the blender sat. That simple task totally changed the feel of that corner of the kitchen and makes it so much more functional.

Obviously there can be some exceptions. If there is a specific piece that you love that will really enhance your kitchen and bring in character, then go for it!

Use a cleaning day as an advantage. Go through closets or bins and find things you already have that you can use in your kitchen to give that piece a whole new purpose.

Examples of this include:

  • a large vase or jug can become handy storage for kitchen utensils like wooden spoons, spatulas, or whisks
  • a cake stand can become a practical display piece for some favorite kitchen decor items like copper, milk glass, or stoneware
  • if you have a small wooden box or crate lying around, you can use that to hold common cooking items next to the stove such as olive oil, salt, pepper, honey, or red wine vinegar
  • if it fits, you can re-purpose a buffet or small cabinet that you already have to act as a pantry for extra canned goods or baking supplies

Search your home and let your creativity lead you. Your kitchen will feel brand new to you by switching up just a few small things and you won’t have to spend a dime!

How To Shop Your House: Dining Room

For a refreshing new look in your dining room, first try switching up the linens that are on the table. Go through your linen closet and find a different piece or pieces that you could try. It doesn’t even have to be a table cloth; it could be a table runner, a doily, or even spreading out cloth napkins across the middle.

Play around with different linens and see what looks pretty to you. After you do that, create a new centerpiece. This could be as simple as putting bananas, oranges, or lemons in a pretty mixing bowl and setting that on top of your newly-refreshed linens.

Another idea for a simple centerpiece is to find a pretty vase or jar then go outside and cut fresh greenery or flowers. If I’m in a pinch I will even just cut some fresh stems off of the tree in the yard and use those in a vase or pitcher.

You can add unique beauty and refresh your dining space in minutes with those two simple ideas, all without having to go to the store.

How To Shop Your House: Living Room

In your living room, it is helpful to step back and see how you can change things up for both beauty and purpose. As an example, on the cabinet that holds my television, there was a basket that I’ve used for years to hold extra remotes and cords for electronics that didn’t match any of my decor anymore.

I looked around the rest of my house to see what I could find to replace it and came upon a galvanized tin that was holding old magazines, most of which I will never read again.

So, instead of letting that tin sit in the corner and collect dust, I emptied it and then put the remotes and cords in it and placed it where the old basket used to sit. In doing so, I instantly added beauty and purpose to that little spot in my living room. It’s just small little details that can transform a space.

You can also re-decorate shelving or end tables by taking all the pieces off of them and starting from scratch. Re-arrange the decor pieces that you already have in your living room or bring in pieces from other rooms, like a bedroom, that will enhance the beauty of your space.

Use one of your favorite ceramic bowls to hold tv remotes or switch a lamp out from another room and see how that feels to you. Play around with your decor, making sure to bring in height, color, and texture where needed.

An easy way to add height on a shelf is by putting a hardcover book underneath objects like a jar or a lamp. By using items that you already have and that are unique to you, your living room will feel cozy and welcoming.

How To Shop Your House: Bathroom

This is a space in your home that can sometimes feel cold or dark, so my recommendation here is to bring in warmth by adding color and texture. This will in turn create a character-rich space that is special to you. Utilize colors and textures that feel rejuvenating.

As an example, the counter in my bathroom felt cluttered and didn’t feel cohesive. I rummaged around in my closet and pulled out a few pieces in the color scheme that I thought might work to make my counter look more put together.

An Ironstone platter, very uncommon for a bathroom, now holds lotion and other toiletry items, in a much more cohesive manner. By incorporating the different types of blue glass I already had, the once bland space was given character and warmth.

For a simple wall decor option, re-purpose an old picture frame. Display something in it that is meaningful to you such as a card from a friend or a note from a loved one. You can also bring in small details such as faux plants or greenery to add texture.

Move a plant that you have in a different room into the bathroom, be it a floor plant or a small potted plant. The earthy tones from the plant will inherently add texture and your bathroom will feel completely refreshed, just from that one small change!

How To Shop Your House: Bedroom

When it comes to a bedroom refresh, cozy is the name of the game. Soft touches are always a good idea in a bedroom space. Again, you could go through your linen closet and find a few pieces that you could drape over hard surfaces such as a dresser or night stand.

These could include runners or doilies. You could even lay a cloth napkin over a nightstand for an understated and pleasant look. Another simple idea is to choose a blanket or afghan that you have in another room in your house and lay that across the end of your bed, creating a fresh place for sleeping.

Soft lighting is also important in a bedroom if you don’t already have that. Take inventory of the lamps that you have in your home. Play around with switching out your current lamps for ones that feel more subdued.

Lastly, adding greenery in a bedroom gives a calming effect. Choose a vessel that you already have on hand. Add some water, go outside, and clip some greenery from a tree or a plant that is near your house. Or, if you have some extra faux greenery stems on hand, you could use those by adding them to a glass jar, vase, or even some kind of galvanized tin. Place the greenery on a dresser or nightstand and you will notice that your room is transformed!

How To Shop Your House: Entryway

Let’s talk about the entryway space. This is a spot that collects lots of things and is a high traffic area. It is important that it is cheerful and welcoming yet practical. Sometimes entryways can feel cluttered and dim, so bringing in some brightness is key! You can achieve a bright and airy entry with some simple switching. These can include:

  • swapping out a wall hanging for a mirror
  • if you have darker color rug on the floor, look around your house. See if you can swap it out for a brighter looking one.
  • see if you can add some storage by incorporating baskets or bins that you already have
  • utilize an extra bowl or tray for holding keys or mail
  • greenery is always cheery, so you could try bringing in a wreath or some stems from elsewhere in your home
  • if you have some pretty ribbon, try wrapping that around a wreath or vase in the entry

Your home is special and it’s so important to remember to not compare your home to others. Giving your space a new look doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant. With some simple changes and by using decor pieces that you already have, your home can take on a whole new life. It will be so meaningful.

I hope you found inspiration here today on how to shop your house. Be eager to refresh your home, no expenses added!

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