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Thrifted Vintage Home Decor Finds

By Rachel

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Last Updated on November 6, 2021 by Rachel Granholm

Come along today as I share with you my thrifted vintage home decor finds from the last few months!

I haven’t shared a thrift haul with you for quite some time and thought it would be fun to do that today! I’ve found some pretty neat pieces over the past three months, each adding a touch of vintage character to my home. I hope these thrifted vintage home decor finds encourage you!

Recent Thrifted Vintage Home Decor Finds

Wool Blanket
a vintage plaid wool blanket

Wool blankets are so cozy, especially during the fall months when the weather is getting cooler. I wasn’t actually looking for a wool blanket during this thrift trip but it ended up being the only thing I found! It was in a box all balled up and the tassels on the edge are what caught my eye.
vintage wool blanket

This blanket is made by the Faribault Woolen Mill Company. They were established in 1865 and are actually based here in Minnesota! While I was at the thrift store I did a quick Google search on their website to see what their blankets go for. They sell for around $150.00 and this one was priced at $3.00! It’s an extremely soft blanket, goes perfectly with my navy blue corduroy pillows and really amps up the cozy factor in my living room. My Tilly girl really loves to curl up in it too!

Milk Glass Handled Bowls

If you have been around for awhile, you know my affection for vintage milk glass. It is just so pretty and timeless and can be styled to fit any season. I spotted these milk glass bowls with neat little handles on a shelf and immediately scooped them up.
vintage milk glass bowls with handles

They were priced at $2.99 each which I thought was fair. I use them everyday now for fruit, oatmeal, cereal, etc…They are useful and pretty and am happy that they are mine now!

Brown Floral Plate
vintage Ironstone plate

I am in love with this beautiful Ironstone plate that was only. 99! The brown floral pattern on it is so pretty and makes for the perfect plate to use in the fall to put tasty baked goods on like these sugar cookies!
fall sugar cookies on a vintage plate
Initially I purchased it to use for staging blog pictures but it’s being used everyday now in the usual plate rotation. I had never seen this type of Ironstone pattern before but absolutely adore the cottage style that it exudes. It’s a new mission now to collect more of this specific Ironstone pattern and have the whole collection one day!

Coffee Grinder

You might have seen a picture of this masterpiece already, but if haven’t, this is the most amazing antique piece that I’ve found at a thrift store to date! I still can’t believe I scored this for only $10. This wall mount coffee grinder was made in Germany and features a porcelain Delft design. When I was at an antique mall a few weeks ago I saw one very similar to this and it was listed for $120, so these wall mount grinders can be fairly valuable.
an antique Delft wall mount coffee grinder

It is mounted on the wall in my kitchen now and it’s just beautiful. I gave it a thorough cleaning and I’m hoping to get some actual coffee beans soon and we’ll test it out to see how it works!

Barn Picture

You know that I have a thing for old barns. My newest collection has started, which is pictures or vintage artwork of old barns and barn scenes. My hope is to have a gallery wall filled with barns of all shapes, sizes, and colors.
vintage barn picture

Anyways, this picture, which was $4, I believe is a reprint but still love it. It came in this vintage frame which is amazing (I never change vintage frames unless they are broken) because it adds so much character and depth to the art itself. The simplicity of this picture makes me take a step back and realize what is actually important in life.

White European Bowl and Plate
a set of French vintage dishes

I’m lucky to have these! I saw these dishes one day and didn’t get them. But the next day I was still thinking about them and how pretty they looked, so I went back to see if they were still there and they were! There is a small marking on the bottom of both the plate and bowl that says ‘France’ so I’m assuming they are European. I don’t remember exactly how much these were but my guess is around $2.00 each.
vintage French dishes

What drew me to them was the little scalloped detail around the edges. They remind me of milk glass which is what I thought they were initially but not quite as milky. They are a beautiful shade of pure white and I’ve never seen anything like them before. I use this bowl all the time for cereal and soup and the plate is in rotation with my other salad plates. It’s always exciting when you get to the white plate in the stack!

Lace Tablecloth
a vintage lace tablecloth

How beautiful is this! I almost missed this but did a quick check of the linen section before leaving the store this day. Good thing!
a vintage lace tablecloth

There is a small tag near the bottom that says ‘made in Scotland’ but other than that I really don’t know anything else about it’s worth or value. To me, it’s a stunning vintage, lace tablecloth that is going to look beautiful with my Christmas decor this year.

Blue Glasses
vintage blue glasses

This last item of the decor finds is a set of 4 vintage blue drinking glasses! They lean heavily mid-century modern in style, which I typically am not into, but for some reason these glasses spoke to me!
mid-century modern blue drinking glasses
They were priced at .99 per glass and the beautiful blue color of them reminds me of the ocean. My husband likes to craft cocktails in these glasses, which they work perfectly for.

For A Vintage Home

There you have it… a pretty decent thrift haul! Buying vintage decor secondhand is rewarding because it’s such a creative process. It gets you excited about all the pieces you can find and different ways in which to use them in your home. By using and incorporating antique and vintage decor, you can create a special home without having to spend too much money! My hope is that these thrifted vintage home decor finds inspires you to discover new, vintage pieces.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Let me know in the comment section below if you have found any thrifty vintage treasures!

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