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Thrifted Goodies Volume 2

By Rachel

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Last Updated on November 17, 2023 by Rachel Granholm

It’s time for thrifted goodies volume 2!

Last month, I kicked off a new series here on the blog all about thrifted finds. Thrifting has become a huge passion and hobby of mine over the past few years. I have learned a ton of things about thrifting in that time. I’m hoping to pass along helpful tips so you can have thrifting success as well. I’ve found some really fun items this month that I’m super excited to show you, so come along for thrifted goodies volume 2!

When I go thrifting, I am mainly looking for vintage decor for my home. I look for pieces such as copper, vintage art, linens, dishes, and baskets, just to name a few. I’ve gotten pretty picky about what I purchase because I like to live a pretty minimal lifestyle.

So, in order for a piece to come home with me, there are a couple of guidelines that I go by. One, I really have to love it. Two, it has to be versatile, meaning I need to be able to use it in different ways and spaces throughout my home. And three, it has to be the right price. With that, let’s go into the pieces that I’ve found recently!

Thrifted Goodies Volume 2

  1. Vintage Amber Bottle
    My husband and I went fly fishing last weekend in southern Minnesota. There’s just something about driving along country roads that is so charming, especially when you drive past a sign that says ‘Antiques 1 mile’. Of course we had to follow that sign and it took us to a property where the owner sells antiques out of an old farmhouse! Luckily he was open for business because we wanted to give him some money. We went in and poked around.
    a vintage amber bottle displayed on a stack of vintage books
    The whole place just smelled old and it was fantastic. My husband actually gets credit for finding this amber bottle. It was in a back room on the very bottom of a shelf. He picked it up and showed me. I was like “what??! How much?” He says ‘$3.99.” Sold. Done. That’s like a thrift store price which is why I wanted to include it in today’s post.

    There is something so intriguing about the deep amber color…it’s just so cozy and welcoming. This is going to be styled into my fall decor, which is coming out in a few weeks. For now, I put some faux eucalyptus stems in the bottle and styled it in small vignette with some books and a linen napkin.

  2. Vintage Books
    You guys, I’ve been on the hunt for more vintage books to use in my decor. More specifically, books that have fall colors or tones to them. They are so hard to find for a decent price!  I guess going to a small town antique shop is the ticket! I found all three of these books at the same shop as the amber bottle. The best part? I paid $8 for all of them! 
    a stack of vintage books in warm tones for fall
    Just look at the colors on these books and how nicely they all complement one another! I’m really into sage and olive green right now and that color paired with the copper-y tones is just magnificent.

    Also, when I’m looking at books, I try to choose ones that have a somewhat relatable subject manner either to my interests or for the certain season they are being used for. The top book is about an orchard, which is perfect for fall! The middle book is something about a journey, which is tied very closely to my blog name. Last, the sage green book is about horses and I do love horses. So…there you go!

  3. Outdoor Chair
    This is not old but I felt it too cool not to share with you. On my weekly thrift store run a few weeks ago, I was actually on my way to the register when I walked right by this chair! I did a double take at it and slowly backed up to get a closer look. I mean…how cool is this?! It’s made of a super heavy duty plastic and is meant to be an outdoor chair! 
    an outdoor black bistro chair styled with a lavender plant and linens
    The best part? It was only $2.99!! I say it all the time but this is why thrifting is so much fun. You can be on the hunt for a very specific item for months and not find it. Then one day, you do! Thrift stores hold massive amounts of treasures and you just never know what is going to be waiting for you when you go in.
  4. Wooden Rosettes
    This one might seem random and it kind of is. But! I have a really fun DIY project that I’m going to be making next month and I need 3 rosettes for it. Out of ALL the random things that you can find at the thrift store, I just HAPPENED to come across two of these in a box. Like…what?!

    The thrifting god’s were shining down upon me that day because I just can’t believe these were there.
    wooden rosettes for decor found at the thrift store
    In all my years thrifting, I’ve never come across wooden rosettes before. They were only .99 cents each! Finding these for that price saved me at least $5 on my project! So, if you are ever in need of art supplies or a specific item for a DIY project, check the thrift store first. They always have bins of old yarn, stickers, paint, brushes, and even gift bags that are practically new. In my opinion, it’s always worth a try to save a few dollars!

  5. Longaberger Soup Bowl
    You may remember in a previous thrift blog that I found a set of vintage Longaberger pottery mugs in this same pattern but in green. My husband and I both have an affection for this particular Longaberger pattern and we use those mugs everyday.

    I almost didn’t purchase this soup bowl because it was blue and not green but, for .99 cents, I had to get it and save it from being broken! I figured at the very least I could use it in a winter vignette because the little design could mimic snowflakes.
    a thrifted vintage Longaberger pottery bowl displayed in a bathroom vignette
    Here we are in August and I found a use for it already! As I am starting to slowly transition my home from summer to fall, I’m moving decor around and switching things in and out. I put together this vintage vignette in the hall bath using wood and copper tones paired with blue and white pottery. My bowl was the exact piece that I needed to fill in that awkward area in the back! I’m so happy that it came home with me.

  6. Vintage Blue Jars
    These pretty vintage jars are another hand me down from my amazing mother-in-law! They were actually used at a baby shower for my nephew who is now 5 and then at my brother-in-law’s wedding years ago. She’s had them in the basement ever since those exciting events and was ready to part with them.

    She knew I had been wanting them, so they live with me now and I’m very excited about it. The old metal around the tops of each jar have a little rust and patina which makes me love them even more. I thought for half a second about removing the old rubber seal on the tall jar but very quickly realized how much charm it adds to it.
    vintage blue jars with faux eucalyptus displayed on a bathroom shelf with a vintage linen
    The thing with vintage jars is that they are extremely versatile pieces of decor. They can be used as vases or as decor in a vignette to add height and color. You can use them in seasonal decor or as simple shelf decorations.

    The possibilities are endless! Obviously my jars were gifted to me but you can easily find these vintage jars at thrift stores for a few dollars. If you can find an assortment of sizes and shapes, you will have an instant vignette display for your home for under $10!

Closing Tidbits

Thrifted goodies volume 2 was a success! Again, this is a monthly series here on the blog. I truly hope you enjoy these posts as much as I do. The goals of these monthly thrift installments are to help you learn how to find unique decor for your home, what are fair prices to pay for specific items, and pretty ways of styling your newly thrifted decor.

Shopping second hand is something I will never grow tired of. Not only can you find one-of-a-kind elements for you home, but it’s also economical and a beneficial way to help the environment by keeping things out of landfills and waterways. Be encouraged to seek out special pieces for your home and find purpose along the way.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Let me know in the comments if you have found anything unique or special at the thrift store lately! I would love to know!

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a bathroom shelf styled with vintage blue jars and a linen

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