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3 Ways To Decorate With Vintage Books

By Rachel

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Last Updated on May 10, 2024 by Rachel Granholm

Today I’m sharing 3 ways to decorate with vintage books!

love vintage books. You know, the ones with pretty linen covers and vibrant colors that make you feel something. Vintage books are versatile and beautiful pieces of home decor. You don’t need to have a huge collection of books, or a large home, to be able to decorate with them in beautiful ways. My hope is that you will find encouragement in these 3 ways to decorate with vintage books!

Decorating Hacks for Vintage Book Lovers

One of my favorite influencers on YouTube, XO, Macenna, is the first person that really got me interested in hunting for these special pieces. She has taught me the best places to look for finding vintage books and the qualities to look for on them. I would like to pass along some of that knowledge to you.

Hunting for vintage books is an exciting adventure. If you are new to vintage books or are looking for some pointers, there are a few tips that I have learned that might help you. So, let’s start with the basics.

What To Look For In Vintage Books

Vintage books carry so much character. Sometimes they aren’t in the best shape. You might find tears or stains on them and the pages might be ripped but that just adds to their charm.

The subject areas of these old books are endless but I really don’t pay much attention to what the book is about.

vintage books lined up on a vintage table runner

Rather, I look for bold colors, linen covers, the size of the book, and the price. It’s a bonus to me if the subject area is about vintage, home decorating, or the outdoors.

If you are looking to add instant vintage charm to any area of your home, old books are just the ticket!

a stack of vintage books

Where To Find Vintage Books

I haven’t been looking for or collecting vintage books for too long but I have had the most luck finding them at my local thrift store. There is a section in the book area fittingly called ‘Vintage Books’. Honestly I’ve only found one of my books in that area.

The other ones have been buried in boxes and I’ve really had to dig for them. You can also check with relatives. Maybe your grandma or aunt have an abundance of vintage books that you don’t know about! Antique stores, flea markets, and estate sales are all great places to look for vintage books as well.

a stack of vintage books with vintage copper

Shop Vintage Books

How Much Do Vintage Books Cost?

The cost of vintage books really depends on where you are looking. Each of the books that I’ve found at the thrift store have been $3.99 each, which isn’t a terrible price, but not ideal either.

a stack of vintage books with milk glass

Antique stores do have an abundance of vintage books but, at least here in Minnesota, have a hefty price tag of around $20 per book.

Estate sales and flea markets are my two recommendations for the best pricing on vintage books where they can be found for as low as .50 cents!

a side view of vintage books

How To Decorate With Vintage Books

Utilize Vintage Books for Height.

You might already know that I love to use vintage books as risers when creating vignettes or little displays around my home. One of the best things about books is that they can be stacked in various ways.a vintage Spring vignette
You can use 2, 3, or even 4 books to achieve the height you are going for.

When stacked on a shelf or mantel, not only are you finding height, but you are bringing in vivid colors and dimension as well.

a vintage light displayed on a mantel with vintage books

Style Vintage Books in a Vignette.

This is my very favorite way to use vintage books. Styling vignettes is something that I truly find joy in because of the creative process involved.

I let my creativity soar while styling these book vignettes.
a vignette on a vintage chair
These types of displays are a way to showcase many of your favorite pieces in one area.

Vintage books can help your vignette feel grounded and cohesive.
DIY faux moss ball displayed in a vignette
Books can be featured on their own tied with lace, displayed with vintage pieces such as milk glass, or arranged on an end table.

Regardless of how you choose to display vintage books, know that they will enhance your home with vintage beauty.
vintage Spring vignette

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Use Vintage Books in a Centerpiece.

For a unique and eye-catching centerpiece, try using vintage books!

I’ve actually never done this before, until now, but I really like it. vintage books with milk glass used in a centerpiece display
Start with a neutral table runner as a base and then build your centerpiece off of that.

Play around with the books and other pieces of decor until you find a centerpiece display that is pleasing to you.
vintage books displayed on a table
There are so many options as to how you can decorate with books in a centerpiece.

You have the option to keep it super simple and just use books or add in more decorative pieces such as pitchers or faux stems.
vintage books stacked with a vintage pitcher for a centerpiece
Play around with different heights and textures in the centerpiece that complement the vintage books.

Milk glass, ironstone, or vintage pottery are always great options for creating centerpieces.
vintage milk glass displayed with vintage books

Closing Tidbits on 3 Ways to Decorate with Vintage Books

Vintage books create an ambience in your home that is nostalgic and cozy. Old books are far from perfect but that’s what makes them so lovely.

I hope that these 3 ways to decorate with vintage books are a help to you! Use my ideas as encouragement or come up with your own and let creativity be your guide.

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Leave me a comment! Do you like to use vintage books for decorating? I love hearing from you!

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vintage books styled in a row next to a basket

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