Hi I’m Rachel!

With a passion for old things, I share on vintage decor in your home as well as thrifting tips. Thank you for coming along on this journey with me!

I didn’t grow up liking old things.

In fact, I didn’t really start getting into antiques until about 3 years ago! I dipped my foot into the antique world when I started dating my now husband 12 years ago because his whole family has always been into antiques and incorporating them into their homes. It took me a long time to figure out if I actually liked any type of antique or vintage item. I purchased inexpensive little pieces here and there early on and played with them in my decor. By experimenting and playing around with those antiques, I learned which types of antiques I love and how to go about displaying or using them in my home. Old things are full of beauty and my hope through this blog is to inspire you to find that beauty in whichever way you find it.

My Journey:

I am a Midwest girl, born, raised, and living in the great state of Minnesota.

Me and my husband Mitch met during my senior year of college and have a wonderful marriage!

We currently live in a cozy townhouse that we have been updating with DIY projects. We currently have a 2 year plan to find some property and move to the country, so that will be a journey that I will bring you along on!

This is our little Boston Terrier named Tilly. She is our absolute joy.

Mitch and I live a life of adventure and curiosity, going against the grain.

Our definition of a ‘date night’ is spending the day at a state park fly fishing for trout and then maybe stopping at some antiques stores!

I deeply care for the ocean and all it’s creatures and am a huge advocate for the environment. Antiques are not only beautiful but they are also environmentally friendly. By purchasing them, you help in keeping things out of landfills and precious waters like lakes and oceans.

Country music runs through me! There is nothing quite like a Keith Urban concert!

Old things are neat…ghost towns, old houses, old barns, weathered wood, vintage trucks… you name it! If it’s old, I probably love it.

The Journey Continues…

I pull much of my inspiration from nature; colors and textures that combine in nature will also go together beautifully in your home. I also pull inspiration from other home decor enthusiasts who are inspired to add beauty to their homes. I hope you find inspiration and beauty here that will encourage you to add joy to your home through vintage and antique decor. I am grateful that you are here; let’s journey together!

Brands I’ve Worked With

If you’d like to discuss a collaboration, sponsorship or partnership, feel free to connect with me via my contact page.