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5 Ways To Add Vintage Charm To Your Bathroom

By Rachel

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I’m sharing something exciting! Today you will learn 5 ways to add vintage charm to your bathroom!

Many times over the years I have felt stuck on how to decorate my bathroom in a meaningful way. Bathrooms are, in my experience, the last room in a home to get loving attention. But your bathroom is so important! It is usually the first place you go in the morning and the last place you go at night. It should feel like a welcoming and peaceful space to start and end each day. I hope these 5 ways to add vintage charm to your bathroom are an encouragement for you!

Ideas For Adding Vintage Charm To A Bathroom


Install an antique mirror.
a vintage wooden mirror hanging in a bathroom

This is a really simple switch that makes a big impact in a bathroom. Builder grade mirrors are not pretty and don’t have any character! Antique mirrors are typically made out of wood in all different shades and contain beautiful detailing such as spindles or carvings. The wood tone will help bring in warmth to your bathroom and fill your space with so much character. You can find very affordable antique and vintage mirrors on Marketplace as well as at thrift stores and estate sales.

Style it with vintage decor.
vintage decor on a bathroom shelf

By using vintage decor in your bathroom, you are creating a space that is meaningful. Rather than going to a large retail store where you can buy the same decor as everyone else, source vintage pieces from thrift stores or antique stores. When you take the time to find unique decor items, your bathroom will feel extremely special.

Examples of this type of decor include:
– vintage or vintage inspired rugs
– vases
jars or crocks
vintage hand towels
– antique hardware such as towel hooks, door knobs, or faucets
vintage hobnail glass as bathroom decor

Add baskets.
baskets for bathroom decor

There is just something about baskets that feels comforting. In a bathroom, baskets are a really pretty way to store extra items such as bed linens, blankets, toilet paper, or cosmetics. You can even roll up hand towels and put them in a vintage basket on the counter for a functional yet charming display. The texture of baskets brings in an element of nature, creating a feeling of ease and contentment.

Incorporate vintage art.
a vintage canvas painting with manatees displayed in a bathroom

Sourcing vintage art is an incredible way to add charm to your bathroom. Art can include anything from vintage oil paintings to watercolor to needlework. You can find amazing vintage artwork at thrift stores for under $10. Vintage art is extremely vibrant, lending a colorful and playful ambience to your space.

Swap out the light fixture.
vintage inspired bathroom lighting

Adding an antique light fixture, or an antique inspired fixture, will be a showstopper in your space. If you take just one idea from this list make it this one. Changing out a bland light fixture for a beautiful, intricate one will make the most difference in adding vintage charm to your bathroom. There are so many different kinds of antique lights to choose from, so just start by looking on Google to get some ideas of what you like. You can find affordable antique and vintage light fixtures on Marketplace, at thrift stores, and from estate sales.

white hobnail creamer with fresh yellow flowers

Those 5 ways to add vintage charm to your bathroom will truly change the whole feel of your bathroom. They are all affordable ideas if you take the time to source pieces secondhand. Adding charm to a space by incorporating simple changes is so rewarding. I hope this inspires you to give it a try and let joy lead you.

Let me know in the comments below what you would like to add to your bathroom!

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