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Thrifted Goodies Volume 3

By Rachel

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Last Updated on October 19, 2023 by Rachel Granholm

Fall has arrived just in time for thrifted goodies volume 3!

It’s time again for another thrift adventure here on the blog! This once-a-month series features my exciting thrifting experiences. I share with you all of the items that I picked up, how much I paid, and how I styled it all. You guys, I’ve found so many amazing things over the past few weeks, so much so that I’m going to have to share half now and half next month. Join me for thrifted goodies volume 3!

Posts on theantiquedjourney.com may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases. You can read my full privacy policy here

The thrill of the hunt continues to increase even though I didn’t know that was possible! I’m continually amazed at what people give away and the amount of beautiful decor that you can find for your home for just a few dollars.

However, I’m still extremely picky on what I choose to purchase and bring home. Minimal living is a lifestyle that my husband and I try to adhere to as much as possible, so the pieces need to be useful, have a purpose, and be a great price.

Thrifted Goodies Volume 3

Thrifting for your home is, in my opinion, the best way of finding beautiful and unique pieces that speak to you, helping you to create a home that is one-of-a-kind. My favorite local thrift store has been just packed with treasures lately and I could not be happier about it.

They just released all of the fall decor, gifting me with a whole cart full of goodies. I’m so excited to show you what I found!

Vintage Copper Watering Can

If you have been around for a little while, you know my deep affection for vintage copper. My copper collection is displayed in my kitchen and I just adore it.  I never grow tired of it because it’s just so timeless.

This little copper watering can caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I wouldn’t have seen it at all had it not been for my built-in copper radar 🙂

a vintage copper watering can found at a thrift store

This cutie was left on a random shelf with plastic water bottles and containers. I immediately scooped it up and put her in my cart! This vintage piece was listed for $3.99 and it is marked on the bottom.

Not only is this watering can a unique addition to my copper collection, it is the perfect thing to use to water my succulents! For a fall display, I created a little centerpiece on the dining table with it and a few other pretty pieces.

a fall centerpiece with vintage copper and a candle

Green Velvet Pumpkin

This pumpkin stopped me in my tracks! First of all, it’s a pumpkin. Second, it’s olive green. Third, it’s velvet. Like…what?! It is a very substantial size. The stem is super curvy and twisted, making it look more life-like. See the things people give away?! It’s nuts! I paid $3.99 for it, which I think is a steal.

You guys, if you are looking for any type of seasonal decor, the thrift store is your best friend. I hope this amazing velvet pumpkin inspires you to go take a look!

a thrifted green, velvet faux pumpkin for fall decor

This pretty pumpkin fits into my fall decor this year perfectly. If you read my post about fall textures, you will remember that I included smaller velvet pumpkins, tying this one in beautifully.

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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To display this pumpkin, I moved an extra dining chair into the bedroom. I placed the pumpkin at an angle against one of the chair legs and then draped a vintage plaid blanket over the back of it. This small corner feels welcoming and cozy!

a vintage wooden chair displayed with a plaid blanket and a thrifted faux pumpkin

Amber Glass Jar

This was another piece that I almost missed out on. I was doing my second lap around the store but going in the opposite direction from the first lap (that’s one of my main thrifting tips). That’s when I spotted this amber glass jar tucked behind something else!

a vintage amber jar found at the thrift store

Not having an amber jar with a top on it in my collection, it immediately went into my cart. I believe it was priced at $3.99, but that specific tag color was half off that day, so it ended up being around $2.00!

It looks so pretty styled into this fall vignette on top of my painted cabinet. Amber glass is just special because there is nothing else quite like it.

vintage decor for fall including vintage books and ironstone

Copper Jack-O-Lanterns

You guys, these copper jack-o-lanterns are incredible! My husband asked me a few weeks ago if we could do a little Halloween decor this year.

I’m usually not one to decorate for that specific holiday but I willingly obliged and said “I’ll see what I can come up with.” Well, I came up with these!

thrifted copper jacko-lanterns displayed on a mantel

The large one was $3.99 and the small one was $2.99. I think they are just so stinking adorable! These happy pumpkins are displayed on the hearth with some LED candles in them.

There is just something comforting about a glowing candle on a crisp autumn evening. They add a ‘fun spooky’ to our home, not a scary spooky, which I am completely on board with.

Speckled Pitcher

In late August, as I was starting to think about my fall decor, I spotted this speckled ceramic pitcher. The cream, tan, and brown colors in it are so pretty for autumn. The shape of it is also super unique…curvy yet short and squatty at the same time.

I didn’t know where I was going to use it specifically when I purchased it, but it fits beautifully into this fall vignette.

a cream and brown speckled pitcher for fall deor

This simple pitcher, which I paid $2.99 for, is a lovely contrast to all of the copper and orange colors that are present on this shelf. I added a stem of dark green eucalyptus to it and called it good!

LED Fall Candles

The last goody that I have to share today are these LED candles with fall leaves inside them. The picture doesn’t even begin to show you how pretty they are.

The glow and the flicker that these candles give off at night is incredible. They illuminate the house in such a cozy way.

a thrifted led fall candle displayed on a shelf

These three candles were brand new in the box, priced at $7.99 AND come with a remote control! That is such a great deal for these types of candles. I looked up the brand online when I got home and these exact candle sets are selling for around $30 so I basically bought them for, like, 75% off.

You just never know what you are going to find at the thrift store. It’s such an incredible feeling knowing that I’m saving money and doing my part to care for the environment in the process.

Closing Tidbits

That’s a wrap on thrifted goodies volume 3! I truly hope these thrifting adventures are helpful and encourage you to source thrifty items for your home. There is nothing quite like seeing a decor item or piece of vintage that literally stops you in your tracks, like it was meant to be a part of your story. Find the courage to try something new, finding joy and meaning along the way.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Let me know in the comments what you are the hunt for or if you have found anything at the thrift store recently. I would love to hear!

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vintage copper displayed with a candle for fall

If you are new here, I’m Rachel, the writer and content creator here at The Antiqued Journey. I’m so happy to have you! I encourage you to stop by the ‘about me’ page to get to know me a little more.

Here on the blog, you will find loads of inspiration for decorating with vintage and antique decor, simple DIY crafts and many thrifting adventures. If that interests you, I invite you to sign up for my e-mail. You will receive a free digital download as a thank you!

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18 Comments. Leave new

  • Rachel!!! So many great finds at amazing prices!! I too love copper. That velvet pumpkin is to die for!! Love it all.

  • I seriously need to come shopping with you, Rachel, you found so many fabulous goodies. The velvet pumpkin alone was a STEAL. I’m so glad you scooped it up! Love the little jack o lanterns you found too. They’re perfect for this time of year. Always excited to see what you find lady! It’s all amazing! Hugs, CoCo

  • Rachel, it was your lucky day, when you went thrift store shopping! I am amazed at all the lovely things you found. I would have picked out the same stuff girl! Copper watering can and pumpkins are beautiful.

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  • You are so lucky! I wish I could find so many amazing treasures at our local thrift shop! I love it all, so many perfect Fall items!

    • Rachel Granholm
      October 4, 2022 8:39 pm

      Hi Donna!
      Thank you! I’ve really been so blessed with finding things lately…over the summer I went MONTHS without finding anything. It’s truly hit or miss but thankful it’s been hits 🙂 Thanks for reading today, Donna!

  • You got some amazing finds! I’m learning the ins and outs of going to thrift stores and love learning tips from pros like you. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing your bargain purchases with us!

    • Rachel Granholm
      October 7, 2022 10:49 am

      That is really the biggest compliment…thank you so much!! I’m glad these are helpful for you!!

  • Wendy McMonigle
    October 12, 2022 6:46 pm

    Oh how I love the thrill of the hunt as well. You sure found some great treasures this week. I found the some fabulous wicker jars for $5 last week.

  • This is just wonderful! I love going thrifting, too. We are also minimalists, so I don’t do nearly as much thrifting as I used to. But, it is just so much fun to look and if I bring something home, I try to make sure to let go of at least 1-2 things. It was so much fun visiting your blog today! I found you through the farmhouse link-up. Many blessings to you this autumn season! 🙂

    • Rachel Granholm
      October 14, 2022 2:11 pm

      Thanks so much for the lovely comment and for stopping by today!! I do a monthly thrift series here and I do hope you come back and check out more as you are able. Thrifting is SO much fun…I want to go everyday but that’s a little ridiculous 🙂 I have so much darn fun looking for things, though!! Much love!

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