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Styling Tips for Thrifted Decor Finds

By Rachel

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These styling tips for thrifted decor finds will show you how easy it is to create a beautiful home for less!

Tired of spending a fortune on home decor, only to find that it ends up looking like everyone else’s? Or, maybe you are on a budget and want to add some unique touches to your living space without buying brand new items, but don’t know where to start. Don’t worry…I’ve got you! Today, I’m sharing easy styling tips for thrifted decor finds!

Thrifted Decorating Using Vintage Finds

I know what you’re thinking…thrift stores and secondhand items may not be the first places that come to mind when thinking about stylish home decor. But, truly, to get the most bang for your buck AND create a one-of-a-kind home that no one else has, thrifting for decor, vintage or not, is the way to go!

With a little creativity and these insider tips, you’ll be surprised at the treasures you can find. Whether you’re a seasoned thrifter or just starting out, get ready to transform your space with these styling tips for thrifted decor finds.

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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Thrifted Goodies Volume 23

Hello, guys! Welcome back to the blog and to the next installment in the ‘Thrifted Goodies’ series! If you are new around here, welcome!

This is a monthly series where my friend MaryJo from the blog Master’pieces’ of my Life and I share thrift hauls, thrifting tips, and general thrift shopping advice.

MasterPieces of My Life

My friend and partner in this series, MaryJo, is sharing a thrifty post all thrifted decor finds for the garden. After you are done here, head over to her post and say hello! You may find just the thing you are looking for.

MasterPieces of My Life Social Channels:

thrifted decor finds for the garden from Master'pieces' of my Life

FAQ’s for Thrifted Decorating

How Can I Incorporate Vintage Pieces Into My Existing Decor?

For many, a common decorating dilemma or concern is that vintage pieces might clash or ‘not go’ with existing furniture or style.

The key is finding a balance. An easy way to accomplish that is to use vintage items as decor accents. Try grouping vintage pieces together or create a vignette. Also, remember that there is no wrong way to style your home. So, think outside the box and try using vintage decor items in unexpected places!

How Can I Display Vintage Summer Decor Finds?

Summer is easy, breezy, and carefree, leaving you with endless ways to style Summer decor.


a vintage basket filled with coastal decor

Why Thrifted Home Decor?

Why thrift?! Because, why not?!? Thrifting has so many benefits. It’s eco-friendly and sustainable for the environment, budget-friendly, and just plain fun. Stumbling across things you weren’t even looking for is such a thrill but you can also be on the hunt for specific items, whether it be a mirror, lamp, dishes, linens, or something else.

Shopping in this way guides you to what you need and, from there, are able to curate a unique and stylish home for less!

Not only is thrift shopping for home decor easy on the wallet, but these found pieces will add personality, color, and soul to any space in your home, too.

Shop the Thrifted Look!

Styling Tips for Thrifted Decor Finds- A Thrift Haul

You guys! I’m SO EXCITED to show you what I’ve found at thrift stores as well as some of my favorite antique shops over the past month or so.

This haul includes two types of vintage decor that I haven’t found in SO LONG! For each item, I’ll share how much I paid, why I picked it up, and give you easy ideas for styling something similar.

Are you ready?! It’s a big one today so grab a beverage and let’s go!

a row of vintage and thrifted books

Thrifted Decor #1: Vintage Copper Dish

Let’s start it off with vintage copper, shall we??

As you know, I’ve been collecting vintage copper for many years. When I started collecting copper, I could find it at just about any thrift store on a regular basis.

The past few years, it’s slowly been getting harder and harder to find and, along with that, the prices are creeping up. So much so that this is only the second copper piece I’ve found in the last 6 months.

But! Can you believe this cutie little handled dish?

I’m not sure what it is or what it was used for…I’m thinking it may have had a lid at one point…what do you think? In any case, my eye spotted this sitting on a shelf at the thrift store for just $2.99 and I couldn’t believe it!

thrifted vintage copper dish

The bottom does have a ‘Japan’ marking on it, which is super cool.

As you can see, this copper piece has dents and scuffs and many imperfections but that’s what makes me love it even more.

vintage copper Japan marking

I have this vintage copper dish displayed on top of my kitchen cabinets with some other vintage decor pieces.

I’ll end this section with a cute story.

As I pulled this off the shelf and was looking at it, an old man came around the corner. He said “Oh copper! Wow! May I see it?!” I was caught off guard and said “Oh sure.” In my head I was like…”Don’t you dare walk off with that!”

Shop Vintage Copper

But, he was a very nice elderly gentleman. We got talking about copper… how it’s so hard to find nowadays and we reminisced about vintage copper. I told him all about my copper collection and he thought that was super neat.

As we parted ways he said “Enjoy it” 🙂

vintage copper dish styled in a kitchen

Thrifted Decor #2: Ironstone Tureen

This next item is something that I just about missed out on.

Remember how I always tell you to do two laps around the thrift store…one clockwise and one counter clockwise?

Well, good thing I practice what I preach because on the second lap around, I spotted the handle of this tureen sitting on the WAY back of a shelf.

I kind of thought it was ironstone but was like…no…not with a blue pattern on it. But, just to be sure, I got down near the floor, moved all the other things out of the way, and pulled it out.

Instantly, I knew it was an old ironstone tureen. I couldn’t believe it! I’ve never seen anything like it.

thrifted ironstone tureen

As always, I turned it over to look for a stamp and sure enough… there was the ‘Homer Laughlin’ mark!

Look you guys…look how crazed this tureen is. It’s OLD and SO PRETTY!

Have you ever seen this ironstone pattern before?!

vintage ironstone marking on the bottom of tureen

I’m just completely in love with it.

First of all, the blue color is so vivid and vibrant, perfect for Summer decorating, which is exactly what I’m planning on doing with this tureen.

Second, the fact that the side handles and top handle are completely intact is just amazing. In my experience, vintage ironstone tureens at thrift stores will be massively chipped with the lid missing and the handles broken.

Shop Vintage Tureens

Third, the shape of this tureen is completely fantastic. All of my other tureens are oval shaped and this one is circular, which are much harder to find.

Fourth, it was just $4.99!!! Like…what?!

It was my lucky thrifting day!!

thrifted tureen with blue design

Look for this tureen styled in my Summer home tour in a few weeks.

Maybe I’ll do a contest…the first person that spots it in my Summer photos and leaves me a comment about it gets a Starbucks gift card!

Spring vignette with vintage tureen

Thrifted Decor #3: Green Glass Jug

This next item is one of my most recent thrift finds.

As I was perusing the glass aisle, my eyes happened to gaze up to the very top shelf. This beautiful green glass jug, complete with a handle, happened to be sitting there for only $3.99!

Had I not looked up, I would have missed it.

So, be sure to always look on every shelf. You never know where something neat could be hiding!

thrifted green glass jug as a vase

For now, I’m using it as a vase with a branch of faux pussy willow stems in it.

I’ll be starting my Summer decor this weekend so it will be used somewhere for the new season!

vintage green glass jug

Thrifted Decor #4: 3 Vintage Books

I’m always on the hunt for vintage books in hues of green, blue, tan, and brown. So, when I find them for a fair price, I will pick them up to use for seasonal decorating. In the past, vintage books are something that has been very hard to come by for a reasonable price.

Well, apparently the vintage book fairies have been bestowing their dust on me because I’ve been finding them all over for SO cheap!

The book below is the perfect blue hue to use for Spring…as is the title! I came across this book at one of my favorite antique shops in a booth that I’ve never found anything in before. The dealer was having a massive sale and…are you ready for this?…paid a whopping .89 cents for it!!

I anchored a row of vintage books with this book for the rest of the Spring season.

vintage blue book about Spring

On the opposite end of the row of vintage books sits this book.

Coming from the same booth as above, I only paid $1.00 for it! The blue floral print on the cover is what drew me in. I never come across vintage books with pretty patterns on them so, this one, paired with the cheap price, is such a winner!

vintage books styled in a Spring vignette

I recently stopped at a shop that sells items that they buy from estates. It’s a super neat store!

To my surprise, one of the bookshelves was packed with vintage books. I spent some time perusing the options and decided upon this one. I loved the teal color and the subject matter for the upcoming season. They gave me a 20% discount so I ended up paying $3.00 for it!

Thrifting Tip: When thinking about purchasing vintage books, think about all the different ways you could use them.

Some ideas include:

  • style them in a hutch
  • use as risers for height
  • decorate a shelf with books in the same hues
  • style them with other seasonal decor in a vignette
  • use as background decor or open the book up for texture in a display

vintage teal book about Summer

Thrifted Decor #5: French Butter Pats

On a recent antiquing trip, I was taking my sweet time in the most beautiful booth. As I got almost all the way around it, I spotted these French ‘Haviland’ butter pats! The scalloped edges are adorned with a faint floral pattern, which is just lovely.

There were two of them stacked together so I purchased the pair for $5.00. I think that’s a totally fair price!

I will use these butter pats stacked in my hutch all year round.

a pair of vintage French butter pats

Thrifted Decor #6: Vintage Green Flower Frog

You guys. A pokey green flower frog has been on my vintage decor bucket list for SO LONG!

On a recent trip to the country, we went to a few antique shops. On the last day, we stopped in to one last antique store and there, in a tucked away cabinet, I finally found and purchased my long-awaited flower frog for just $12!!

I’m so happy! I just adore how these old metal flower frogs look with other decor such as ironstone, enamelware, and milk glass.

Thrifting Tip: When looking for something very specific, take your time finding it. Don’t settle. It may take a few months, sometimes longer, but the wait will always be worth it!

vintage butter pats with vintage green flower frog

Thrifted Decor #7: Vintage Jadeite Creamer

In these styling tips for thrifted decor finds, I’ve saved the best for last 🙂

Jadeite is a vintage decor item that is extremely popular right now and very coveted, making it hard to find. And, when you do find it, the price will most likely be outrageous.

Again, another bucket list item that I’ve been looking for, for literal years, is a jadeite creamer, which I found on the same trip to the country! I tell ya…the country is where it’s at when it comes to making my vintage dreams come true 🙂

Fire King Jane ray jadeite creamer

I literally could not believe my eyes when I spotted this Fire King jadeite creamer, in the ‘Jane Ray’ pattern, in a cabinet.

You know how, when you find something that you really want, you kinda squint your eyes when looking at the price tag? Yea…I did that with this creamer and just about fell on the floor when the tag read only $12!! Like…what?! There is nothing wrong with it!

I was completely speechless and SO very happy. These jadeite creamer and sugar pieces are beloved items for vintage collectors and I’m super grateful to add this creamer to my collection.

Again, patience pays off and is well worth the wait!

vintage jadeite creamer

My pretty jadeite creamer will be out for the rest of Spring and all of Summer, styled in my hutch!

I’ve actually found more jadeite this year than I have in the past four years. It’s genuinely a real treat to be able to give these old pieces new life!

vintage vignette with jadeite and ironstone

Closing Tidbits on Styling Tips for Thrifted Decor Finds

With that, this concludes my latest thrift haul and styling tips for thrifted decor finds!

Truly, from the bottom of my heart, I hope you find inspiration and ideas in these posts that you can take and use in your space in your own unique way. I don’t write these posts to show you everything I bought just for the sake of it.

I want to show you, in a tangible way, that decorating your home doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars. With some thoughtful attention and mindful thrift shopping, you can curate a space to be proud of and that you feel connected to.

There is so much more meaning in sourcing, curating, and ultimately styling a home with thrifted, vintage, and secondhand finds. Be encouraged to thrift your way to a special home, one step at a time and one decor piece at a time.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Leave me a comment! Do you like to decorate with thrift store finds? I love hearing from you!

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styling tips for thrifted decor finds

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