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7 Textures For Fall Decorating

By Rachel

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Last Updated on September 28, 2023 by Rachel Granholm

These 7 textures for fall decorating create a charming home for the season!

The fall season is such a beautiful time for renewal! Home is such a cozy place to be during this time, especially when the weather starts to get cooler and you can curl up in a cozy blanket. Renewing your home’s decor for a new season is comforting and reassuring.

While you are switching things around throughout your space, know that textural elements can play a very important role in fall decor. By incorporating textures such as plaid, velvet, or baskets, you are providing a beautiful base for autumn decorating.

Fall color tones such as copper, rust, burgundy, burnt orange, and dark yellow are the perfect, moody colors to pair with texture. Join me as I walk you through 7 textures for fall decorating!

Posts on theantiquedjourney.com may contain affiliate links. Click HERE for my full disclosure.

7 Textures For Fall Decorating

The textures that you choose to use in your home for fall sets the tone for any other decor pieces.

Before I start decorating, I always ask myself a few questions. ‘How do I want my home to feel this season?’ ‘What mood do I want to convey to others?’ How can I best make my home feel cozy and comfortable yet still functional for my family?’

Those simple questions will usually lend some helpful answers as to how to proceed, especially when it comes to using textures. You can choose soft textures such as pampas grass, feathers, and velvet or heavier textures such as copper, brass, and wood.

Or, you can try a combination of each, which is what I chose to do this year. You see, by choosing textures that match where your heart is at, you will be able to create a space that feels genuine, unique, and completely special.


You guys, I’ve never actually used decorative wheat in my home until this year. I love it so much that it had to be the first item on this list! If you read my last post where I created a centerpiece using amber bottles and brass, you would have read the snippet in there about this particular wheat bundle.

Anyways, when I was envisioning how I wanted to go about decorating for fall this season, the first thing that came to me was to use wheat. I’m really into moody colors and tones this year.

By using the wheat as a neutral base, it is complementing those moodier fall colors.

an antique pitcher filled with faux wheat stems and eucalyptus for fall
By incorporating decorative wheat into fall decor, it not only brings in natural texture but height as well. The tall stems of wheat look so pretty when tucked into vintage vessels such as an ironstone pitcher or an amber bottle.

The nifty thing about wheat is that you can easily cut it to make it shorter depending on the vessel you are using. To create interest within one vase as seen below, cut the wheat to various lengths.

All in all, wheat is the perfect addition to any fall decor that you want to use this season due to it’s simple color and raw texture.a vintage vignette with transferware and decorative wheat


The next texture on the list is acorns! These little things are like gold nuggets of the woods. The color palette and textures of acorns are just incredible. Even though I’m 35 years of age, I still love to go into the woods and hunt for acorns, just like I did when I was a little girl.

At the time of this post, I hadn’t found enough real acorns to fill this bowl yet, so instead used these faux acorns from Hobby Lobby. Mixed with little pinecones, these acorns do look incredibly life-like.

Acorns make beautiful fall fillers for vintage bowls, vases, and baskets.
faux acorns displayed in a milk glass bowl


Textiles lend amazing textures, especially during this cozy fall season. For many people, plaid is the epitome of fall and I get it!

Plaid patterns evoke a special nostalgia, a warm and safe feeling that can’t really be put into words. I wanted to share two unique ways that you can incorporate plaid into your home.

The first way is by using ribbon.

Cut a piece of plaid ribbon to length, tie it into a pretty bow, and place it into a vignette. Look how well it ties this little pumpkin display together!a small plaid ribbon tied in a bow with some faux pumpkinsThe second way is to use a plaid scarf as a base for a vignette.

Instead of going to the fabric store and spending money on plaid fabric, dig through your closet and look for a fall scarf you can use!

This one is a large blanket scarf, giving me plenty of fabric to work with. Simply spread it out, making the base of the fabric smooth to create a flat surface for decor to sit on.

Whatever kind of plaid you choose to use in your home this time of year, know that it will bring about a laid-back country charm.  plaid texture with vintage fall decor


Velvet is another lovely fabric to use for fall decorating. It almost feels romantic, lending a fancy aesthetic to a more rustic season. And, in my opinion, romantic and rustic decor is a gorgeous pairing.

The velvet pumpkins that you see throughout my displays are actually from last year. I still love them. They add some deep drama to my fall decor.

I piled some into my vintage scale bin and love the contrast that the velvet creates against the metal. You could also use velvet ribbon or velvet throw pillows to achieve a similar effect!velvet pumpkins displayed in a vintage green kitchen scale


If you have been around for any length of time, you know my deep affection for antique and vintage transferware. Though not technically considered a texture, I consider it to be.

I don’t know of anything else that lends such intricate and lovely details. Look at the softness that my thrifted pitcher ushers in to this vignette!

When you pair the dainty floral pattern with metal or wood, you are combining two opposing textures that just create this cohesive, grounded display. I just love it.

an antique transferware pitcher displayed for fall with some faux berries
To me, transferware isn’t a texture you can feel but a texture that you can see. Try pairing it with simple pumpkins, vintage books in complementing colors, neutral ribbon, or decor that is not loud such as milk glass.

You want the texture and pattern of the transferware to speak for itself and use the other decor as background.

an antique ironstone pitcher with pumpkins on a mantel


Vintage copper is another thing that I absolutely adore. I usually have my collection displayed in the kitchen but I pulled some specific pieces down to use for fall this year.

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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Copper offers a rich patina in that lovely tone which only copper can give. It’s the perfect addition to fall decor because it provides a subdued brightness.a vintage copper kettle with faux fall stems on a table
As you can see below, the copper creamer adds a pop of cheer amongst all the neutrals. It also looks lovely combined with brass and pottery.

As a fun analogy, using copper texture for fall decorating is like drinking fizzy water instead of plain tap water. It adds an oomph and a splash of vintage!

a vintage copper creamer displayed for fall

The last item I want to touch on today is baskets! These wooden beauties are wonderful all year round but fall is a particularly fun time to use and display them.

Due to the rough and tumble nature of them, baskets pair nicely with natural elements such as leaves, branches, and pinecones.

Baskets, specifically vintage ones, tend to show more age and wear, adding an enchanting, rustic texture to fall decor.a basket full of a vintage fall decor and acorns
Baskets can be used in many ways. You can use a larger basket to hold a fall vignette, as seen above. Add in a base, coordinating decor pieces, stems and some filler and you have yourself a pretty fall vignette!

Another way you can use a basket for fall is to set it upright on a shelf as background texture. Instead of just having a plain wall behind my large amber bottle, I popped this vintage tobacco basket back there.

It lends so much contrast and depth, making it all feel harmonious.

an amber bottle displayed with a vintage tobacco basket for fall

Closing Tidbits

My hope is that these 7 textures for fall decorating are an encouragement for you! When new seasons roll around, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing. Seasonal decorating doesn’t have to be comparative or complicated. It’s so much more meaningful to decorate with what makes you happy, not anyone else. Take a minute to step back. Breathe and tune in to your heart. Find what makes your soul come alive this fall season and allow that to shine.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Let me know in the comment! What textures you love to use in your home this time of year? I love hearing from you!

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an antique ironstone pitcher displayed on a mantel with pumpkins and a vintage mirror

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