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Simple Decor for Winter

By Rachel

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Last Updated on January 11, 2024 by Rachel Granholm

Refresh your home with simple decor for Winter!

Winter is a such a beautiful season. It’s a time to get cozy, to rest and renew. Many of us spend more time indoors during the colder months, which is a perfect time to refresh your home as well! With a brand new year beckoning us forward, lets pair down our homes and make way for a light, calm and soothing atmosphere. I’ll show you how with this simple decor for Winter!

Decorating for Winter

It’s a mixed bag when it comes to taking down the Christmas decor. Some of us love a clean slate, others feel their home is much too bare and empty.  I do agree that, once the tree comes down, it is a little shocking as to how empty everything feels.

But! What if we embrace that instead? Think of all that empty space as an opportunity to hone your decorating skills and create a peaceful winter display to enjoy throughout the next few months.

a wall shelf decorated for winter with pinecones and vintage decor

The inspiration piece for this whole serene winter display came from my vintage, thrifted Longaberger bowl seen in the photo above. I found this at the thrift store months ago, buried in a box, for only .99 cents!

The creamy white paired with the deep blue seen on the bowl is the theme that I chose to use for this season. Those colors, combined with soothing greens as well as textural elements like flocked trees and pinecones, helped to create a vintage winter wonderland throughout my home.

Join me as I share easy, affordable, and unfussy ways of decorating your home for winter!

vintage milk glass used for a winter vignette

Simple Decor for Winter

In the entry, this sweet little vignette greets us. The cute sign was a Christmas gift from my aunt and it’s just the perfect spot for it, don’t you think? Each time I walk by it, I’m reminded that there is always hope. It’s such a comforting feeling.

This small shelf sets the tone for the rest of the house. My vintage milk glass collection is used extensively as well as greenery and cream-colored ribbon.

an entry way shelf styled for winter

If you have a small entry like I do, a little goes a long way. You don’t need to do much to make a large impact.

I find it helpful to incorporate many different textures in small spaces to bring in depth and contrast.

Winter Mantel Decor

On the right side, I kept the same trees that were used for Christmas, only removing the red ribbon. It’s amazing how these flocked trees take on a whole different look by simply removing the red!

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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The left side holds a winter basket that I made using birch logs and a plaid scarf. I paired that with a vintage blue book, another piece of milk glass, and a thrifted vintage needlework picture. If you look closely, the window in the picture itself is looking out to a snowy winter scene..how neat is that?!

Lastly, I used the same ribbon here as in the entry and tied it in a bow. Ribbon is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to spruce up any space!

a winter mantel display with vintage decor

I’m all about budget friendly decorating and this mantel display is a great example of how to re-use decor. When packing away your Christmas items, think about pieces that can be used for winter.

These can include:

a winter mantel display with vintage decor

Honestly, this is the simplest that the mantel has ever looked but I love it. Some people adore the ‘more is more’ concept but I’m totally into the ‘less is more’ mentality. Where do you land?

Winter Shelf Decor

Creating vignettes on shelves or credenzas is something that brings me such joy. The creative process involved in these displays is one of a handful of activities that grounds me in the moment.

a winter display on a credenza with milk glass

I kept the credenza fairly neutral in color.

Milk glass is the main star here along with a few Ironstone pieces.

a vintage Ironstone platter used in a winter vignette display

Bottle brush trees and vintage books in blues and greens were used to add color and height.

Pinecones bring in a natural, textural element and the rustic ribbon ties the whole display together.

pinecones filled in a vintage milk glass bowl

There is such simplicity and comfort in using items from nature and combining them with neutral colors. It’s nothing fancy but the beauty about winter decorating is that it doesn’t have to be.

My advice for creating a similar display would be to use items that you already have such as eucalyptus stems or other dark colored greenery, hardcover books in winter hues, neutral linens, or cream colored dishes.

Then, just start mixing those elements together and playing around with them until you arrive at a pleasing display.

vintage milk glass used with bottle brush trees for a winter display

Natural Winter Wonderland Decor

The other shelf that I decorated for winter is my navy blue wall shelf. For the base of this shelf display, I used a cream and tan colored scarf. Using a scarf as a base is so easy and affordable! I highly recommend trying it.

Anyways, I anchored each end of the shelf by using vintage vessels filled with winter foliage. By using the same flocked trees as on the mantel, it provides cohesion, making each individual display feel as though they are one.

a wall shelf decorated for winter with blues, greens, and creams

Milk glass is used on this shelf as well as some vintage pottery pieces that I’ve collected from thrift stores over the years.

The key to keeping the decor unified is to combine pieces that are similar in colors. So, I used decor items that had complementing shades of blue, cream, and white, situating them amongst the trees.

vintage decor used in a winter shelf display

To add texture to this shelf, more pinecones were nestled throughout as well as some eucalyptus branches, both of which tie in with the credenza.

vintage milk glass displayed amongst flocked trees for a winter display

Keep things easy and united by incorporating many of the same elements within each display.

Styling shelving is such a fun way to add unique decor interests within your home. When I am in someone else’s home, I can always tell what types of things they love by what they have on their shelves. It’s what makes each person and each home so special!

Other Decorating Ideas for Winter

To unify the kitchen with the rest of the home, I tied the same cream ribbon onto a peg rack.

a cream ribbon tied onto a peg rack

I pulled out one of my very favorite vintage tablecloths to use on the dining table. It has white Battenberg lace, scalloped edges and the prettiest blue embroidery.

a vintage white and blue tablecloth

For a simple centerpiece, I simply tucked faux greenery into my favorite transferware pitcher.

It’s like a cozy Winter wonderland on your table!

That’s all you need for a pretty winter table!

a table decorated for winter with vintage decor

A few winter pieces were added to the hall bath as well.

There are a few shelves in it that I love to add simple decor to, bringing character and life to this small space.

vintage decor used in a bathroom for winter

I incorporated some of my favorite vintage pieces such as copper, enamelware, and Ironstone.

To tie it all in with the rest of the house, I used a bottle brush tree as well as some dark colored faux greenery.

vintage decor used in a bathroom for winter decorating

I think it’s so fun to decorate with items that aren’t necessarily ‘supposed’ to be there, like using cups and creamers in a bathroom. It’s an unexpected twist but anything goes when decorating your space!

And, just like that, this concludes my simple decor for Winter this year. My hubby told me a few nights ago that this is the best our house has ever looked.

Decorating brings me immense joy and I’m just so thankful that our home can be a source of happiness for us both.

Closing Tidbits for Simple Decor for Winter

My sincere hope is that these ideas on simple decor for Winter are helpful for you. There is such beauty in simplicity. By pairing down your home, your mind or anything in your life that brings stress, we are able to clearly see the peace and hope that is always present.

May you be encouraged to go slowly this winter season, giving yourself grace along the way.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Let me know in the comments how you decorate for winter!

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a collection of winter decor used for winter decorating

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