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Journey Jots #12

By Rachel

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Welcome to Journey Jots #12!

In each weekly recap, I’ll share some of my most recent posts, favorite finds or things I’m currently shopping for, and an assemblage of home decor tips and encouraging content from other creators. Settle in and join me for Journey Jots #12!

Journey Jots #12

Journey Jots #12

Hello, guys! I hope your new year is off to an amazing start!

We finally have SNOW as you can see from the photo. It’s not a lot but it is so pretty. It covers up all of the brown ground and, even though it’s cold, the white blanket adds joy to my days. Just now, as I’m typing this, it’s lightly snowing. What a beautiful scene!

Journey Jots #12

Life Lately

Well, we FINALLY did it! We’ve been saving for many months to get a new washer and dryer and they were installed this past week! I’m so proud of us for not having to finance them. Our other one, which was a stacked unit, was about to bite the dust at any second and, whenever the spin cycle ran, it sounded like a jet was taking off.

I cannot begin to tell you how AMAZING it is to have side by side units that are so quiet! 

Journey Jots #12

This…well…I didn’t know we could fit THIS MUCH STUFF into such a small area!

We had to empty out the entire closet and take down the existing shelving to make room for them. So, now comes the task of painting, installing new shelving, and organizing…my favorite 🙂

When I’m typing this, I can successfully tell you that I filled 3 garbage bags of trash and took a large amount of unused goods to the thrift store for donation. Feels SO good!

Journey Jots #12

Miss Molly is starting to get such a little personality! She’s eating pureed foods now…peaches and blueberries are some favorites!

This photo makes me so happy whenever I look at it. How could this not lift your spirits?!

Molly eating

Favorite Weekly Shopping Finds

On the Blog

Last week, I shared my first thrifting post of the new year!

It’s chalk full of simple Winter decorating ideas using thrifted and vintage items. vintage blue and white transferware pitcher with faux cedar stems

Check out this post about Winter decorating. It goes into detail on how easy it is so use items and decor that already have!

vintage decor used in a winter shelf display

And, I shared how to create a Winter basket using birch logs!

This DIY decor piece truly brings the outdoors in and is perfect for this time of year.

a full winter mantel with a diy basket, candle, milk glass, and a blue vintage book.

Lastly, I wanted to share with you that I now have a shop on the LTK app!

Here, you will find app-exclusive content with many shopping links to items and decor pieces that I use everyday. It’s free to download onto your phone. Here is the LINK to my shop where you can follow along!

Coming Up on The Antiqued Journey

This coming week I’ll be sharing a brand new Winter decorating post, full of simple and rustic touches, and will showcase my milk glass collection!

Then, in a few weeks, I’m showcasing some of my favorite bags to bring thrifting or antiquing. Lastly, towards the end of the month, be on the lookout for some Valentine’s Day decorating ideas.

Lots of super fun content coming your way! Be sure you are subscribed to my e-mail so you are the first to know about new posts and merchandise updates!

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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Closing Tidbits for Journey Jots #12

Thank you so much for being here! I love sharing a little bit of my daily life with you.

Mindful Tip of the Week: You can choose to be happy. It takes some effort but you can do it. Try it. Practice diverting your attention from what’s wrong to what’s right!

signature from The Antiqued Journey

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