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Valentines Table With Vintage Transferware

By Rachel

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Style a romantic Valentines table with vintage transferware!

Welcome to February! Even though this is one of the shortest months of the year date wise, it feels like one of the longest because, at this point in the winter, I am just longing for Spring. So, to help combat the winter blues, I decided to style a pretty table!

This tablescape was inspired in every way by a set of vintage transferware dishes that I found at the thrift store. I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to share this incredible find with you and this is it. Come along as I show you how to style a Valentines table with vintage transferware!

Valentines day is one of those ‘holidays’ that I don’t typically decorate for. I literally just finished styling my winter decor a few weeks ago and I’m not about to take it all down again. I personally don’t see the need to go all out on this day because, in my opinion, LOVE is something to be celebrated every day!

However, I had a vision in my head for this Valentine tablescape that included pale pink and cream mixed with this set of thrifted transferware. I wanted it to feel whimsical and romantic. With the help of the delicate features on the dishes, my vision came to life!

a bouquet of flowers in a vintage transferware vase

Vintage Thrifted Transferware

Before I get into the tablescape details, can we take a minute to talk about the transferware?! Okay… let me tell you real quick how I found these.

So, back in the fall, I think it was the beginning of November, I was doing a quick spin through the thrift store. It was really busy there that day and there were so many people in my way!

a vintage transferware plate up close

There were a bunch of boxes near the back of the store that were not unpacked yet. So, I started rummaging through them. All of a sudden, I see this pattern sticking out from underneath a book.

My heart starts racing and I’m trying to get to these plates as fast as I can before someone else. That box held all 4 of the dinner plates. I moved to the next box and found the 2 small plates and the 2 bowls. The box next to that had the creamer and sugar. You guys…I literally almost cried because I had been searching for a set of these dishes for almost a year! a vintage set of transferware dishes

I kept looking, making sure I wasn’t missing any more of the set. After being sure I had gotten all of them, I carefully made my way to the register. Honestly I didn’t really know how much these were going to cost because at this point, the price didn’t matter. Well, to my surprise, I paid just under $20 for the whole set!! What!?!

a set of vintage transferware stacked

I just couldn’t believe it! These dishes make me so happy and am beyond thankful I could rescue them before they broke in those boxes. Also, I can’t even with the creamer and sugar dishes…how stinking adorable are they?!

vintage transferware creamer and sugar

This just goes to show you that you never know what will be at the thrift store on any given day and that patience does pay off. Okay, okay…onto the table!

Valentines Table With Vintage Transferware

I am going to share the steps and items that I used to style my table but know that you can tweak those things as needed. I always like to encourage others to use what they have around the house first. If you are still in need of some pieces, check the thrift store for inexpensive decor. The dollar store is always a helpful place to find craft items and centerpiece fillers.

centerpiece materials for a Valentines table

Tablescape Items Used

*I have linked similar items from Amazon at the bottom of this post in case you are wanting to purchase something similar!*

  • light pink ribbon
  • cloth napkins
  • wooden hearts
  • wooden heart garland
  • lace table runner
  • faux cream colored roses
  • neutral tablecloth
  • Ironstone vase
  • fresh flowers
  • set of Ironstone dishes

faux cream colored roses for a Valentines table

Putting Together The Tablescape

The Base

Start by choosing a base, such as a tablecloth or table runner.

I already had a neutral linen on the table which was perfect and exactly the look I was going for. But, I wanted to use another runner going down the middle. To me, it helps the centerpiece itself feel cohesive and grounded. So, I placed a vintage lace table cloth down the center of the table.

a lace table runner in the middle for a Valentines table

Add Layers

The next item I added was this wooden heart garland that I made a few years ago. It reminds me of candy hearts!

Layering pieces like this helps to create depth and interest when creating a centerpiece.

a wooden heart garland for a Valentines table

I placed it on one end of the runner and zig-zagged it down the middle.

a wooden heart garland down the middle of a Valentines table

Then, I added the fresh flowers. I flattened out the middle of the runner and placed my favorite transferware vase in the center of the table.

a vintage transferware vase filled with fresh flowers

This vase is just the best thing ever and makes me so happy! Fresh flowers are a beautiful way to lift your spirits in the middle of winter.

a wooden heart garland down the center of a table

Next, I placed faux roses randomly across the lace runner. I found these at the dollar store and actually worked better than I thought they would! They introduce that romantic feel and the color of them is perfect.

faux roses in a Valentine centerpiece

There were six roses in the pack so I placed three on each side of the vase.

a wooden heart garland combined with faux roses for a Valentines centerpiece

I had a bunch of pink wooden hearts leftover from my heart garland project so I used a handful of them to add a bit more interest to the centerpiece.

pink wooden hearts used for a Valentines centerpiece

I simply scattered them along the runner, being mindful to not make it feel too crowded.

wooden hearts scattered along a lace table runner

The Place Settings

Next, I placed four chargers around the table. These are the same ones I used for my Thanksgiving tablescape.

Then, I placed the large dinner plates on top of the chargers followed by the small plates.

a vintage transferware plate on top of a charger

You will notice that I mixed and matched some of the small plates because my set only came with 2 small plates.

two vintage transferware plates for a Valentines table

I added in the 2 small bowls, one on each side of the table.

a vintage transferware bowl styled in a Valentines table

The creamer and sugar made most sense to me in the middle of table.

a vintage transferware creamer dish styled in a Valentines table

I nestled them in amongst the hearts, placing one on each side of the vase.

a vintage transferware sugar dish styled in a Valentines table


The last step in this Valentine table is to place a napkin at each table setting. I mixed and matched cloth napkins that I already had.

various cloth napkins for a table setting

To add a bit more character at each place setting instead of just placing a napkin on a plate, I came up with a simple idea.

First, I used wide pink ribbon and cut a strip roughly 9 inches long.

pink ribbon used for napkins

Next, I tied that strip around a napkin and knotted it.

a vintage napkin with a pink ribbon

To finish it off in a pretty way, I placed a pink wooden heart on top of the knot.

a place setting for a Valentines table

And there you have it! A simple and delicate napkin holder for this Valentines table.

Final Details

This tablescape turned out better than I imagined. It is whimsical, delicate and romantic.

a full Valentines table with vintage transferware

The light pink and cream colors combined with the transferware hints at Spring, which is so lovely.

a Valentines tablescape with vintage transferware

The beautiful thing about styling a table is that it allows for such creativity. There are not any rules and anything goes!

a Valentines table from above

Closing Tidbits

I hope this Valentines table with vintage transferware is uplifting for you! My whole goal when creating these is to give you different ideas and ways of making your home beautiful without spending a lot of money.

Tablescapes are so fun to create because you can use items that you already have and tailor them to achieve a one-of-kind display. I encourage you to take the ideas shared here and make them your own. Embrace this season of love and be inspired to create along the way.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Let me know in the comments if there is anything you do to decorate for Valentines Day. Do you decorate your whole house or just a small area? I would love to know!

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a Valentines table styled with vintage transferware, fresh flowers, and a wooden heart garland

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