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DIY Farmhouse Valentine Decorations

By Rachel

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Spread the love with these DIY farmhouse valentine decorations!

Valentine’s Day is a day all about love! Love for a significant other, love for your pet, love for your family, love for self, or love for nature. You can also infuse love into your home by incorporating decor that is unique to you and that makes each space feel warm and inviting. These DIY farmhouse valentine decorations will hopefully do just that!

This post is separated into 2 different projects so you can pick one or both to create. Both Valentine’s day decor DIY’s are simple and understated and will add a cozy farmhouse touch to your home. Follow along and be inspired!

DIY Farmhouse Valentine Decorations

First Project: DIY Heart Jars for Valentine’s Day Decor

Materials for Heart Jars:

Step 1: Cover your surface and paint jars.

To cover your work surface, roll out a decent sized piece of parchment paper. Using this type of paper when using craft paint helps your painted objects not stick to it.

Once you have that ready, go ahead and start painting your jars.

Tip: I used a foam brush for this to make the finish look smooth with less streaks.

I painted one coat on the large jar first with white paint and let that dry while moving to the smaller jar for the first coat of grey paint. You will have to see how your jars look after that first coat dries but I needed to apply 3 coats of paint to achieve the look I was going for.

Let the jars dry completely between coats.

Tip: Painting the rim and the lip inside of the jar will help to achieve a cohesive look on your DIY farmhouse valentine decorations.

Step 2: Paint the wooden hearts.

Space the wooden hearts out on top of the parchment paper.

Using a paper plate, squeeze whatever color of craft paint you have chosen onto it and then dip a small amount of paint on your paintbrush.

Start by painting the sides of all the hearts and then go back and paint the tops. I needed to do two coats of paint on the hearts to get them to look finished but again that is up to you and what you prefer.

Let those dry completely.

Step 3: Distress the jars and hearts.

After all the paint dries, you can start distressing the jars and wooden hearts using sandpaper.

Tip: I used 150 grit sandpaper because it is super fine but use what you would like.

There is not really any specific way to do this step other than applying light pressure to the sandpaper and rubbing it randomly over the jars. This will pull off little bits of paint here and there. It will also give your DIY Farmhouse valentine decorations a rustic appearance!

You can do as much or as little distressing as you would like. You can also distress the hearts by rubbing the sandpaper over the edges of them. This will give each heart a rustic appearance and slightly reshapes them so they look a little imperfect.

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Tip: I found it easier to lay the sandpaper flat on the surface and lightly rubbing the heart across it rather than holding the paper in one hand and the heart in the other.

Step 4: Glue the hearts to the jars.

Let your glue gun heat up for a good 20 minutes.

While you are waiting, figure out where you would like your hearts to be placed on each jar.

You can do polka dot style by gluing them all over, you can do diagonal lines all the way around, you can do zig zag lines…this is your creation so let your creativity take over!

I chose to do 2 horizontal lines all the way around on the large jar and 1 horizontal line all the way around on the small jar for a simple, clean look.

Put a small amount of hot glue on the back of the heart, place on the jar, and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat until you have all of your hearts glued on.

Tip: You may want to use a tape measure to help you keep the lines of hearts straight while gluing. If they do go crooked, they are fairly easy to pull off and re-glue.

Let the hot glue dry all the way and then go back and pull off any glue strings that might be lingering.

Step 5: Style your jars.

The beauty about these cute jars that you have just created are that they are multifunctional.

You could style them for use as vases for some pretty Valentine’s flowers, use them as a jar for tea light candles, fill them with water and place a floating candle in each, use them as decor on a bathroom counter with some faux eucalyptus branches, give them away as a gift, or you could even create your own soy wax candles with these jars! See my tutorial for that here.

These jars will add such farmhouse charm to your home during this Valentines month. My hope is that they bring you joy in whatever way you choose to use them.

Second Project: DIY Heart Garland for Valentine’s Day Decor

Materials for Heart Garland:

Step 1: Paint the wooden hearts.

Cover your work surface with parchment paper.

You have the option to use one color of paint for the hearts or multiple colors and do a pattern. I  divided my hearts into 2 piles and did 2 pink hearts for every 1 heart.

Then I used a craft paintbrush and painted them, let that side dry, then flipped them over and painted the back sides. You are going to want to paint both sides because, since its a garland, both sides will be seen when you hang it up.

You may need to do 2 coats of paint on the hearts depending on the look you are going for. Let the hearts dry completely before continuing.

Tip: This would be a good time to plug in the hot glue gun and let it heat up.

Step 2: Measure the twine.

It will be up to you as to what length you would like your garland to be. You could separate the hearts out into 2 shorter garlands or do 1 long garland.

After the hearts are dry, space them out evenly across the twine. This doesn’t have to be perfect…just eyeball it and call it good!

Step 3: Glue the hearts on the twine.

Leave about 2 inches at the start of the twine. I found this part easiest if you put something heavy on the starting end of the twine, like a paperweight, so it is braced and not moving around so much as you are gluing.

Then, squeeze a small drop of hot glue in the middle of one heart, place the twine right on top of the glue, and then place a heart of the same color on top, like a heart sandwich! Apply pressure for a few seconds.

Continue this until you have all the hearts adhered and sandwiched together to the twine. Let the glue dry, then go back and pull off any glue strings and cut off excess twine on the ends.

Step 4: Display your Valentine’s Day decor garland!

Now you get to display your pretty garland! Some ideas for hanging up your garland include:

  •  across a fireplace mantel
  •  draping it across the top of some windows
  •  wrapping it around a post
  •  across a long shelf
  •  weave it into a faux wreath and hang it on your front door

Closing Tidbits for DIY Farmhouse Valentine Decorations

These DIY farmhouse Valentine decorations are such simple and inexpensive ways to wrap your home with adoring decor. Both of these DIY projects today were created with you in mind in the hope that they will help you spread love to others. I hope you choose to embrace this season of love and be inspired to create along the way.

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DIY Farmhouse Valentine Decorations

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