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6 Ways To Embrace Winter

By Rachel

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Last Updated on December 27, 2023 by Rachel Granholm

Feeling the post-holiday blues? No fear! I want to share, from experience, 6 ways to embrace winter!

Winter is in full swing here in Minnesota. It’s cold, cloudy, and snowy! That may make you just want to stay inside and huddle up in a warm blanket but life is too short for that. I’m here to show you how to live your best life, even in the cold. Here are 6 ways to embrace winter!

The Scandinavians refer to a term called ‘hygge’, pronounced ‘hue-guh’, meaning “a quality of coziness that encourages a feeling of contentment”. Winter can be energizing and full of life if you choose to make it so!

6 Ways To Embrace Winter

1. Get Outside.

Being outdoors in the winter is extremely invigorating. Sure it’s cold but when you have the proper snow gear it is so much fun!

Getting outside during the winter keeps you active, gets you daily exercise, and gifts you much needed sunshine.snowshoeing on a mountain
There are many winter activities that you could try including snowshoeing, cross country skiing, ice fishing, or even just getting out for a walk at your local park.

I encourage you to get outside for some fresh air!
sunset on the North Shore of Minnesota

2. Engage in a Hobby.

Fly fishing is one of my favorite past times as is thrifting. Hobbies are so important any time of the year but especially during the winter. If you already have a hobby such as crafting, baking, or knitting, do more of that in the winter.

fly fishing in Minnesota
If you don’t have a regular hobby, find one! Watch some tutorials on YouTube of some things that interest you and then get the needed supplies to start.

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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Hobbies help keep you engaged in a creative outlet during the long winter months.
a North Shore sunset in winter

3. Invest In Cozy Items.

The third idea I’m sharing for 6 ways to embrace winter is to purchase cozy items but do so on a budget.

This can include things like sweaters, warm socks, wool blankets, and slippers. You don’t need to spend much money to do this, either.winter textiles on a couch
Go check your local thrift store for cozy items. I find all of my warm sweaters secondhand for less than $10.

Having warm and cozy items to use on a daily basis will bring you joy all winter long.
a winter vignette with vintage pieces

4. Pour Some Candles.

Candles are the just the coziest. There is just something about the warm glow of a candle on a cold night that is so comforting.

But you know what makes candles extra special? Pouring your own!
diy soy wax candles
This is a fantastic winter activity and I have a whole blog post on DIY Soy Wax candles dedicated to creating them.

This project is simple and inexpensive and will add extra cheerfulness to your home.
a vintage light with vintage books

5. Make Your Space Feel Warm.

Even though it’s cold outside doesn’t mean it can’t be warm inside!

By making your home as warm and cozy as humanly possible, you are creating a space that you can live joyfully in for winter.
wool Pendleton blanket
This can include things like warm lighting, candles, blankets, and plants.

Whatever ultra-cozy is for you, do that. This is hygge at it’s finest!
green plants inside for winter

6. Sip Hot Beverages.

The last idea on 6 ways to embrace winter is by drinking warm beverages. This idea is quintessentially winter, especially here in the Midwest.

Sipping on a hot cup of coffee or a freshly steeped warm tea gives you the oomph you need to keep moving.a hot cup of coffee
The adorable mug below is a vintage Longaberger mug that I paid .50 cents for at the thrift store!

Find a mug that you love and use it all winter for the life-giving warmth of a hot beverage.
a hot cup of tea in a vintage mug

Closing Tidbits

I hope that these 6 ways to embrace winter are an encouragement for you! Winter is all about practicing contentment and finding simple pleasures.

Try implementing just one idea of the hygge lifestyle and see how your mindset towards winter starts to shift. Embrace the here and now!

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Let me know in the comments below how you are choosing to embrace winter. I love hearing from you!

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6 ways to Embrace Winter

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