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How To Decorate A Spring Cloche

By Rachel

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Last Updated on March 26, 2024 by Rachel Granholm

Learn how to decorate a Spring cloche that mimics a mossy forest!

The inspiration for this post was to create a terrarium of sorts, reminiscent of an English cottage garden. With a recently acquired glass cloche dome, I set to work. Join me as I show you how to decorate a Spring cloche!

Budget-Friendly Spring Decor

The other day, as I was just wishing for green grass and flowers, an idea came to me. If there can’t be green outside yet, I can make my own Spring inside, so that’s just what I did.

Many of us are just craving Spring…it feels so close I can just taste it! An easy way to start slowly filtering Spring into your home is by styling a cloche.

This is actually the first time I’ve ever decorated with a cloche dome before, mainly because they are so expensive! However, after looking and looking for a reasonably priced glass cloche dome, I stumbled upon this one at Target for only $8.00! Just look at that pretty handle on top. I had nothing to lose at that price!

Come along as we learn how to decorate a Spring cloche!

a glass cloche dome

Cloche Decor with Spring Pastels

So, off I went, brainstorming how to use this cloche with decor pieces that I already had. Now, to preface this post, I will say this first go around at styling a cloche was not easy. 

The diameter of the cloche dome is small and I had such a hard time finding items that fit. Let me walk you through my process and share the struggles I had along the way but also the triumph of creating a piece of decor that I just love! I’ve done the hard work for you…learn how to decorate a Spring cloche…without the fuss!

Materials Used for DIY Spring Cloche

How To Decorate a Spring Cloche

Step 1: Choose a Base.

If you have a cloche dome that doesn’t come with a base, you get to choose one! I actually prefer this because you are able to coordinate the base with the theme of the cloche.

Some ideas for a base include vintage plates, wood rounds, or a cake stand.

For my base, I chose this vintage floral plate that I thrifted years ago for only .50 cents. It’s the perfect base for my cloche.

The colors on it are exactly what I had pictured in my head!

a thrifted vintage plate with flowers

The inspiration for my cloche was a mossy Spring forest, full of wildflowers, in the English countryside. Well, it just so happens that the marking on this plate suggests just that! It was meant to be 🙂

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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makers mark on the back of a vintage plate

Step 2: Find Items To Fit.

This was a challenge for me because I had to find items that fit not only on the plate itself but also within the diameter of the cloche.

I pulled items out from my Spring decor bin that I thought would work. This thrifted, vintage ceramic bird had to be used. I mean, how cute is it?!

a vintage ceramic bird on a vintage floral plate for a cloche display

Okay. Here’s where I started to struggle.

I wanted to use taller stems in the back to add height. Initially, I was going to put them in a small milk glass cup, as seen below.

vintage milk glass with yellow stems

However, this cup wouldn’t fit under the cloche with the bird. I needed something sturdy to hold up the stems so they wouldn’t fall over. I was at a loss because everything I was trying was too big!

Then, as I was rummaging around in my craft drawer, I happened upon this faux bird’s nest that I totally had forgotten about! I used it last Spring in my vintage floral door basket.

If this nest worked, it would totally complete the ‘English garden’ look that I was going for.

I tested the nest on the left side to see if it would hold up the stems if they were shoved underneath it.

To my surprise, it worked! Wahoo!

DIY cloche display

Step 3: Arrange Items.

Now that I had all of my items, I made sure that they were arranged to my liking.

This proved to be a little difficult for me because 1) I wanted the nest to be on it’s side and it kept wanting to not be, 2) The stems needed to be positioned just so and they weren’t cooperating and 3) It all had to look neat inside the cloche and not jumbled together.

With all that being said, patience really came in handy and in the end, I succeeded in the look I was going for!

a DIY Spring cloche with stems

Step 4: Add Moss.

For some texture and to add a bit more of that cottage feel, I decided to add some moss.

I had a whole bag of faux moss leftover from last Spring when I made moss balls and it’s just what I needed for my cloche.

faux moss for a DIY Spring cloche

Using only a tiny bit of moss at a time, I carefully lifted up the cloche, just enough to slide the moss underneath using only one finger.

add faux moss to a Spring cloche

It’s really up to you on the amount of moss you use. I just went with what looked pleasing to my eye and stopped when I felt there was enough moss.

I did use more moss on the right side than on the left, making it look a bit more realistic. Think of the moss that grows in the forest, like ground cover. It’s not even, so I tried to mimic that.

adding more faux moss to a Spring cloche

Also, by adding moss to the base, it covered up the ends of the billy ball stems, creating the illusion that the stems are growing right up out of the moss.

That was totally unplanned but I love it!

faux yellow stems in a Spring cloche

Step 5: Tie on a Ribbon.

After moving the cloche to the mantel for photos, there was something missing. A split second later, I knew exactly what it needed. Ribbon! I had this cream colored ribbon leftover from my winter decor.

The neutral color of it doesn’t take away from the scene itself. You could also use Spring-like colored ribbon such as light pink or sage green.

Doesn’t the ribbon make it feel complete? I purposely left the ribbon long so that it would hang down against the sides of the cloche. It creates a light and fresh feeling on this Spring decor.

a ribbon on a Spring cloche

Step 6: Display your Spring Cloche.

Phew! With all of that said and all of the struggles that came with styling my first ever cloche, it’s finished and I just adore it.

For display, I simply placed a small stack of blue vintage books on the mantel and set the cloche on top.

a Spring cloche displayed on a mantel with vintage books

For a small Spring vignette, I placed a small Ironstone plate next to the books and added one of my favorite Ironstone pitchers on top.

In combination with the antique mirror, each piece adds its own unique touch to the mantel, creating a unified Spring display that is full of character.

a Spring cloche displayed on a mantel with vintage books, Ironstone, and transferware

Other areas of a home that you could display a cloche can include:

a Spring cloche filled with moss, stems, and a bird's nest

Closing Tidbits on How to Decorate a Spring Cloche

It is my sincere hope that these ideas on how to decorate a Spring cloche are helpful for you! Glass cloche domes are such a fun home decor accessory and can be styled in so many different ways, especially as Spring decor.

They enable you to create a little scene inside, which, when, finished, is a total expression of your creativity. Be encouraged to try something new, finding meaning and joy along the way.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Let me know in the comments what other items you would like to include in a cloche display. I would love to know!

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a DIY Spring cloche with moss and a faux bird

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