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How To Create A Vignette Display

By Rachel

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Last Updated on November 17, 2023 by Rachel Granholm

Today I’m sharing a tutorial on how to create a vignette display!

Vignettes are so pretty. To me, vignettes are a way to pull all of your favorite things together and display them in one beautiful curation. I’m fairly new to creating vignettes in my home but feel like I’ve learned some important pointers that may help you. Follow along as I show you how to create a vignette display!

How To Create A Vignette Display

Start with a blank slate.

Each time you create a new vignette in your home, it’s helpful to start with a clean area. Take everything off, dust, and then put your base down. In my case, this vintage linen table runner is typically the base of all my vignettes due to it’s neutral color.

You could use other linens such as placemats, table cloths, or even extra fabric.

a vintage linen runner

Choose a theme or find an inspiration piece.

The theme of this vignette is my take on early spring.

It is currently dumping snow outside and I just can’t shift my mindset into full spring decor yet.

vintage books to use in a display

So, early spring decor for me consists of blues, greens, whites and creams with some subtle florals.

The vintage books above were my inspiration for this vignette. All three of the books came from the thrift store near my house and were $3.99 each. The colors of them are in the same palette of blues and greens.vintage books stacked for a display

Use coordinating colors.

Once you have your inspiration piece or theme, go through your house and pull things within the color scheme that you think might work for the vignette. I pulled vintage jars, enamelware, milk glass, bowls, pitchers, and figurines.

a vintage Japanese bird figurine
How adorable is this vintage Japanese bird?! The pieces you pull don’t have to match or ‘go’ together.

They only need to have the coordinating colors that you decided on. Once they are all put together in the display, each piece will feel complementary to one another.vintage jars and linens

Add height to the display.

Add in pieces that are taller. I don’t really have a rhyme or reason of how many tall pieces to use. Just go with what looks pleasing to you when you step back and look at it.
vintage hobnail milk glass used in a vignette
If you think a certain area of the display needs more height, try something there and see how it looks! Vignettes are flexible. You can always move things around again if you don’t like it.
vintage decor with faux greenery
If you don’t have any tall decor items, books can help with that! Use a few hard back books and stack them on top of each other, then place a few items on top of those. Wala! You have height!

You can also add height by placing large faux stems inside a vintage vessel. Greenery is the perfect item for adding height and color.
vintage decor used in a vignette

Utilize different textures.

In my opinion, texture is the element that can set a vignette over the top. Texture gives feeling to your display and makes it come alive.  By utilizing different textures in your vignette, you are also creating depth and contrast.

You can use items such as ribbon, faux flowers or greenery, pinecones, lace, or branches, just to name a few.
vintage decor used in a vignette display

Use an odd number of items.

A design tip that I learned a few years ago and one that I always stick to is to use an odd number of items.

I can’t tell you the science behind it…all I know is that it looks so much better to the eye than an even amount! In this vignette, 9 pieces of vintage decor were used.

As you can see, I used everything from milk glass to pottery to porcelain to enamelware, yet it all feels seamless and cohesive. The lace ribbon and faux florals tie it all together, making this early spring vignette feel complete!

There you have it! I hope this mini tutorial on how to create a vignette display was helpful for you. I think everyone creates vignettes in different ways and there really is no right or wrong way to do it.
a stack of vintage books with vintage copper

Vignettes can also be very inexpensive ways to decorate. Every piece in this early spring vignette I’ve either found at an antique store or the thrift store for just a few dollars. I also should mention that you don’t need to create big, extravagant vignettes either.
vintage books stacked on a mantel

Closing Tidbits

Small displays like the book stack and lamp shown above are just as beautiful with very minimal decor pieces used.  These little displays around my home bring me joy because I can pack in all of my lovely vintage finds in a small area. I hope you found encouragement here today. Let joy and creativity be your guide!

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Let me know in the comments if you create vignettes in your home and the types of pieces you use!

For more vignette inspiration, go say hello to Amber at Follow The Yellow Brick Home! She has such amazing content. Her love for vintage and antique decor is incredible!
vintage book used for height

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