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Vintage Winter Decor and Vignettes

By Rachel

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Last Updated on January 12, 2024 by Rachel Granholm

Vintage Winter decor and vignettes are neutral, cozy, and simple.

Winter is in full swing here in Minnesota. It is snowy and ridiculously cold and has me eagerly waiting for spring! If you want your home to feel like a Pendleton blanket and cup of hot coffee this season, vintage Winter decor and vignettes help to achieve just that!

Once the holiday decor comes down, my house tends to feel empty and a little sad as do I this time of year. But, this Winter I have given myself the challenge to embrace the cold season instead of fight with it. A cozy and warm home is the key to embracing this Winter season.

Winter Decorating with Blues, Greens, and Creamy Whites

The winter decor used throughout my home this year is a theme on blues, greens, and creamy whites as well as the use of brass and natural elements. The blue reminds me of ice and snow that is present this time of year.

The use of green offsets the cold feel of the blue and brings warmth and life.

Creamy whites are always a good idea, especially if vintage enamelware and milk glass can be used. The white color pairs beautifully with my brass candlesticks that I kept out after the holidays.

Natural elements, such as pinecones, help to bring in texture and tie everything together.
a vintage light stacked on top of vintage books

On the mantel, I wanted to keep it super minimal. This vintage light always lives here so I simply added two books and some pinecones.

The green book is a recent antique store find. It was $3 and I love how it adds such a pop of color to this space. Using books in varying sizes helps to achieve dimension in a small area like this.

Vintage Winter Decor and Vignettes

I’ve been playing around with creating vignettes over the past few months.

It is something that I truly find joy in because of the creative process involved.

a winter vintage vignette with brass and milk glass

For the use of vignettes in my winter decor, like the one above, I use pieces that complement each other.

I always make sure that I have enough height, balance, texture, and color within the display.
a small winter vignette with trees and a vintage jar
The brass, trees, and pinecones here bring in earthy elements and texture.

The white pieces help to soften the brass. Using a vintage linen runner as well as the lace ribbon on the tall tree add a feminine touch and tie the vignette together.

vintage enamelware and milk glass in a vignette

The vintage book of fly tying used here is light blue with a creamy white spine. It is the perfect addition to this vignette and helps to tie in the blues used in other parts of the house.

Really, what I’ve learned with creating vignettes, is to just play around with pieces that you have. It is such a fun process and makes your home feel completely ‘you’.

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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Re-Use Holiday Decor for Winter

I have never kept out holiday decorations after the holidays. Ever. Until now.

Obviously I put away the Santa’s and stockings and ornaments yet there were a few more subtle pieces that I decided to play around with.

an antique pitcher on top of books

Inspired by a few other bloggers, I decided to keep out all of my smaller, deep green colored trees.

To me, pine trees are the epitome of winter, especially here in Minnesota.

pine trees flocked with snow

One of my absolute favorite scenes is tall pine trees flocked in fresh snow. The picture above, taken while I was snowshoeing on the North Shore, was the inspiration that was in my head when using and decorating with my green trees. Isn’t that just majestic?!

Anyways, I found that using trees without any holiday theme attached to them brings life and coziness to my home.

a vintage scene using trees

Colored Glass for Winter

This shelf is really where the blues come into play.

Over the years I have collected various types of blue and white glass.

blue and white vintage glass used as winter decor

I decided to pair that glass with my milk glass for a vintage take on snow and ice.

It felt a bit cold so I simply added a stick of faux velvet greenery for warmth.

vintage hobnail glass

Linens for Winter Decorating

I hold a very special place in my heart for vintage linens and are always included in my home.

Brimming with character, linens usher in softness.

vintage linen tablecloth with scalloped edges

The blue and white colors on my vintage tablecloth paired with the delicate lace and scalloped trim make it the perfect piece to use for Winter.

vintage linen placemats

Vintage placemats also make for beautiful winter decor to use on your table.

I recently found these white linen placemats at antique store. Envisioning them on my table for winter paired with the tablecloth, I knew they had to come home with me. The lace around the edges reminds me of a snowflake!

Winter Decorating with Thrifted Art

Being a lover of vintage art, I have a collection of barn pictures. Many of them happen to be of winter scenes, as seen in the two pictured below.

Vintage art is extremely special because there are only a handful of each art piece. The vibrancy of the colors makes me happy, especially during the Winter months.

I just adore the character that vintage art brings to the walls of my home.

vintage winter barn pictures

Winter Decorating with Cozy Textiles

The use of textiles, especially in the winter, ushers in a cozy atmosphere. My favorite textile fabrics to use during the winter months are wool and corduroy.

There is nothing cozier than coming in from the cold and curling up in a large wool blanket. My corduroy pillows are so soft and almost velvety.

Using textiles rich in character during the cold season is like your home wrapping you in a big hug!

winter textiles on a couch

Closing Tidbits on Vintage Winter Decor and Vignettes

My hope for you is that you can pull small snippets from my vintage winter decor and vignettes. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming when looking at home decor options.

Just start small. Change one little thing in your home to make it feel more warm and cozy for winter, however that is for you. Embrace the season and everything that comes along with it.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Let me know in the comments below how you decorate your home for Winter!

an image for pinning

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vintage decor used for Winter

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