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Vintage Fall Basket Vignette

By Rachel

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Last Updated on November 17, 2023 by Rachel Granholm

This vintage fall basket vignette is so cozy for fall!

I am beyond grateful to be joining an incredible group of bloggers today for this ‘Welcome Autumn On A Tray’ blog tour hosted by Katherine from Katherine’s Corner! If you are new here, I’m Rachel, the blogger and content creator here at The Antiqued Journey. I’m so happy to have you! I invite you to stop by the ‘about me’ page to get to know me a little more.

Here on the blog, you will find loads of inspiration for decorating with vintage and antique decor, simple DIY crafts, and many thrifting adventures. Vintage decor speaks to my soul and I love to decorate with it throughout my home. For my part on this blog hop, I’m sharing a simple and affordable vintage fall basket vignette!

If you found your way here from Rachelle at My Hubbard Home, welcome! I admire Rachelle and her beautiful decor and styling. Wasn’t her tray just fabulous?

I love to use vintage pieces in seasonal vignettes. For me, vintage decor is the type of thing that never gets old. Because of the age of these pieces, they are full of rich patina and character, giving each piece a timeless charm.

By incorporating vintage decor in your space, you can achieve a one-of-a-kind home that is special and unique to you. It’s a comforting feeling for me to know that I get to carry on the story of each vintage piece that has found it’s way into my heart.

A Vintage Fall Basket Vignette

As I was thinking about this autumn on a tray post, I envisioned a basket full of rich colors and lots of texture. So, I reached for my favorite thrifted basket! The color of the wood on it is so gorgeous and the handle is perfectly curved, allowing space for taller items.

The sides of the basket tuck everything in so nicely as well.

a vintage basket full of vintage fall decor

As with all of my vignettes, I start with a neutral base. That can include vintage books, plates, wood rounds, or anything that gives a solid foundation. For this particular vignette, I started with a large cream colored book in the bottom of the basket.

This helps with things not falling through the holes as well as gives some height to the display.

a vintage book in a vintage basket

Along the back of the basket, I placed a thrifted vintage Ironstone platter. Having this neutral platter in the background helps to achieve cohesion and uniformity throughout the vignette.

a vintage basket in fall colors used in a fall basket vignette

Then, on the right side, I added another vintage book in a fall color. I knew that this side was going to need a little more height, so adding another book helped to balance out the left side.

If you are new to vintage decor or are looking for vintage books, I find all of my books either from thrift shops or antique stores. Sometimes people ask about fair pricing for things. Honestly it really varies by where you live, but I don’t usually spend more than $4 per book.

vintage books used in a fall vignette

Next, I started to add in taller pieces to help create depth. I pulled from decor that I already had and used them in the middle of the vignette. These items include a vintage amber vase and a thrifted transferware vase.

I chose to use these pieces because of the fall feeling that they bring to the display. Brown transferware and amber are, in my opinion, quintessentially fall.

an antique transferware vase for fall

In each of those vases, I added a faux stem. I chose to use stems that complemented the colors that were already present in the vignette. You could opt to use real stems here as well, such as leaf branches, sticks, or dried flowers from your yard.

Other textures that work well for fall include wheat stems, pampas grass, or feathers.

a vintage fall basket vignette

In the front of the display, I added smaller pieces that give a lower profile. The vintage barn plate that you see here came from the same thrift store as the Ironstone platter.

It’s the perfect addition to this vignette due to the scenery on the plate itself. The olive green color pairs beautifully with the amber and copper colored hues that are present throughout the display.

a vintage plate with acorns and pumpkins in a fall vignette

Then, I added in a piece plaid fabric that was leftover from a project. I lightly scrunched it around the base of the vases.

You could also use a plaid scarf, a linen, or a small plaid blanket as well.

a vintage basket filled with faux pumpkins

On top of the fabric, I then placed a variety of faux pumpkins. There are some velvet pumpkins mixed in with some white faux pumpkins. I stuck to an odd number of pumpkins because that is more pleasing to my eye than an even number.

The beauty about creating a vignette is that there is not a rule book or a set of boundaries that you need to follow. This is a super creative process, letting your heart and your own creative know-how take the lead.

And, if you don’t like how something looks, take it back out and keep moving things around until you are happy with it!

faux pumpkins and acorns used in a fall vignette

The last step for this basket vignette is to add in some natural textures. At the time I made this, there were not enough acorns on the ground yet, so I picked up a bag of faux acorns and pinecones from Hobby Lobby.

faux acorns for a fall display

I think the colors on these acorns are so lovely and pair well with the rest of the display. I simply sprinkled them across the top of the fabric, making sure to get them all the way around the basket, including in the lower areas and small crevices throughout.

faux pumpkins and acorns in a fall display

That concludes the process of how I put this fall vignette together. Once you start creating vignettes, you will want to keep making more! The possibilities are endless, especially when using thrifted and vintage decor.

Closing Tidbits

I sincerely hope this vintage fall basket vignette is an encouragement for you! Creating a beautiful home truly doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive. Sourcing vintage and thrifted decor to use in vignettes is special because each piece has a story. These old items are rich in character and full of beauty because they are imperfect. I’m drawn to old things because they do have flaws yet are so charming and perfect in their own way.

Fall is such a magical time of year, a beautiful time for rest and renewal. I urge you to find beauty in the imperfection, knowing that it’s all part of  your story. Be encouraged to bring it all along, giving yourself grace and finding joy as you go.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Next up on this ‘Welcome Autumn On a Tray Tour’ is Bev at Eclectic Red Barn. She always has wonderful ideas and inspiration to share. Head on over to her blog and continue the fall fun!

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a vintage basket filled with fall decor in a vignette

If you are new here, I’m Rachel, the writer and content creator here at The Antiqued Journey. I’m so happy to have you! I encourage you to stop by the ‘about me’ page to get to know me a little more. Here on the blog, you will find loads of inspiration for decorating with vintage and antique decor, simple DIY crafts and many thrifting adventures. If that interests you, I invite you to sign up for my e-mail. You will receive a free digital download as a thank you!

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