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Easy Sunflower Tablescape

By Rachel

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Last Updated on January 20, 2024 by Rachel Granholm

Celebrate the last few weeks of Summer with this easy sunflower tablescape!

As we start to wind down the Summer season, it’s like the bright yellow sunflower petals, with their striking black centers, are giving thanks for the beauty of Summer and welcoming the upcoming Fall season with open arms. Today, I wanted to share a simple yet elegant table that I put together using thrifted and dollar store items. Join me for this easy sunflower tablescape!

I drove by a house the other day that had a large garden, packed with the most gorgeous sunflowers, and they were taller than the house itself! That split second scene made me so happy. They brought such cheer to my day and I wanted to pass it along to you!

Sunflower Decor

I lean towards a more minimal look when styling a table. It has to be practical to be able to have enough room for a water pitcher and serving dishes. I also don’t want my family or guests to have to dig and remove all kinds of extra dishes just to get to their napkin!

By incorporating loads of texture and color through the use of simple accessories, your table can become an extraordinary piece of art that everyone will enjoy.

Whether you are having an ordinary weeknight dinner for two, a tea time garden party or a large birthday bash, this simple sunflower tablescape has you covered!

Items and Supplies

Easy Sunflower Tablescape

Here, I’ll walk you through the steps I used to create my table display. Use these ideas as a starting point to help get you going. If you want to add more more or use less, totally do that!

The Base

Let’s start with the base of the display.

First, I placed a neutral colored linen table runner down the center of my table. It has a very simple yet elegant texture to it from the embroidery, giving life to the foundation of the tablescape.

a vintage linen table runner used for sunflower tablescape

Then, to help ground the table settings, I placed a jute placemat at each one.

I found this whole pack of 4 at the thrift store earlier this Summer for just $1.00! Aren’t the scalloped edges so pretty?!

thrifted jute placemats for a Sunflower tablescape


Let’s move on to the napkins.

I already had these linen napkins and thought they paired perfectly with the placemats.

linen napkins for a sunflower tablescape

To create really simple sunflower themed napkins, I first rolled the napkins.

Then, I tied a yellow-ish gold color ribbon around each one.

a linen napkin tied with a gold ribbon for a Sunflower tablescape

I found these adorable paper sunflowers at the dollar store and bought 4 packs. They came with wire attached to the back, which made them super easy to use for the napkins.

miniature paper sunflowers for a sunflower tablescape

To finish off the napkins, I stuck one paper sunflower into the top of each ribbon. Voila! Happy little napkins 🙂

a sunflower themed napkin created for a Sunflower tablescape

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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Place Settings

I kept the place settings extremely simple and minimal, allowing each part of the table display speak for itself.

To start, I placed a brass colored charger at each spot.

Then, I placed my thrifted white dishes on each charger, including a dinner plate and a salad plate.

thrifted white dishes used for a Sunflower tablescape

Next, I placed a sunflower napkin on top of each plate.

a sunflower themed napkin for a Sunflower tablescape

For a bold pop of color, I used these cobalt blue goblets. My mother-in-law gifted these to me years ago!

The blue is such a lovely contrast against the mostly neutral color palette.

vintage blue goblets used for a Sunflower tablescape

Sunflower Centerpiece

Now for my favorite part…styling the centerpiece! This is the part of the tablescape that I spent the most time on because it really sets the feel and theme of the table as a whole.

I first placed this thrifted shallow ironstone bowl in the middle of the table.

a vintage thrifted ironstone bowl for a sunflower tablescape

Next, using this gorgeous ironstone pitcher that I recently acquired from an antique store, I arranged a small bouquet of faux sunflowers and mums. I snipped the stems until they were the correct height and then placed each stem in one at a time, filling in any small gaps along the way.

The pitcher was then set in the ironstone bowl.

faux sunflowers and mums used in a vintage ironstone pitcher for a centerpiece

All of the stems you see were on super sale at Michael’s back in July so I scooped them up, knowing I would need them within the month!

Decorating Tip: If you come across sales for seasonal decor, jump on them, even if you are buying Fall items in June! You won’t regret it.

a floral centerpiece using faux sunflower and mums

Then, for the last step, I added two faux pillar candles. But, I wanted to ‘zhuzh’ them up a bit, making them feel more connected to the overall theme.

So, that’s just what I did!

First, I wrapped two pieces of the same yellow ribbon around each candle and secured with clear tape.

two faux pillar candles wrapped with gold ribbon

Next, I rolled clear scotch tape and adhered it to the sunflowers, then gently secured them onto each candle.

tape and paper sunflowers for a candle centerpiece

I formed a band right around the middle of each candle, being very gentle as to not dent the wax coating on the candles themselves.

paper sunflowers attached to faux pillar candles for a centerpiece

Once I had them both complete, I turned them on to see how they looked on the table!

a faux pillar candle lit up on a sunflower themed table

This centerpiece is the furthest thing from fancy but that makes me love it even more.

The best part is that everything used is easy to take apart and re-use for a different craft or decor item!

a sunflower centerpiece with vintage ironstone

Finished Sunflower Tablescape

With that, my late Summer table is complete! I adore how it turned out.

All of the earthy and rustic textures paired with the yellow helped achieve a joyful aesthetic.

a sunflower themed tablescape for late Summer

The juxtaposition of the bright blue against the tan’s and white’s makes me so happy.

Layering and mixing neutrals with one or two bold colors creates beautiful contrast, especially on a tablescape.

a sunflower themed table for late Summer

This would be such a lovely theme to use for a bridal shower, baby shower, tea party or a birthday bash.

You can also apply the same principles to create a vignette or small themed sunflower display on a shelf in your home!

faux sunflowers in a vintage ironstone pitcher

Closing Tidbits

I truly hope that this easy sunflower tablescape inspires you to take a cue from the sunflower and create something cheerful! Happiness is contagious and Lord knows we could all use a little extra of that these days. However you choose to use this sunflower theme, my wish is that you will pass along the same joy that I have shared with you today. Be encouraged to spread positivity and kindness, finding a sense of wonder along the way.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Leave me a comment! Do you love to decorate with sunflowers? How do you celebrate the last few weeks of Summer? I love hearing from you!

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a sunflower themed tablescape with a centerpiece and table settings

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