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Vintage Café Creamer Decor Ideas

By Rachel

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Last Updated on December 31, 2023 by Rachel Granholm

Add a splash of charm to your home with these vintage café creamer decor ideas!

Are you looking for some creative ways to spruce up your home? Whether you’re looking to bring a touch of retro pizzaz to your home or just want to show off your collection, follow along as we explore the many different ways to creatively incorporate them into your spaces with these vintage café creamer decor ideas!

Imagine how lovely your shelves and countertops would look with some of the most iconic pieces from the creamer revival of the 1950’s. Adding vintage creamers to your home will give it a unique and beautiful flair while infusing character into each space.

Where to Find Vintage Café Creamers

Let’s start off by briefly talking about where you can find these cute old creamers.

Speaking from experience, I have had the most luck stumbling upon them at antique shops. Some vintage stores will only have a few and other shops will have an abundance. It just depends on where you are shopping and what other customer’s are buying.

With that being said, I have come across a few of the creamers in my collection at a local thrift store. Because these items are very collectible, they will be scooped up at thrift shops quickly. So, as I have said before, go to the thrift stores often to have the best luck finding good stuff.

Other places you can look for café creamers include Facebook Marketplace, Mercari, estate sales or garage sales.

How Much To Pay for Vintage Café Creamers

I always tell people that the price for vintage items is all relative. For me personally, $5.00 is the most I will pay for a miniature vintage creamer. Anything above that price point is too high for me to justify paying.

a vintage striped cafe creamer with a jadeite bowl

However, if you come across one that you just love and can’t live without that’s priced higher than it should be, it’s probably worth purchasing.

This is especially true if you know exactly where you are going to use it or display it in your home. So, know what’s fair but also do what feels right to you at the time.

Vintage Café Creamer Decor Ideas

Quick story time. So, a little over a month ago, we were antiquing our way to an out-of-town wedding. Hubby and I stopped at a handful of vintage stores and, within an hour’s time, I acquired a substantial collection of vintage café creamers.

I don’t know what it was about that particular day or the shops we went to but I was seeing them everywhere!  They were all between $3-$5.00 and I couldn’t stop buying them.  So now, I have a lovely little assortment, of which I just adore.

With various themes, sizes, colors, and shapes, vintage café creamers can be reimagined in an array of combinations. Join me as I show you some easy ways of styling and decorating with cutie little vintage creamers!

a miniature German cafe creamer styled with a vintage butter pat

Style Into a Shelf Vignette

My favorite way of decorating with vintage creamers is by styling them into shelf vignettes. Start by arranging all of the larger decor pieces, then, for a dose of vintage charm, place a small creamer or two in front.

This super tiny creamer, which I found at a thrift store for $3.00, is the perfect size for filling in gaps or open spaces.

a miniature green and cream creamer styled into a Fall vignette

For Fall, I paired a small green striped creamer and red floral patterned creamer with plaid, milk glass, and moody colors.

The juxtaposition of patterns, heights, and colors creates movement and brings the shelf to life.

Why decorate with the same old items that everyone else has?! Instead, bring a creative and unique spin to your home through the use of vintage creamers and other thrifted decor pieces!

a miniature vintage red floral creamer styled in a Fall shelf display

Arrange as Hutch Decor

Small vintage creamers also make adorable hutch decor. When decorating a hutch with creamers, I stick to using an odd number of items. I will say this method takes some practice. When I first started styling this hutch, I felt like everything was floating around without any sense of cohesion.

However, through much trial and error, I’ve learned a few key hutch decorating elements.

For example, the green striped creamer below is paired with three vintage vases and vessels of varying heights and a vintage barn print, making a grouping of five decor pieces.

Can you kind of see how that looks more pleasing to the eyes than using an even number of decor items?  a vintage cafe creamer styled into a hutch for Fall

I’ve also learned that I like to lay a linen underneath small items, especially in a hutch.

Using a vintage table runner or other linen allows the display to feel grounded and balanced. This helps creamers and other smaller decor pieces to not get lost amongst the large-scale furniture piece.

a cream colored cafe creamer with a faux wheat stem

You can also place a small bowl or butter pat underneath a vintage creamer to give it more substance and weight.

I did this recently in my Fall hutch display by using a vintage butter pat as a base for a miniature Bavarian creamer. I found both of these items at an antique store recently, in different booths, but they fit perfectly together!

Lastly, if you find yourself with a mostly white palette, infuse some color into the hutch by using natural items such as orange pumpkins, wooden elements or floral stems.

a miniature ironstone creamer with a faux pumpkin

Display In a Cubby Shelf

Another fun way to decorate with vintage creamers is to display them in a cubby-style shelf. I found this shelf at a thrift store years ago for $5.00 and it’s the best piece to style small items on!

a green striped cafe creamer in a cubby shelf

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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Café creamers, sugar dishes, or small cups are some of the vintage items that I decorate with on this type of shelf.

My dream would be to have a vintage crate with individual cubby holes that I could hang on the wall so that my whole creamer collection could be displayed in one place but this works just fine for now!

a thrifted wooden cubby shelf styled with vintage cafe creamers in a kitchen

Use In a Basket Display

For an unexpected decor option, arrange a vignette inside of a basket and add a vintage creamer to it!

An easy way to accomplish this is to stack a few books in the bottom of a basket. Then, add items such as a platter, vase or other smaller vessels, a linen and finish it off by adding a small creamer in the front.

an antique cafe creamer styled in a basket vignette

Utilize Creamers as Seasonal Decor

Lastly, I want to mention that you can use vintage creamers all year round and for each season. By giving them simple tweaks for the different times of year, each creamer can take on a whole new look in a matter of seconds!

For Fall, pop a small stem of dried leaves into it.

a vintage, thrifted striped cafe creamer with gold leaves for Fall

To welcome Spring, try placing a creamer alongside a floral linen and a vintage book.

a thrifted ribbed creamer with a vintage linen

For Summer, place a piece of seasonal art behind a vintage creamer.

Add in other decor in similar hues as the creamer so that it all feels harmonious.

a vintage scene of milk glass and creamers in a hutch

Closing Tidbits for Vintage Café Creamer Decor Ideas

With that, I hope these vintage café creamer decor ideas bring you newfound inspiration and are eager to decorate with them. Old creamers are just plain cute and can be utilized in so many ways. They bring a hint of charm to a room while adding a special, nostalgic touch.

Incorporating vintage café creamers is an easy, yet impactful way to decorate your home in a one-of-a-kind manner. Be encouraged to find new ways of doing things while carrying an open mind and heart along the way.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Leave me a comment! Are vintage creamers fun for you to find, as well? I love hearing from you!

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a vintage red floral creamer styled in a Fall vignette

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