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Thrifted Goodies Volume 16-A Vintage Thrift Haul

By Rachel

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Last Updated on April 19, 2024 by Rachel Granholm

Let’s go thrifting! Come see what I found in thrifted goodies volume 16- a vintage thrift haul!

Thrift shopping is not only an effective way to source unique items but it’s also an enjoyable and creative activity. Thrifted goodies volume 16- a vintage thrift haul dives deep into the world of vintage thrifting. As a self-proclaimed thrifting enthusiast, my goal is to share easy tips and tricks so that you can have success at thrifting, as well! Come along as I share my latest finds and how they are styled in my home for the season.

Thrifting for Home Decor

You are in for a treat today because, once again, we are bringing you triple the thrifting! I am so happy to have you back for our monthly thrifting series here on the blog. This month, we’ve invited our blogger and thrifty friend Donna to join in the fun!

Together, the three of us are bringing you three different thrift posts and ways to use thrifted decor in your home. Below, you will find links to both of their posts. Head over to their blogs as well and say hello! You may find just the thing you were looking for.

My thrifty friend and partner in this series, MaryJo from Masterpieces of my Life, is sharing some budget-friendly Thanksgiving decorating tips. She always has the best ideas, especially when it comes to hosting!

a thrifted Thanksgiving cornucopia from Master'pieces' of my Life

Our friend and guest this month is Donna from the blog An Organized Season. She is sharing a fun thrift haul for Fall! You won’t believe what she found!

thrifted decor from An Organized Season

How to Find Vintage Decor at Thrift Stores

Let’s briefly touch on this because I get many questions about it. There is not just ‘one thing’ that helps me to be an effective thrift shopper and, honestly, a lot of it is luck.

However, I do have a few tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years. This post, 4 Tips for Thrifting Vintage Home Decor, dives deep into how you can be successful at it. Check it out if you are needing some quick thrifty advice!

Thrifted Goodies Volume 16- A Vintage Thrift Haul

Okay, guys. Let’s get into this month’s pretty vintage finds! I’ve been able to source some amazing pieces of home decor and I can’t wait to share them with you. So, without further ado, here we go!

2 Green Striped Plates

First up are these two vintage plates. I found the bottom one at my local thrift store then, a few days later, found almost an exact match at a completely different thrift store! What are the odds?!

I paid around $1.00 for each of them. One of them is Buffalo China and one is ‘The Bailey Walker’ Vietnam, which I’ve never actually heard of before.

two vintage green striped Buffalo China plates

I love to collect small scale dishes such as these plates. They can serve many functions when decorating and are super helpful for filling in empty spaces in vignettes.

Below are some ideas for styling small vintage plates:

  • Stack them
  • Place them in a background
  • Use them in a basket vignette
  • Hang a number of them on a wall

In my opinion, you can’t go wrong on a $2.00 purchase when it is something that can be used in a variety of ways.

a vintage green striped Buffalo china plate in a hutch

Green is a color that I use in my decor all year round, which is another reason why these plates spoke to me. I can style them into my hutch, vignettes and other displays around my house for Christmas, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall!

For now, I have them stacked together in my hutch. Mixed with browns and creams, the green is a welcome pop of color.

a vintage thrifted plate with green stripes

Vintage Red Tole Lamp

The next item on the list is this pretty vintage lamp!

I had been looking for a lamp to put on our office desk. Initially I wanted a green one but this one caught my eye on the shelf of my favorite thrift store. I texted a photo of it to hubby to see if he approved and he did! The best part is that I only paid $6 for it!

a vintage red toile lamp on a desk

Lamps are one of my favorite pieces of home decor to thrift. Not only are they super affordable, being like 75% of retail price, but vintage lamps also have so much character that modern day lamps don’t.

The tole lampshade is my favorite part. Isn’t that just so cute?! It literally is the perfect size lamp to sit in the middle of our shared desk space.

So, guys! If you are on the hunt for lighting, don’t forget to check the lamp section at the thrift store! It may yield just the thing you are looking for.

a vintage tin lamp shade

Small Green Enamel Teapot

You guys. I have been looking so long for a green enamel teapot of this size. Don’t get me wrong…I have come across plenty but they all have been priced much too high.

We were perusing an out-of-town antique store a few weeks ago and my laser beam eyes zeroed in on this teapot from across the store. In my head I was thinking “please be under $10, please be under $10…” I scooped it up to check the price and it was only $4.50!! Wahoo!

It does have a small hole in the bottom and is pretty crusty but that doesn’t bother me in the least. It’s the most perfect addition to my vintage enamelware collection and it’s green, enabling me to use it for decorating all year round!

a vintage green enamel teapot styled in a hutch

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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Antique Lutheran Hymnal

When I was digging through the vintage book section at a local thrift store, I was not expecting to find an antique hymnal from the 1940’s. I kind of gasped when I turned it over, not only from what it was but also that the price was only $3.99. This was a very exciting find!

I haven’t done any research but I believe that this hymnal has quite the story behind it.

a thrifted 1940's Lutheran Hymnal

You see, the inside front cover contains old Japanese writing. Seeing that the copyright on this specific hymnal is from 1941, that’s right around the time of D-Day and when all of the Japanese American’s were in Japan. Could this have been from one of them? It’s super intriguing to me.

Japanese writing in a thrifted Lutheran hymnal

On the inside cover opposite the Japanese writing is this stamp. The stamp shows that this hymnal is from Tokyo Lutheran Center in Tokyo, Japan which could be another piece to the puzzle.

It’s just crazy to me how this ended up at a thrift store in Minnesota!

a Lutheran hymnal from Kyoto, Japan

The hymn pages have beautiful ware to them. They are yellow-ing a little with some pages containing a few pencil writings.

I just think it’s so cool to own a piece of history. Who knows where this hymnal started but I’m so happy it ended up in my hands.

inside pages of a thrifted and antique Lutheran hymnal

Vintage Ironstone Pitcher

This next piece is one of my favorites I’ve ever found.

When we were down in Southern Minnesota a few months ago, we stopped into an antique mall. This place is massive and usually takes me over an hour to make my way through it.

I was doing my second lap around, in the opposite direction, and spotted this pitcher perched up on a shelf. I didn’t see it the first time around (which is why I always say to do two laps) and it really caught my eye.

I’ve never come across an ironstone pitcher in this small size and with all of the detail around the middle. It was priced at $30, which is way more than I would normally pay, but I had to have it.

a vintage Ironstone pitcher with orange Fall stems on a table

After I scooped it up off the shelf, I knew instantly it would be the perfect piece to use as a centerpiece on my dining table.

The ironstone bowl that it sits on, which I found at a thrift store on a completely different day, is the perfect little basin for the pitcher to sit in, making the whole display feel grounded. I added some sage green Eucalyptus and orange faux stems to it for the Fall season.

This vintage pitcher is going to be a staple in my decor for many years to come!

a thrifted vintage Ironstone pitcher on a table as a centerpiece

Antique German Birthday Book

We are going to round at this thrift haul with the coolest thing that’s ever been found. I need to give my hubby credit for finding this because he’s the one that spotted it, not me 🙂

This, my friends, is a German birthday book from the 1800’s, making it the oldest thing that I own! Obviously it’s very old, which you can see from the cover. Antique items such as this are going to show many signs of wear but I think that’s what makes them so beautiful.

The writing is all in German and I can’t read that language but basically it’s like a ledger or log for writing down birth dates of family and friends. There is one page for each day of the year.

an antique German birthday book

This book has the prettiest spine on it. The little detailing from the gold stripes and those little leaves is just amazing!

The spine itself is in rough shape and starting to fall apart so I need to be super careful when I’m turning the pages.

German birthday book found at an antique store

You may or may not know that ancestors on my both sides of my family immigrated from Germany, making my heritage 100% German. While I was flipping through the pages, the last name ‘Schmidt’ came up more than once. That’s my mom’s maiden name so who knows if they are distant relatives!

My mom has many cousins who are farmers in North Dakota and know everyone. I am going to get in contact with them to see if they happen to recognize any of the people listed in this book. Wouldn’t that be something?!

October pages of a German antique birthday book

My plan for it is to style it in my hutch and have it open to one of the pages for the month that we are in. So, currently, I have it open to an October page.

I’m over the moon to be the caretaker of this antique book. It’s so cool how pieces such as this book cross paths with the people that need it most. I always say that things like this find you, you don’t find it.

an antique German birthday book displayed in a hutch

Closing Tidbits on Thrifted Goodies Volume 16- A Vintage Thrift Haul

It is my sincere hope that you enjoyed this thrifted goodies volume 16- a vintage thrift haul and found inspiration for sourcing vintage wares at thrift stores. Remember that buying vintage decor is more than just an item – it’s an experience that can bring joy to your home.

We can all learn to shop smarter by embracing the beauty of vintage thrifting. It takes patience and an eye for detail, but the rewards can be great – for your wallet and for the planet. Be encouraged to find unique items that speak to you, finding joy along the way.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Leave me a comment! Do you love to go thrifting? What do you look for? I love hearing from you!

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vintage decor and an antique birthday book styled in a hutch

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