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DIY Wooden Rosette Pumpkins

By Rachel

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Last Updated on September 28, 2023 by Rachel Granholm

Learn how to make DIY wooden rosette pumpkins!

It’s time for a new craft project! I was reading one of my favorite magazines earlier this month and there was a whole section in there about fall crafts. Those few magazine pages inspired these DIY wooden rosette pumpkins that I’m sharing today.

You guys, this is one of my favorite decor projects that I’ve ever done. It’s extremely easy with minimal materials needed, making this craft very affordable. This little trio of pumpkins brings such fall cheer to your home. Follow along as I show you how to make them!

Posts on theantiquedjourney.com may contain affiliate links. Click HERE for my full disclosure.

This delightful fall craft took about two hours to complete from start to finish. You can find inexpensive supplies for this project from thrift stores or the dollar store. Look for weekly sales at your local craft store as well. All in, I only spent $8.00 on supplies for this craft!

The two smaller rosettes I found at my local thrift store for .99 cents a piece, saving me at least $8.00. I’m super excited to share how to make these with you so let’s jump into it!

Materials Needed for DIY Wooden Rosette Pumpkins

  • 3 wooden rosettes ( 1 large, about 4.5 inches and 2 small, about 3 inches )
  • sticks or twigs
  • craft paint in white, brown, green, yellow, or orange
  • thin ribbon
  • 3 paint brushes
  • paper plate
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • sandpaper
  • work surface cover such as paper towels or an old sheet or towel

*Before you start, go outside and find some small sticks or twigs of varying thicknesses that you can use for the stems. You will need 3 in total.*

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Instructions for DIY Wooden Rosette Pumpkins

Paint the Rosettes.

The first thing to do is wipe the rosettes down with a damp towel or rag to remove any debris.

Then, decide which paint colors you would like to use. Any color goes! It’s up to you as to how you want your pumpkins to look, so you do you!

I chose neutral colors in fall hues. The easiest way I have found to use my craft paints is to squeeze a dollop onto a paper plate. It’s durable and makes for easy clean up!
white craft paint on a paper plate
It doesn’t matter which rosette you start with. I started with the larger rosette and used my favorite white color of craft paint.

I did one coat of paint on this one, then as it was drying, moved on to the next rosette.
painting a wooden rosette with white craft paint
For the first smaller rosette, I chose a pretty olive green color. It ties in with my fall decor this season and reminds me of those heirloom pumpkins you can find at Trader Joe’s!

Again, I gave this one a first coat then let it dry and moved on to the third rosette.olive green paint on a wooden rosette
For the last rosette, I mixed brown, yellow, orange, and white craft paint to try and get a copper-like tone.

It took some mixing to get the color I wanted but succeeded in the end!
mixing paint on a paper plate
Each rosette needed two coats of paint to achieve the look I was going for. You might need to do only one coat but you also may need three coats. It all depends on the type of wood it is and the look you are after.

You can paint the back of each rosette if you like, which is what I did, but this step is not necessary if you are short on time.
a wooden rosette painted in a green shade for fall

Let the Rosettes Dry.

After you have finished painting, you need to let the wooden rosettes dry completely. I left them to dry for around an hour.
wooden rosette with green paint dry

Distress the Edges.

The next step is to distress the edges of each rosette. You can use any grit of sandpaper to do this. All I had on hand was 150 grit and that worked just fine.

There is really no rhyme or reason to this process. I sanded each edge and corner first until I had my desired look. You can sand less or more depending on your preference.
a wooden rosette painted green with sanded edges
Once the edges were sanded, I moved to the front of the rosette. Again, sand as lightly or as thick as you would like.

Repeat this same process with the other rosettes.

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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Tip: Plug in your hot glue gun now so that it’s hot enough for the next step!
sanded green rosette

Break the Stick to Size.

With the sticks that you found earlier, you are going to break each one so they are a stem-like size, however that is for you. Everyone envisions things differently!

As an example, I used part of the twig below for my green rosette.

Tip: You don’t want the stem to be too tall otherwise it won’t stay upright. Also, if you can find a twig that has a bend or curve in it to use as one of the stems, it makes the rosette really come to life!
a twig used for a pumpkin stem
I twisted the bottom part until it came detached from the rest of the stick.

Then, I pulled small bark pieces off of the bottom of it so that the stick would sit semi-flat on the rosette.
cut twig small to make a pumpkin stem

Glue the Stem.

Then, to adhere the stem that you just prepared, squeeze a little dab of hot glue right on the top of the rosette.

a dab of hot glue on a wooden rosette to make a pumpkin
Place the stick on the hot glue and hold for about 10 seconds.

a twig used as a stem on a wooden rosette to make a pumpkin
If the stick stays in place without you holding onto it, you are good to go!

a stick glued to a wooden rosette for a pumpkin
Repeat this same process with the other two rosettes.

To mix it up, try using sticks that are fat as well for a ‘squattier’ looking pumpkin. I did this with the white rosette as seen below.
a fat stick glued to a wooden rosette to make a pumpkin
Here is the stick for the brown rosette. It is super crooked and gnarly, making it the perfect stem for a pumpkin!

a crooked stick used as a stem on a wooden rosette pumpkin

Cut the Ribbon.

The next step is to cut the ribbon. I cut a piece that was roughly 3 inches long.
plaid ribbon to use on a wooden pumpkin

Tie the Ribbon On.

Take that ribbon that you just cut and tie it around the stem of the pumpkin.

You can either tie it once or tie it around twice to create a knot.
a plaid ribbon tied around a stick on a wooden rosette pumpkin
If the ribbon is too long for your taste, simply take a scissors and trim each end. Repeat this same process for the other two rosettes.

It’s fun if you use two or even three different kinds of ribbon. I used a lace ribbon on the brown rosette.

The mix of the plaid and lace ribbon is so lovely!
cutting a ribbon to length on a stick pumpkin

Display the Pumpkins.

You have a finished trio of wooden rosette pumpkins!

a trio of DIY Wooden Rosette Pumpkins
These beauties can be displayed just about anywhere.

Try them on a mantel, on an entryway table, placed into a vignette, or all by themselves!

I simply placed some eucalyptus stems in and around them for a pretty fall display on my dresser.

a trio of DIY Wooden rosette pumpkins displayed with some eucalyptus

Closing Tidbits

Isn’t that just so fun?! I hope this encourages you to create these DIY wooden rosette pumpkins for fall! These pumpkins can really mesh well with any decor style. The clean lines lean more modern yet the rosette itself makes me think of an old vintage farmhouse. By being able to customize the paint colors as well as the ribbon, you will be able to create a set of rosette pumpkins that fit your style, your home, and most importantly, your heart.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Let me know in the comments below what colors you would choose to use for your project and where you would display them. I would love to know!

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a trio of DIY wooden rosette pumpkins on a dresser with some red eucalyptus

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