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Journey Jots #2

By Rachel

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Welcome to Journey Jots #2!

In each weekly recap, I’ll share some of my most recent posts, favorite finds or things I’m currently shopping for, and an assemblage of home decor tips and decorating ideas from other bloggers. Settle in and join me for Journey Jots #2!

Fall on the North Shore of Minnesota

Journey Jots #2

Hello, guys! Happy Sunday!

I hope you had a fun Halloween and ended October on a sugar high. I’m a pretty healthy eater normally but even I had my share of chocolate candy bars 🙂 You gotta live life, too!

As November gets underway, we welcome the start of the holiday season. I’ve been a busy beaver ordering some new Christmas decor and DIY supplies. You guys…I have some SUPER fun Christmas content coming your way very soon and can’t wait to share it all!

One thing I have started doing for Christmas is preparing my outdoor pots. This week I hope to go to my local park and forage for some greenery. The soil is already basically frozen so I have to get my branch lights and birch logs in before it gets too much colder. We did get snow on Halloween, after all. Winter is coming too fast here in the tundra!

Are you in the early Christmas decorating camp or do you wait until after Thanksgiving? Let me know in the comments!

an outdoor holiday pot with birch logs and stick lights

Life Lately

On Halloween we celebrated Tilly’s 5th birthday! Thank you guys so much for all of the birthday wishes for her 🙂 We had a fun day full of Kong treats and some new toys.

TIlly's 5th Birthday

We spent Halloween evening with our niece, Molly. Look how stinkin’ adorable she looks in her pumpkin hat! She helped me give out candy to the trick-or-treaters that came by. My sister said that next year, when Molly is a tad older, she will get to be in a costume and go around to a few houses.

Molly with a pumpkin hat

Favorite Shopping Finds

On the Blog

Last Thursday I shared a new blog post all about decorating with vintage café creamers. By happenstance, I acquired a collection of them in just over an hour while out antiquing. Come by to read the whole story!

a miniature vintage red floral creamer styled in a Fall shelf display

If you are new to the thrifting world or simply need some advice for having success, these 8 essential items to bring thrifting might be just the thing you are looking for!

essential items needed for going thrifting including a backpack and water bottle

Also, if you are starting to think about Christmas decor for the upcoming holiday season, you can find some budget-friendly options in this post!

a vintage milk glass bowl filled with vintage ornaments

Coming Up on The Antiqued Journey

This week I’ll be sharing a sustainable toy gift guide complete with a discount code for you! Then, in a few weeks, I will show you a simple Thanksgiving centerpiece using a vintage wooden crate.

My Christmas candle collection will be launching in mid-November. They go FAST so be sure to keep an eye out.

Be sure to subscribe to my e-mail list to be the first to know about new posts as well as the candle launch!

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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Home Decorating Ideas from Around the Web

I also found a few amazing home decorating ideas and easy DIY projects from some other bloggers that I wanted to pass along.

Closing Tidbits

Thank you so much for being here!

Mindful Tip of the Week: The present moment is the only moment there is. Return to it again and again.

I am wishing you a joyful week ahead.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

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