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Thrifted Goodies Volume 15- Fall Edition

By Rachel

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Last Updated on October 2, 2023 by Rachel Granholm

Find ideas for budget friendly decor in thrifted goodies volume 15- Fall edition!

Fall has officially arrived and I could not be happier about it! The leaves are starting to change, the air is cooler, and pumpkins have arrived, harkening the overall cozy feeling that this season brings.

I’ve been finding some beautiful decor pieces at the thrift store lately to use in my home for the Autumn season ahead. Come along as I share my most recent thrifty decor finds and learn how to style your home for the season with budget-friendly tips! Let’s get into thrifted goodies volume 15- Fall edition!

Posts on theantiquedjourney.com may contain affiliate links. Click HERE for my full disclosure.

Hello, guys! Welcome back to the blog and the next post in the thrifted goodies series! Today we are sharing two different thrift posts and ways to use thrifted decor in your home.

My friend and partner in this series, MaryJo from Master’pieces’ of my Life, is sharing an amazing post all about decorating with vintage brown transferware for Fall. Give me allllll the heart eye emojis for this! Head over to see her beautiful collection and where she found it all.

brown thrifted transferware from Master'pieces' of My Life

Thrifted Goodies Volume 15- Fall Edition

I am so grateful for the arrival of a new season. Fall encourages me to slow down and savor this time rather than rushing trough it, trying to do all the things. So, as I’ve been leisurely perusing the aisles of my favorite thrift store, some pretty things have caught my eye to use in Fall vignettes.

I’m excited to share what I found with you so grab a warm beverage and settle in for a cozy Fall thrift haul!

Small Ribbed Creamer

The first item on the list is this adorable little creamer. This piece stopped me in my tracks because I have never seen anything like it before. The ribbed texture on it is super neat!

I first checked the price and it was only marked at .99 cents…you don’t have to twist my arm for that cheap!

Then, I looked for a marking on the bottom. To my surprise, this is a Red Wing Pottery piece, which is made right here in Minnesota. Such a cool thing to find while thrifting!

a thrifted ribbed creamer styled on a shelf

For Fall, I have it styled on a shelf in my hall bathroom.

It sits amongst a milk glass bowl, a vintage book and a Fall linen.

Some people don’t like the look of mixing white and cream colors together but I love it and think it’s so pretty for the season. Do what you love, guys!

a thrifted vintage creamer styled with a vintage book and linen

Lidless Ironstone Tureen

Next up is this old tureen. I found this the same day as the ribbed creamer above and needed to rescue it. Even though it doesn’t have a lid, I still think it’s just as beautiful as tureens with intact lids, don’t you think?!

Due to the condition of this piece, the price was much, much lower than other vintage tureens I’ve found, being priced at just $2.00.

a lidless Ironstone tureen styled with a vintage linen

My friend Lora from lorabloomquist.com had a great point in saying that the lidless ones are easier to decorate with because you can easily fill them with whatever you want!

This pretty tureen is sitting on a shelf above my dresser. I draped a vintage linen over the side for some texture. The simplicity of it all makes me so happy, especially for the Fall season.

a vintage ironstone tureen without a lid styled with a vintage linen

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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Vintage Wooden Thread Spools

If you read my Fall hutch post from last week, you may remember seeing these old spools styled inside it.

I found a whole bag of vintage thread spools at a local thrift store for just $2.00! Knowing I wanted to incorporate them into my Fall decor this year, purchasing them was a no-brainer.

Thrifting Tip: Keep an open mind when perusing thrift store shelves. If you see something that peaks your interest, think about how you could use it in a different or unique way.

vintage wooden thread spools used for Fall

There were many different colors of thread in the bag so I pulled out the ones that leaned more Fall.

I placed them in a stack of ironstone bone dishes on the bottom shelf of my hutch. The wood elements paired with the vintage dishes and some simple Fall accessories is quintessentially Fall. It’s exactly how I wanted these old spools to look!

a vintage barn print with a wood frame styled in a hutch for Fall

Green Striped Butter Pats

Have you ever come across a stack of butter pats you didn’t love?!  This stack of four green and white butter pats are one of my favorite finds from this haul.

It’s hard to tell from the photo but each of the stripe designs are a little different on each one! These have the perfect amount of ‘chunk’ to them, too.

I found this whole stack at a super neat antique shop in Southern Minnesota for only $5.00! It’s hard to find just one butter pat for that price so this was an amazing deal.

vintage green striped butter pats styled in a hutch for Fall

Neutral decor pieces such as these butter pats are handy to have because they can be used all year long. Green and white are colors that can be incorporated into empty spaces on a shelf or in a vignette no matter the season.

For Fall, I have these butter pats styled into my hutch amongst other vintage dishes and thrifted wares. They are just plain cute and I love them here, front and center 🙂

vintage thrifted dishes styled for Fall

Small Brown Transferware Plates

While perusing the dish aisle, I spotted the brown floral pattern sticking out from underneath something else.

Now, while I adore brown transferware, I’m not super into the ones that have pastoral scenes on them. But, there was just something about these that was speaking to me.

The bottom marking is stamped ‘Bavaria’, which is German, and I am 100% German, so maybe my heritage was calling to me. Regardless, I put them down and walked away, only to come back a few minutes later and put them in my cart.

a thrifted brown transferware plate styled with maroon eucalyptus

They were only $1.00 per plate, which is an amazing price, and I am so happy that I brought them home with me. German architecture is lovely and the little scene on these plates is a quaint and cozy country town, probably near the mountains.

They are the perfect addition to my Fall hutch, making for a beautiful background amongst the mainly white dishes.

Thrifting Tip: If you are humming and hawing about something that is $3 or less, my advice would be to purchase it and see what you can do with it at home. If you don’t end up liking or using it, you can just donate the item back to the store! 

a pair of brown transferware thrifted plates for Fall decor

Vintage Barn Painting

This beauty, which was priced at only $6.00, is amazing! I don’t find vintage artwork while thrifting that often, but when I do, it’s usually something super spectacular.

I am drawn to old country and barn scenes and this one filled me with joy when I spotted it on the shelf. It’s the perfect piece of artwork to use for Fall decorating, which is what I was looking for on this day.

a vintage thrifted barn painting for Fall decorating

The muted color tones of the paint are just fabulous. When I look at this piece of art, I can actually feel what it’s like to be in this spot out in the country.

From the old wood on the barn to the fence to the old wagon wheel…it’s all just completely amazing.

The super neat thing about this painting is that, on the back, it’s signed by the artist and says that it’s near a town in Hastings, Minnesota, which is not too far from my house. It was meant to be 🙂

a thrifted barn painting for Fall decorating

I have this artwork sitting on the picture rail in the living room.

It is displayed amongst two other pieces of thrifted art, all exuding a Fall theme.

Vintage art is something that I am always on the hunt for and am so happy to add this piece to my collection!

thrifted Fall photos on a picture rail

Embroidery Thread Spools

You may have already read about these old thread spools in my Decorating for Fall Without Using Pumpkins post but they are worth re-visiting!

I was shopping at an antique mall a few months ago and spotted similar thread spools in a booth. The price on those was more than I wanted to pay so I left, hoping I could thrift them someday.

Well, lo and behold, a few days later, I spotted two of these in the art aisle at my local thrift store for only .99 cents each! Then, when I went back a week later, there was yet another one, again for only .99 cents! I literally couldn’t believe it.

The thread spool below is my favorite one because it still has the original label and packaging intact. Isn’t that so cool!?!

a vintage embroidery thread spool styled for Fall decor with a basket and milk glass

These vintage thread balls are wonderful accessory items to use in Fall decor especially. They look like pumpkins without actually being one which adds a bit of unexpected whimsy to your home.

The neutral color of them paired with the simple textures make them the perfect things to tuck into bowls or nestle into a vignette.

It’s just so fun to give old things a new life and to use them in a completely different way!

a vintage thread spool with a vintage barn print for Fall decorating

Brown Transferware Tureen

I’ve saved the best for last!

Okay. So. I was perusing the many booths of one of my favorite antique shops in Southern Minnesota. I happened to walk into a booth that was all 15% off. Don’t you love it when that happens?!

I was looking around for anything that jumped out at me that I could buy for a super good deal. I turned my head and THIS was just sitting right in front of my face!

You guys. These brown transferware tureens, that are all intact with the lid, are not cheap. But, because of the sale in this booth, this old tureen was only $15!!!

an antique brown transferware tureen styled with vintage Fall books

Completely floored, I did a very happy dance in my head and carefully scooped it up off the shelf.

I mean, come on. Look at all of those pretty handles! The little pedestal feet on the bottom are fabulous and there is not one chip on the thing!

an antique brown transferware tureen lid for Fall decor

I had been hoping and wishing to find a brown transferware tureen to use in my Fall decor this year and my wish came true!

This vignette was all styled around the tureen because I wanted that special piece to be the focal point.

With a few vintage books in Fall hues, some pumpkins and other vintage wares, this display is simple yet elegant, letting each part of the vignette come to life in it’s own way.

a Fall vignette styled with antique brown transferware and vintage books

Closing Tidbits

That concludes thrifted goodies volume 15-Fall edition! I hope you found inspiration here today. It’s just incredible to me how many things can be found and purchased secondhand. With a little patience, you can find just about anything you need thrifted for a fraction of the retail price! Be encouraged to find those special items that speak to you, keeping an open mind and heart along the way.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Leave me a comment! What have you found at the thrift store recently? I love hearing from you!

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a vintage thread spool with copper and milk glass for Fall

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  • ellen clairmont
    September 28, 2023 8:40 am

    I love that you found your beautiful tureen! I’m much older than you and I have learned over the years that if I’m looking for something, it will eventually find me. Patience is the key. But that’s the fun of thrifting. I love reading your blog!

    • Rachel Granholm
      September 28, 2023 9:05 am

      Hi, Ellen!
      Thank you!!! Yes. That’s 100% correct! That’s why it’s so much fun, like you said!! Thanks for the lovely comment and thank you for being here!! It means more to me than you know. Hope you have a lovely day!

  • It is impossible to find chunky butter pats around here. *sigh* You got a great deal on those. 👍

  • Rachel you always have the BEST finds! I need you to come teach me your magical ways. I LOVE those brown transferware plates.

    • Rachel Granholm
      September 28, 2023 1:25 pm

      Thank you!! It’s just SO much fun 🙂 Gosh…wouldn’t it be so fun to do like a big thrifting trip with everyone?!

  • Hi there! You did it again! I can’t believe the prices in the area where you live! So many great finds and such great deals! You know I love brown transferware, so the plates and tureen are my favorites! I’ve been looking for artwork like you found, and have not seen anything I like for Fall in our thrift stores here! I hope you’re enjoying Fall and your new treasures!

    • Rachel Granholm
      September 28, 2023 2:23 pm

      Thanks, Donna!! I’ve been having such fun finding these pretty things 🙂 Thanks for coming by today!

  • So enjoyed these ‘thrifting’ finds Rachel. I especially like the tureens and that adorable Red Wing Pottery creamer oh and the butter pats and most of all the art work. Great finds.
    Not sure if you know this but if you take a picture of your various finds and then go on google and type ‘google images’, click on the seach by image which will bring up a search box which you can then drag the photo over. Google will try to find your item. I find this very helpful. I am now heading over to MaryJo from Master’pieces’ of my Life to check out her finds. Thank you for sharing.

  • So excited about your latest haul, Rachel. You found some amazing pieces and I would go shopping with you any day of the week. I know you’ve been on the hunt for some brown and white transferware and it tickles me to no end that you found the tureen. I tell ya, they’re getting harder and harder to find. Big hugs, CoCo

  • I recently watched a TikTok video about a woman’s butter pat collection. She repurposed a wooden nail and screw compartment (maybe 12″ x 48″), hung it on a narrow wall, and randomly stacked the collection in the various compartments. It looked genius once complete and also like it had always been there. You’re the second butter pat person in so many days that I must unearth mine and decorate with them!

    • Rachel Granholm
      October 3, 2023 9:32 am

      That’s amazing!! People have the greatest ideas…like…you see them and then it’s like duh! Why didn’t I think of that?! Yes!! Get them out! They are so much fun to use and decorate with! Thanks so much for the lovely comment. Hope you have a lovely day!

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