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Decorating for Winter: Thrifted Touches for Vintage Seasonal Displays

By Rachel

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Last Updated on February 22, 2024 by Rachel Granholm

These tips on decorating for winter: thrifted touches for vintage seasonal displays, will show you how to beautifully decorate your home on a budget.

While many may turn to traditional store-bought decorations for their homes, there’s a unique and budget-friendly way to add a vintage touch to your seasonal decor – thrifting! In today’s post, decorating for Winter: thrifted touches for vintage seasonal displays, I’ll share how, with a little creativity and some secondhand finds, you can create a cozy and hygge-like atmosphere in your home.

Thrifted Goodies Volume 19

Hello, guys! Welcome back to the blog and to the first thrifting post of 2024!

This year, I encourage you to break away from the cookie-cutter aesthetic and discover the magic of thrifting for winter decorations! In this article, we’ll explore the art of thrifting for vintage seasonal displays.

I’ll also provide you with tips and ideas for incorporating thrifted touches into your Winter decor. Get ready to transform your home into a Winter wonderland in a sustainable and frugal manner!

vintage Buffalo china thrifted bowls

Budget Friendly Winter Decorating

Today, we are sharing two different thrift posts and ways to use thrifted decor in your home. I haven’t shared my finds with you guys in SO long…it’s been almost two months!

Due to being sick, I have a huge backlog of items to show you. I’m beyond excited to be back thrifting again and can’t wait to share some of pretty things I’ve found!

My friend and partner in this series, MaryJo from Master’pieces’ of my Life, is sharing an amazing post all about thrifting for vintage glassware! How fun is that?! After you are done here, head over to her post and say hello!

vintage glassware thrifting

Shop the Look

What is Thrift Shopping?

Simply put, thrift shopping, or thrifting as I like to call it, is the act of sourcing secondhand goods. It’s an economical and environmentally-friendly way to purchase anything, really! I thrift mainly for home decor but I also buy most of my clothing from thrift shops or online stores like ThredUp.

If you need a specific thing, say drinking glasses, thrift shops will yield amazing results. And, they will most likely be $1.00 or less per glass!

You will be able to find basically anything you are looking for at thrift shops…it’s my favorite way to shop!

How to Shop at a Thrift Store for Winter Decor

Outfitting your home for the Winter months is super rewarding, especially when using thrifted items to decorate with! Decorating for winter doesn’t have to break the bank. By incorporating cozy, thrifty touches into your seasonal displays, you can create a unique and vintage aesthetic that will warm up any space.

I get asked often how I find such good stuff for so cheap. The answer? I thrift often…at least once a week. Inventory turns over quickly at thrift shops. So, to get the best items before someone else does, take a quick spin as often as you can.

Decorating for Winter: Thrifted Touches for Vintage Seasonal Displays

Another tip is to have a running list, either mentally or on your phone, of things you are looking for.

Needing another source of light? Add a lamp to your thrifting list. Maybe you are wanting to bring in softer textures to your home. Watch for linens!

When you know what you are looking for, rather than aimlessly walking around, you are more apt to find ‘the thing’.

Winter decor to look for at the thrift store can include:

Decorating for Winter: Thrifted Touches for Vintage Seasonal Displays- A Thrifting Haul

The theme for this haul is mainly blue and white. Because it’s January and the holiday decor is all put away, my decor is now a mix of white’s, cream’s, blue’s and green’s.

So today, you will see a beautiful mix of thrifty and vintage pieces that can be used through March and beyond. Let’s get into it!

3 Buffalo China Bowls

The first item on the list today is actually a three for one. The crazy thing is that I found each of these bowls on three separate thrifting trips..even the ones that match. Isn’t that crazy?!

I can’t remember how much I paid for each one, because I found these awhile ago, but it was no more than $3.00 per bowl.

Decorating for Winter: Thrifted Touches for Vintage Seasonal Displays

These bowls are all Buffalo china, as seen by the markings on the bottom. I pick up this brand whenever I come across it, if it’s a good price.

Pieces like these have proven to be extremely versatile to use for decor in vignettes, on shelves, and in my hutch. The smaller ones I actually use in my kitchen for fruit, trail mix, etc…

They are super chunky and such a pretty color, especially for Winter!

Decorating for Winter: Thrifted Touches for Vintage Seasonal Displays

Miniature Ironstone Creamer

You’ve probably seen this cutie little creamer in some of my recent photos but I never actually shared it, until now!

The creamer was sitting on a shelf in an antique mall, amongst some other vintage kitchen decor, just waiting for me:) At $5.00, I did pay more than I should of for this because it’s so tiny.

But, I guess I was in a buying mood that day! Do I regret purchasing it? Not one bit!

miniature ironstone creamer for Winter decor

Right now, I have it displayed in my hutch, sitting on top of a few vintage butter pats.

Ironstone, of any kind, is a decor element that is so beautiful for Winter. Many times, the creamy white coloring is paired with crazing or age spots that just adds to the overall nostalgic feel that these old pieces exude.

Due to the neutral color of ironstone and the plethora of ways they can be styled, you can use these thrifted decor pieces all year round!

thrifted ironstone creamer for Winter decor

Blue and White Transferware Pitcher

This is probably my favorite find from the haul today…would you agree?!

Vintage transferware is something I started collecting a little over a year ago and boy have I been lucky at sourcing it for cheap! This beautiful pitcher came from an antique store in Northern Minnesota for just $10!

I mean…I don’t think it needs any explanation. It’s simply gorgeous.

For Winter, I placed a few faux cedar stems inside it. And, think how easy it would be to simply switch the cedar stems out for flowers come Spring! Voila!

vintage blue and white transferware pitcher with faux cedar stems

Handpainted Boston Terrier Vase

Thrifting vintage decor is something I will never, ever grow tired of. Why? Because it’s pieces like THESE!

Right before the holiday season kicked in to full gear, hubby and I were out doing some errands when we came upon a thrift shop that we had never seen before. So naturally, we made a pit stop at it.

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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For no reason at all, my eyes darted to the left side of a long wall and landed on this vase. I mean…I almost cried. Literally. Because this looks SO much like Tilly…especially when she was a puppy.

handpainted Boston Terrier vase

I paid up for this, you guys, at $25…and that was half off the listed price! But, this is one of those one-of-a-kind pieces and not something I will ever see again.

My most precious vase is sitting on the bathroom counter for a dose of cheer when I’m brushing my teeth or doing my hair!

Thrifting Tip: If you come across a piece of decor that just speaks to you, as this vase did for me, purchase it. Even if the price is higher than you would normally pay, you are supporting a small business, shopping sustainably, AND buying something that brings you joy.

thrifted handpainted vase on bathroom counter

Swirled Milk Glass Dish

Look! It’s another piece of vintage milk glass…and a pattern that I’ve honestly never seen before!

I found this cute little dish at one of my favorite antique shops. It was in the basement, perched high up on a shelf, and yet still found it’s way to me. For just $4.00, I couldn’t leave it there!

And, truly, decorating for Winter: thrifted touches for vintage seasonal displays, cannot be complete without some milk glass involved 🙂

vintage swirled milk glass dish for Winter decor

Milk glass is something that I decorate with all year round but my very favorite times of year to style it are Christmas and Winter. This piece is such a perfect size for displaying in vignettes.

This photo was taken before I got sick so I had Christmas decor with it but you can still totally use brass for Winter decorating. Vintage brass elements make such a statement, especially when paired with white’s and blue’s.

In any case, I’m super happy to have this vintage milk glass piece as a part of my growing collection!

decorating for Winter with milk glass

Vintage Barn Painting

You guys. I’ve been scoring big in the thrift store art department as of late!

As you may know, I collect vintage barn art. They are getting very hard to come by these days so when I find one while thrifting, it’s like winning the lottery.

This vintage oil painting, of a winter-y barn scene, is just…I mean…come on. How pretty is this?! And it was a mere $3.00! Look how lovely this painting looks hanging against the blue walls of my bedroom. It just makes me SO happy!

vintage barn oil painting in winter

Usually these smaller framed art pieces are on a separate shelf. But, this one was tucked behind some huge pictures in a big bin. I always peruse each area of art just to be sure I’m not missing something.

Well, this is why! I wasn’t looking for a giant piece of art that day but this barn painting just happened to be there.

So, guys! Always check each area of the store. You never know what amazing old thing can be hiding in a weird place!

winter scene oil painting

Kay Dee Barn Picture

The last vintage item on the list today is not blue and white, as you can see. However, I wanted to include it because it’s a quintessential Winter decor piece.

This barn picture is by Kay Dee. She paints incredible scenes on linen and it’s truly one of the prettiest ideas I’ve ever seen.

I treated myself to a pre-Christmas gift because it was only $8.00 on Mercari. It’s now the fourth piece that I’ve added to my Kay Dee art collection!

decorating for Winter: thrifted touches for vintage seasonal displays

Thrifting Tip: Don’t limit yourself to just thrifting vintage decor in person at a thrift store. There are so many online options to choose from including Facebook Marketplace, E-Bay, Etsy, and Mercari.

As soon as the Winter season rolls around, these pictures are the very first things that I style in my home. I just adore them! Because this one is a smaller scale picture, it’s the perfect size to display in my hutch alongside green trees and vintage ironstone.

Decorating for Winter: Thrifted Touches for Vintage Seasonal Displays

Closing Tidbits for Decorating for Winter: Thrifted Touches for Vintage Seasonal Displays

Well, that wraps up the first thrift haul for the year! My goal for this decorating for Winter: thrifted touches for vintage seasonal displays is, always, to inspire and encourage you to get out there and thrift. Shopping sustainably is so important for the environment and, truly, you never know what you are going to find!

So, this season, don’t be afraid to get creative and let your thrifted finds shine! Winter is the perfect time to cozy up your home with budget-friendly decor. And who knows, you may even find yourself falling in love with the thrill of the hunt. Happy thrift shopping!

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Leave me a comment! Have you found any neat finds lately while thrifting? I love hearing from you!

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a vintage transferware vase with faux Cedar stems for Winter

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  • Maryjo Materazo
    January 11, 2024 9:04 am

    I’m not sure if my other comment stuck. It kind of disappeared. Anyway loving the Tilly vase. Always fun to share with you. XO- MaryJo

  • Cindy@CountyRoad407
    January 11, 2024 10:52 am

    I have never seen Buffalo China but will keep my eye out for it. I love the thickness and color of those bowls. I can see why you got the case with the dog. It’s amazing! Congrats on that fabulous find. And I love your barn paintings. It’s seriously so hard to find anything fabulous around me. Cheers to a new year of thrifting! Great tips. pinned

    • Rachel Granholm
      January 11, 2024 11:06 am

      Really?! I see find Buffalo china around here a lot, actually! Maybe I’ll send you a piece when I find more because I do not need any more 🙂 But I can’t just leave them there! Thanks, Cindy!

  • Ok, I LOVE everything on your post! Especially Tilly’s vase and the new barn picture! Wowsers, Rachel! I need to shop where you do! Seriously! Beautifully written article!

  • Hey Rachel! Loved seeing all of your latest finds! So many pretty things! I love the swirled milk glass dish and the vase that looks like Tilly is the best! Happy thrifting!

  • I have no idea how you do it, Rachel, but you totally have the magic touch when it comes to thrifting. Every month I’m completely amazed at all the goodies you’ve found. It makes me want to go to the thrift store the minute I finish your post. I can’t get over that terrier vase you found. It’s amazing and so unique. I’ve never seen anything like that before! Can’t wait to follow along on even more adventures this year. Big hugs, CoCo

    • Rachel Granholm
      January 12, 2024 5:53 pm

      Thank you!! I know…it’s the most precious item I’ve ever found 🙂 That will be with me forever! I appreciate you coming by today, friend! Enjoy the weekend!

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  • Hey Rachel – The funny thing is that Buffalo China was made here in NY! It is known as restaurant-ware because so many diners used it. It’s starting to come back in style and is collectible. Love the vase with the look alike of Tilly. That was an amazing find! Happy Thrifting my friend.

  • Wendy McMonigle
    January 17, 2024 12:40 am

    You have thrifted so many wonderful items, and I love that we like to collect the same things. I am so sorry you were sick! we too have had the crud and it has put me so far behind. I am working feverishly to cathc up. I hope your holidays were good.

    • Rachel Granholm
      January 17, 2024 8:40 am

      Thanks, Wendy!! Being sick was so terrible but, luckily, we are almost back to full capacity again. Hope you are well!

  • thanks so much.
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  • Lora Bloomquist
    January 21, 2024 5:01 pm

    Love the winter barn pics; so fun to decorate with. And awesome restaurant ware finds. Lucky you! Fun to see your finds:)

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  • Cara ~ Vintage Style Gal
    February 9, 2024 8:21 am

    That pitcher stole my heart Rachel! It is a beauty that is for sure. I am always so amazed at the deals and finds you pick up along the way. I am glad you are feeling better, I have been hearing there have been a lot of folks down with covid lately. It has a way of grabbing on and not letting go, but I am glad you were able to get back to thrifting and to your happy spot.

    • Rachel Granholm
      February 9, 2024 9:04 am

      Thank you!! Yes…I’m so thankful that we were able to get back on our feet even though it seemed like forever! Thank you for coming by today…take care, Cara!


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