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Journey Jots #10

By Rachel

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Welcome to Journey Jots #10!

In each weekly recap, I’ll share some of my most recent posts, favorite finds or things I’m currently shopping for, and an assemblage of home decor tips and encouraging content from other creators. Settle in and join me for Journey Jots #10!

huge Oak tree in the woods

Journey Jots #10

Hello, guys! I hope you had a wonderful holiday last weekend.

Happy New Year’s Eve! If you are doing anything to ring in 2024, I hope you have so much fun!

We tend to lay low at home…usually make something tasty for dinner, have a fire in the fireplace, watch a movie, and get to bed by 10:30 🙂 Anyone else do the same?!

Life Lately

Boy do I have the stories to share after our ‘Christmas’ weekend. It actually wasn’t much of a Christmas at all after you read about everything that transpired. Buckle up for this 🙂

The Wednesday leading up to Christmas weekend, my hubby started to not feel well. By Thursday evening it was really bad and by Friday afternoon we had the dreaded positive ‘c word’ test.

I completely lost it and cried for like a half hour because I knew that we wouldn’t be able to go my in-laws on Christmas Eve nor have my parent’s over to our home on Christmas Day like we had planned. In my eyes, Christmas was ruined.

sunset in December

I hadn’t gotten it (yet) on Saturday of Christmas weekend so I went to my parent’s house, donning a mask, because we had planned on doing Christmas with them and my sister that evening. Well, an hour before that, my sister texted and said that her hubby was sick and vomiting so he wasn’t going to be able to come. So, it ended up being just me, my sister, my baby niece, Molly, and my parents for dinner and gifts.

Molly LOVED opening up her first ever Christmas presents! She got so many fun new books to read!

journey jots #10

Then, as we were getting ready to sit down for dinner, Molly started wheezing really bad. We tried to eat and focus on dinner but just couldn’t because it seemed like it was a little hard for her to get full breaths. My sister eventually rocked her to sleep and was getting ready to go home so she put Molly in her carseat. As soon as that happened, Molly opened her eyes wide and started gasping for air.

My sister immediately called emergency and the paramedics arrived within 10 minutes. My sister is a nurse by profession so she knew what to do in this very scary situation. The EMT’s checked out Molly and said that she was stable but my sister insisted on them being taken, by ambulance, to Children’s Hospital.

There were so many sick kids that they had to wait to be seen by a doctor for 6 hours!!! Also, side note, my brother-in-law…you know the one that was also sick?, drove himself to the hospital to meet them. When they were finally seen, Molly tested positive for RSV and was admitted for 24 hours to get on oxygen.

My sweet little niece was SUCH a trooper. She ended up recovering enough to go home on Christmas Eve afternoon, which was a Christmas miracle in itself.

molly with oxygen

Now, as the snowball effect of Christmas doom continues, by Saturday evening I started to feel terrible. Sunday is when I too tested positive for the ‘c word’, as well. I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day laying on the floor in heaps of blankets because I was so cold due to having a fever.

My sweet Tilly girl laid by my side for 3 days straight, taking such good care of her mama.

journey jots #10

My sweet hubby, who was also still super sick, rallied and baked a chicken and potatoes for us to have for dinner. I had spent the better part of Saturday morning, before I started getting sick, putting together a pretty Christmas tablescape for the Christmas Day brunch that we were supposed to host.

But, at least we could still enjoy the Advent wreath and a cozy dinner for two by candlelight. Both of our tastes were terribly off but what we could taste of the chicken was super delicious.

Christmas Eve dinner by Candlelight

The Christmas Saga

Is you’re head spinning?! Mine too. Can you even BELIEVE all that?! So, to cap it all off, all of us are on the mend and starting to feel better day by day.

As I’m typing this, I’m dressed and have makeup on for the first time in 5 days. The fatigue and extreme lack of energy that comes with this sickness is just unreal…I’ve never experienced anything like it before.

Journey Jots #8

Also, if you’ve had it, did you lose your sense of smell? Did your taste get all wonky? There are a few foods that I adore, such as coffee and anything vinegar-y like ketchup, that just taste SO disgusting to me right now. My hubby has been having the same issue with salty foods being WAY too salty. It’s the weirdest thing!

Anyways, I’ll wrap up this Christmas saga with the fact that, even though all of our plans went completely haywire, I’m thankful.

Thankful for the medical staff who took are of Molly, thankful for modern medicine like DayQuil, NyQuil and cough drops, and I’m thankful for my little family. We still got to open our presents together with Tilly. By the way, she wanted to show you her new Santa toy that she pulled out of her stocking 🙂

This will for sure be a Christmas to write in the history books!

Tilly new toy from Santa

Favorite Weekly Shopping Finds

On the Blog

The week of Christmas I shared an easy Christmas tablescape using vintage ornaments, candles, and some greenery. It’s probably my most favorite table display that I’ve created yet! Check it out and PIN it for next year!

Christmas Table Decorations With Vintage Ornaments: Inexpensive Styling Ideas and Place Settings

I also shared a new post that rounds up the Top 10 Thrifting Posts of 2023! These thrifty posts were most popular from readers and that inspired positive change.

vintage decor styled on a mantel

Now that the holiday is over, it’s time to transition our homes from Christmas to Winter. These simple Winter decorating ideas gives you tips on how to seamlessly do just that!

a winter shelf filled with vintage decor and greenery

I didn’t write a new post last week because I simply didn’t have the energy. But, I did re-post a popular Winter DIY that I created last season. This Winter basket decor with birch logs is just the ticket for embracing the Winter by bringing the outdoors in!

a winter mantel with a basket, candle, book, and milk glass

Coming Up on The Antiqued Journey

This coming week I’ll be sharing a New Year’s post about my thoughts on embracing the present. And, in a few weeks, I’ll be sharing a new thrifting post with my pal MaryJo. The Home Imagined link party will also be resuming on Tuesday, January 9th!

Lots of super fun content coming your way! Be sure you are subscribed to my e-mail so you are the first to know about new posts and merchandise updates!

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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Inspiring Content from Around the Web

Closing Tidbits for Journey Jots #10

Thank you so much for being here! I love sharing a little bit of my daily life with you.

This upcoming year will be a big one for The Antiqued Journey and I’m SO grateful you are along for the ride. I’m wishing you the happiest of New Year’s! May 2024 provide you with abundant blessings.

Mindful Tip of the Week: The practice of gratitude turns what you have into enough.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

If you are new here, I’m Rachel, the writer and content creator here at The Antiqued Journey. I’m so happy to have you! I encourage you to stop by the ‘about me’ page to get to know me a little more.

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10 Comments. Leave new

  • Shelley Humpal
    December 31, 2023 3:56 pm

    Rachel: I’m sorry to say like so many we spent a similar Christmas. I too was thankful and still recovering. We didn’t have Covid, but my grandson had a ruptured ear drum and stop throat. I had a soar throat and now I have laryngitis. Onward to 2024 I wish you the best.

    • Rachel Granholm
      December 31, 2023 4:27 pm

      Hi Shelley!
      Gosh! Isn’t that the pits?! I’m sorry you too are sick. I’m starting to feel better this weekend so hopefully this new week will be a little better. Thanks so much for reading today! Happy 2024!

  • MaryJo Materazo
    January 1, 2024 9:22 am

    Wow Rachel!!! That is A Lot. I hope everyone is in the mend now & I’m glad Molly was home for her 1st Christmas. S

  • Maryjo Materao
    January 1, 2024 9:23 am

    She’s so cute! (My previous comment got cut off so continuing here). Anyway, looking forward to sharing 2024 with you friend. XO- MaryJo

  • Hi Rachel! I’m so sorry to hear your Christmas was so chaotic! Thankful that Molly is ok and all of you are feeling better! Covid is no fun!
    My son and Dad were delayed in coming to our house because of Covid. We are so thankful that my Dad, who is 86, never got it and they were able to arrive here right before Christmas!
    Take it easy, and Happy New Year!

    • Rachel Granholm
      January 3, 2024 8:53 am

      Thanks, Donna! We’re still on the mend but slowly feeling better each day. MY smell hasn’t really come back yet but I hear that could take a month or two to fully be back…it’s just crazy!
      So glad your fam was all able to be together for Christmas. Happy New Year!

  • […] have had this post on my content calendar for awhile now. However, after getting Covid a few weeks ago and having Christmas basically taken away, this post means more to me now than it did 4 weeks […]

  • I am so sorry you guys got Covid over the holiday break, Rachel. Like you though I’m equally as thankful that everyone was able to recieve the medical help and treatments they needed. Molly is so stinking cute it hurts my heart to see her sick and I know it must have been a scary thing for you guys to go through. I had Covid for the first time last year and I was shocked at the toll it takes on your body. I’m hardly ever sick but it threw me for a complete loop. Even after I had finished treatments it took what felt like forever to get my strength and energy back so I hope you’ll be very patient with yourself and allow your body to heal properly, it’s one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Sending you tons of hugs and adding my prayers to the others for a complete recovery, CoCo

    • Rachel Granholm
      January 10, 2024 10:54 am

      I’ve missed you!!
      Thanks so much, friend. Yes..I completely agree. One day I feel like myself and can conquer the world and the next day I feel like complete crap again. I desperately want to get back on my workout routine but again, like you said, my body needs to heal all the way. It’s just so hard because I’m am go-go-go person.
      Anyways! Yes…Molly is back to her happy self and is getting a BIG personality on her, now! It’s so fun.
      Thanks so much for the prayers!!


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