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5 Ways To Live Mindfully

By Rachel

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Slow down and be present with these 5 ways to live mindfully.

Mindfulness. Isn’t that a beautiful word? My main goal for 2023 is to practice mindfulness in every area of life. To me, living mindfully is a calm and peaceful way of moving through daily life. Some people may think it is impossible to attain, say that it’s too hard, or think that it doesn’t work. All of those are valid points because I was once in the same boat. Tranquil and fulfilled daily living is totally possible. I utilize mindfulness, which is a daily regimen that helps me feel centered and calm. Today, I would like to share 5 ways to live mindfully.


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I’m Rachel, the writer and content creator of this blog. I wanted to take a minute to welcome you to The Antiqued Journey! I am so happy to have you here. If you like, you can go over to the ‘about me’ page to get to know me a little better. Here on the blog, you will find ideas and inspiration for vintage decor, thrifting, and simple DIY projects. If those things interests you, you can sign up for my e-mail, which goes out every Thursday. Doing so ensures that you won’t miss a thing! You will also receive a free digital download as a thank you.

This post might seem a little out of the norm for my typical content. However, I wrote a similar post around this time last year, 6 Ways To Embrace Winter, and received very positive feedback. So, I thought I would write something again that is coming directly from my heart, hoping that it can help or encourage you in some way.

a birch tree out in the snowy woods

According to Google, mindfulness means “having your mind on what you are doing. It’s the opposite of rushing or doing too many things at once. To be mindful, you slow down and take your time.”

Mindfulness carries three specific characteristics and can be applied to anything!

  1. Cultivating awareness (and returning to it over and over).
  2. What is happening only in the present moment (simply observing thoughts, feelings, and sensations as they arise).
  3. Developing an attitude that is non-judgmental and kind.

I’m not an expert on this topic and don’t claim to be. I’m only sharing my experiences and what I have learned along the way. Being mindful can mean many different things. It’s up to you and your journey what living mindfully means for you. With that, let’s get into the 5 tips for mindful living!

a snowy pine tree in the woods of Minnesota

5 Ways To Live Mindfully

Spend Time In Nature

icy rocks on the shore of Lake Superior
You will notice that all of the photos in this post are of nature and the outdoors. This is on purpose because, for me, nature is the most healing place that exists. Being around trees and water is especially soothing.

To feel grounded and present, I encourage you to get outside, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Go for a walk. Take a hike. If it seems like too much to go somewhere, you can find a spot to sit outside and breathe in the fresh air.
snowy woods scene
For me, biking, paddle boarding, and fly fishing are all activities that not only keep me active and healthy but are also meditative and calming for my soul. It takes practice but, when done regularly, you will notice how your body starts to shift to a more peaceful state when surrounded by nature.
a snowy winter scene in the woods

Find A Hobby

colorful sea glass collected from Lake Superior
Hobbies are, in my experience, so helpful to living mindfully. Decorating my home, DIY projects, fly fishing, pouring candles, thrifting, and adding things to my collections are all rewarding and satisfying pastimes. I make it a point, and sometimes even write it on my calendar, to partake in one or two hobbies per week because I have found it so helpful in my overall happiness!
a winter shelf styled with blue and white vintage decor
There are endless activities you could try. Find one or two that make you happy and turn them into hobbies. Examples can include painting, woodworking, macrame, flipping furniture, making jewelry, or crocheting.

In my experience, by focusing your energy on doing a hobby, it helps train the mind to be fully present in that one thing. After awhile, you will see that ‘mindful doing’ trickling into other areas of your life. It truly is amazing!
snowy trees after a big snowstorm

Clear The Clutter

a large cargo ship on Lake Superior in the winter
When everyday spaces are cluttered and messy, such as the kitchen, my desk, or the bathroom counter, it tends to make me feel out of sorts. I can’t focus well when my home is not in order.

To rectify this, I spend about 10 mindful minutes each morning (after I get my coffee) and tidy the house. This includes folding blankets, washing any rogue dishes, clearing my desk, and getting my essential oil diffuser going. This small amount of time is a positive way to start the day! a bright pink and orange sunrise over Lake Superior.

Give Yourself Grace

a birch tree in the snowy woods
Life is beautiful but it’s also messy. Of course I have hard days…we all do. It’s part of life. But, allow yourself grace. Be kind to yourself. Those two things are acts of love, which, when put into daily practice, have profound effects on mindful living. I have found that, as human beings, we are so hard on ourselves. It’s exhausting to keep up with the ‘go, go, go’ mentality and to always feel like we need to be ‘on’.

Instead, I encourage you to find the strength within you to breathe and soften the rough edges. From experience, I have found daily yoga to be an amazing tool. Move slowly and notice how much peaceful space can be found within.
a snowy trail through the woods

Have A Sense Of Humor

waves crashing on the rocks of Lake Superior with a beautiful sunrise
My last mindful tip is to find a sense of humor, gosh darnit! Including laughter in your daily life is such a vital part of mindful living. Being playful and doing fun things is what life is all about. Play with your dog! Watch a comedian! Meet a friend for coffee! Do yourself a favor and don’t take yourself or life too seriously.

Closing Tidbits

It is my sincere hope that these 5 ways to live mindfully are comforting for you. True joy and happiness abound when you are able to live presently in the moment. What a gift we have been given to live this life with meaning and purpose. Be encouraged to practice grace and gratitude along the way.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Let me know in the comments if you find this type of content helpful!

Also, a fellow blogger Amy, from Amy Sadler Designs, is focusing on mindfulness this year as well. You can read her take on practicing grace and gratitude…it’s amazing!

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a rocky beach covered in ice on the shores of Lake Superior

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12 Comments. Leave new

  • Paula Biessener
    January 19, 2023 1:53 pm

    Rachel, I LOVED this post! Such good reminders of how to live each day!


  • Rachel – there are so many great tips in this post. I also am SO impressed with how many hobbies you have. I had no idea you knew how to fly fish. Now I know you can also make candles! You are one talented lady. I completely agree with your tip on being in nature. Every season has something to offer if we only stop and pay attention.

    • Rachel Granholm
      January 21, 2023 10:03 am

      Thank you!! Yes..my husband has many hobbies and encourages me to do them as well. I’ve been practicing pouring candles for a year now and am thinking about selling them in my shop seasonally! And yes, nature is the ultimate teacher. Thanks for stopping by, friend!!

  • Decorative Inspirations
    January 23, 2023 4:45 am

    Rachel, these are such great ways to live by. When things get crazy and seem out of control, I always run to nature. It grounds me and always clears my head. Beautiful post.

  • Thank you for the reminder, that we need to give ourselves grace and take a moment to be grateful. Love your photos

    • Rachel Granholm
      February 4, 2023 11:41 am

      Hi Vicki!
      I’m so glad this was helpful for you. Grace is one of my favorite words. Thanks so much for coming by today!! Have a happy weekend!

  • Love, love, love all these tips, Rachel. They’re all amazing and so true too! I am definitely one of those people who can easily get caught up in my own head and thoughts sometimes so these grounding tips are all fabulous. If you have a morning essential oil scent you love pass it along. I usually do lemongrass or lavender but I’d love to mix it up. Hugs and thanks so much for this, CoCo

    • Rachel Granholm
      February 4, 2023 11:45 am

      Thank you!! I wrote this post speaking from years of growth and healing in this area…it takes SO much practice but it’s so worth it. I use essential oils by doTerra…not sure if you are familiar with them…but some of my favorites are Anchor and Balance. I diffuse them and I also apply them to my skin in the mornings. You can find their website online if you are interested.
      I’m so happy this post was helpful for you…thanks so much for reading today!! Hope you have a happy weekend!

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