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Thrifted Goodies Volume 6

By Rachel

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Last Updated on November 17, 2023 by Rachel Granholm

Welcome to thrifted goodies volume 6!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Ours was filled with family gatherings, food, games, and lots of laughter. As we round the corner toward a brand new year, I wanted to share some fun thrifted finds that I’ve picked up over the past month. These items may seem minimal but when used and decorated with in a creative way, they make for beautiful pieces of home decor. Join me today for thrifted goodies volume 6!

I’m joined once again by my friend MaryJo from Master’pieces’ of My Life! We have joined forces to bring you double the thrifting fun. I do hope you pop over to her blog as well and find out what thrifted treasures she’s been finding!

a thrifted frame from Masterpieces of my Life

Thrifted Goodies Volume 6

Vintage White and Green Mugs

I’m sharing my favorite find first today! You guys…I’ve been looking at mugs exactly like these that have been for sale on Mercari for months now. However, I’m cheap and don’t want to pay the shipping so I’ve been holding out hope of finding them while thrifting. Well, lo and behold I did!

vintage green and white mugs

These are vintage ‘restaurant ware’ mugs. The stamp on the bottom says ‘Japan’. I spotted three of these mugs but decided to bring two home with me. They were only .99 cents each!

The thing that I love about these is that they are thick and chunky, enabling me to use them in a variety of ways throughout my home.

Currently I have them displayed in my kitchen cubby shelf with other Christmas decor but I do plan to use them for winter decor as well. I have a winter theme in mind of using the same deep green that is on these mugs mixed with white and light blue. These will work beautifully in winter vignettes!

a kitchen shelf with vintage finds displayed

Hanging Basket

This basket is such a pretty color! It immediately spoke to me when I saw it on the shelf. For only $2.99, I had nothing to lose!

Baskets are such versatile pieces of decor. They can be painted, arranged, hung, or set on a shelf.

thrifted hanging basket

I believe this basket in particular is meant to be a hanging basket with an arrangement in the bottom part. Next week, I will show you how I made this basket into a pretty piece of winter decor, so keep an eye out for that!

inside of a vintage thrifted basket

Table Linen

You probably know by now my deep affection for vintage linens. Vintage linens contain such rich textures that you can’t find anywhere else.

This beautiful table linen, which I believe was $1.99, has such amazing needlework and lacework within it! It looks like it has never been used.

a thrifted white table linen with florals

Even if decor items are not in season, I buy them as I find them if it’s something that I know I will truly love and use for many years. I am going to pull this linen out to use for early spring decor!

thrifted linen on a table

Vintage Red Book

I purchase vintage books to use throughout my home for decor purposes. Hardcover books are handy to have around to use in vignettes, stacked to use for height, or displayed in a row to add color to a space.

Pricing for vintage books in my area seems to be a lot higher than other places. Many of my friends find books for .50 cents and I just don’t understand how! Luckily, the day I bought this book, the tag color was half off so I paid around $2 for it.

a vintage red book with a green vase

I’m very happy about this book because I’m actually going to read it as well as use it for decorating. Vintage quilts are a new interest for me so now I have a whole book to help me!

Gurgle Pitcher

I actually purchased this pitcher off of Mercari for $15 before Thanksgiving but haven’t gotten around to sharing it! It’s a fish pitcher and makes the COOLEST gurgling sound after you pour water from it. It makes me giggle every time!

a thrifted green gurgle pot

It’s so nice to be able to have a pitcher of water at the dinner table so we don’t need to constantly get up to re-fill water glasses!

Ceramic Butterflies

The last find I have to share today are these vintage ceramic butterflies, which were .50 cents each. Now you may be wondering…”Huh! Interesting choice, Rachel.” But, these are not for me. They are going to be decor pieces in my baby niece’s nursery!

thrifted ceramic butterflies with pink flowers

I can officially announce that my sister is expecting a GIRL in June and cannot wait to be her Auntie! So, I’m on the hunt now for special vintage items to use as I help my sister create the most adorable room!

vintage ceramic butterflies with pink flowers

Closing Tidbits

I truly hope you enjoyed these thrifted goodies volume 6! Hunting for beautiful vintage finds for my home is something I will never grow tired of. It’s such a thrill to find old things that speak to me, bring them home and make them a part of my journey. Be encouraged to find something that brings you joy!

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Let me know in the comments below what you are on the hunt for while thrifting. I love to know what others are looking for!

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2 vintage green and white mugs stacked on a linen

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