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Decorating Ideas for Hobnail Glass

By Rachel

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Last Updated on November 20, 2023 by Rachel Granholm

These decorating ideas for hobnail glass add to the beauty of the moment.

This type of glass is some of the most beautiful to have in your home due to the texture alone. Hobnail glassware works well with any type of design style or decor because of it’s timeless appearance and the different colorations. Come see these easy decorating ideas for hobnail glass!

Hobnail glass can be used as anchor pieces in your home, making all your spaces feel collected and cohesive. I hope you find encouragement here today on inspiration for mid-century modern hobnail glass!

white hobnail creamer displayed on a lace cloth

What Is Hobnail?

If you have never heard of hobnail glassware before, you are in for a treat. It is a timeless, vintage, and classic style that emits texture into any space. Hobnail glassware gets its name from the bumps, or raised studs, on the surface of the glass.

These bumps have been said to mimic the impressions made by hobnails, a type of nail used in boot making. The design can be created by either blowing a glass vessel into a mold or by pressing the glass into a mold and was quite popular during Victorian times.

hobnail glass jars on a lace cloth

What To Look For In Hobnail Glass

In 1939, the Fenton company produced their first Hobnail glassware in translucent colors. It was so well loved by buyers that Fenton counted on it to be a ‘sure seller’ for many years.

Originally the hobnail glass was produced in white, known as milk glass. Then the colors expanded to cranberry, blue, and green hobnail glassware, which can be a considerably higher dollar amount depending on the piece.

While searching for hobnail glassware, there are many brands to watch for.
These include:

  • Gillinder and Sons
  • Indiana
  • Westmoreland
  • New England Glass Company
  • Atterbury and Company
  • Bryce Brothers
  • Fenton

Vintage Hobnail

All of these brands are going to vary by price and style so it’s really up to you how much or how little you would like to spend. Hobnail glassware does not have to cost you a high dollar amount for you to be able to acquire a pretty piece that you love.

All you need to do is some searching! Thrift stores, estate sales, and garage sales are honey holes when it comes to finding this type of glass.

Hobnail and Milk Glass

Many pieces of hobnail, just like the one below, are also vintage milk glass. True vintage hobnail milk glass contains the ‘ring of fire’ when held up to the light. You can read this blog, which is all about milk glass and how to find the ‘ring of fire’.

small hobnail jar with handle

Decorating Ideas for Hobnail Glass

This type of glassware is so pretty and adds a fancy element to a more modern palette. If you are looking to add color and texture to your home, hobnail glass can help with that as well.

Here are some ways you can incorporate the hobnail glass style into your space!


Hobnail glass vases pair wonderfully with the texture of fresh flowers or greenery. The hobnail effect is accentuated by the earthiness of the flowers, bringing a joyful moment to your dining table, a side table, or a countertop.

white hobnail vase with flower boquet

Utensil Holder

Try using a taller hobnail jar for holding kitchen utensils such as wooden spoons or whisks. For an unexpected decor element, you could also use the same type of jar in a bathroom to hold hairbrushes, combs, or toothbrushes.
tall hobnail jar holding wooden spoons

As a Grouping

Displaying a collection of hobnail glass together on a shelf, across the top of cabinetry, or on a picture rail adds cohesion and depth to a space.
hobnail glass collection on a picture rail

Hold a Collection

Clear or colored glass hobnail pieces make beautiful vessels to hold a collection that you might have such as shells or sea glass.blue glass hobnail pitcher

Handy Storage

Hobnail jars or bowls are easily found. Use them in the bathroom to hold earrings or rings on the counter or by an entry door to hold keys or sunglasses.

These jars would also look charming in a laundry room to hold clothespins or small towels.
small white hobnail jar as towel storage

Anchor Pieces

By placing at least one hobnail glass piece in each room in your house, you create a cohesive home that flows together beautifully.

As anchor pieces, even if the hobnail pieces you choose are different colors, you still get that blended flow throughout your home.

hobnail glass bathroom decor

Closing Tidbits

Hobnail glassware has so many uses and is a simple way to blend vintage and modern in your home. It will help you in creating a home that feels unique yet fresh. I hope you have found inspiration for mid-century modern hobnail glass and are eager to incorporate some of that style into your space!

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I would love it if you would share your finds in the comment section below as well as any questions you may have!

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