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Spring Decorating with Thrifted Finds

By Rachel

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Last Updated on April 12, 2024 by Rachel Granholm

Let’s go thrifting and discover ideas for Spring decorating with thrifted finds!

Have you ever walked into a beautifully decorated home and wondered how much it cost to achieve such a stunning look? What if I told you that you can achieve the same level of style and charm without breaking the bank? That’s right! Spring decorating with thrifted finds has become a popular trend among interior design enthusiasts and budget-savvy individuals alike due to the economic and sustainable elements that thrifting allows.

Thrifted Goodies Volume 21

Hello, guys! Welcome back to the blog and to the next installment in the ‘Thrifted Goodies’ series! If you are new around here, welcome!

This is a monthly series where my friend MaryJo from the blog Master’pieces’ of my Life and I share thrift hauls, thrifting tips, and general thrift shopping advice.

MasterPieces of My Life

My friend and partner in this series, MaryJo, is sharing a thrifty post all about thrifted baskets and easy ways of styling them. After you are done here, head over to her post and say hello!

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thrifted baskets from Masterpieces of my Life

Sustainable Spring Decorating

With a little creativity and a keen eye for unique treasures, you can transform your home into a welcoming and stylish space. In this article, we will explore the art of thrifting and how you can use it to revamp your home decor for the new season.

Come along and learn how to give your space a fresh look using affordable and sustainable options!

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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Why Buy Vintage Home Decor from the Thrift Store?

Vintage items, or really any item found thrifted, truly is a treasure. Because, if you think about it, how many hands did it have to go through before settling on a shelf, only for you to come across it? Thrift shopping is such a thrill every time you go because you never know what you are going to find!

Thrifting for vintage decor is:

So, if you want the short answer, why not thrift for home decor?! You literally have nothing to lose!

thrifted jadeite with faux pink flowers

Thrifting for Spring Decor Styles

Did you know that you can thrift items that match a specific decor style?

Decor styles for Spring can include:

  • modern farmhouse
  • cottage core
  • primitive
  • Scandinavian
For example, if you are looking for Spring decorations that match the cottage core design trend, go online and search for decorative accents that pair with that style.

Then, when are out thrift shopping, you can keep your eye out for those specific kinds of items. Thrifting is an amazing way to find unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that fit any aesthetic!
a thrifted milk glass banana stand with vintage linens for Spring

Decorating Your Home with Budget-Friendly Spring Finds

If you are not mindfully paying attention, seasonal decorating can get very expensive. But great news! It doesn’t have to be!

You see, through the use of secondhand shopping,  you can outfit your home for Spring without spending hundreds of dollars.

Spring decor items that you can find at the thrift store can include:

Then, when you get your newly thrifted pieces home, each item can be thoughtfully styled and incorporated with your existing decor. It’s truly a win-win situation and is how I choose to outfit my home season after season.

Spring Decorating with Thrifted Finds- A Thrift Haul

With all of that knowledge, let’s get into this month’s thrift haul. I’ve found some incredible pieces of decor that can be used for Spring and beyond!

Wanna know the best part? I spent under $30 for everything! Cool, huh?! Here we go!

Floral Table Linen

I keep telling myself that I’m not going to buy any more linens but who am I kidding?!

Like…how could I leave this beautiful embroidered floral table linen behind?

The lace edge is what caught my eye first and then, turned it over, only to gaze upon the most glorious Spring flowers. For only $4.00, I knew this had to grace my dining table for the season.

thrifted floral table linen

I especially like how this table linen is a smaller square. Because my table is round, the larger linens tend to be too much fabric, hanging down into our laps when we eat and nobody wants that!

I always say that less is more. Truly, you don’t need to do much when styling this type of decor because these vintage finds speak for themselves!

For a simple Spring table, I placed a bouquet of faux Tulips in my favorite ironstone pitcher and called it good.

vintage floral table linen

2 Jadeite Saucers

You guys. These Jane Ray patterned saucers were SUCH A FIND! I literally cannot remember the last time I found budget-friendly jadeite anywhere, let alone at a thrift store.

Now, there was a whole stack of them sitting on top of one of those glass cases near the front of the store. Since they were priced at $6.99 a piece, I decided to get just two. If they had been priced lower, I probably would have grabbed the entire stack.

BUT! $6.99 in jadeite prices these days is such a steal and I’m SO happy I stopped at the thrift store on that day!

vintage jadeite saucers from the thrift store

They both do have the ‘Fire King’ stamp on the bottom.

When I’m looking at jadeite or milk glass, I try to make sure that a stamp or maker’s mark is present. That way, I know that I’m getting an actual piece of vintage glass, not a reproduction.

fire kind jadeite marking

For Spring, I stacked them in my hutch with the few other pieces of jadeite that I’ve collected.

I’m totally digging this jadeite and pink color combo for the season!

vintage jadeite stacked in a hutch

Vintage Creamer and Silver Spoon

These next two finds aren’t necessarily Spring, per se. However, both things can be used any time of the year, especially if you pair them with an existing collection.

Remember back in the Fall when I was finding little creamers everywhere?! Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve found one.

I happened to stumble upon this Buffalo china creamer for just .99 cents and staged it with this pretty floral silver spoon, which I also recently found, for just .49 cents! That adds up to just $1.50 for the pair…so cool!

thrifted creamer with silver spoon

My friend Melanie from Lost and Found Decor has gotten me on a vintage flatware kick but I’m not mad about it 🙂 They just don’t make flatware like they used to!

The back of the spoon is marked ‘Tudor Plate’ by Oneida. I keep this pretty spoon at our coffee station and use it to stir my coffee.

Pretty spoons make the coffee taste better, wouldn’t you agree?!

vintage thrifted silver spoon

As for the creamer, I’ve added it to my green and white creamer collection.

This collection is one of my very favorites and the colors match my kitchen, enabling me to display them all year round. Knowing that I’ve thrifted each of these cutie little creamers makes it all the merrier!

thrifted vintage creamer collection

Lidded Basket

Baskets are such lovely decor pieces but there’s just something about using them in the Springtime that’s extra special. Maybe it’s all the potential that baskets hold and relating that to the hope that Spring puts forth in us.

In any case, thrifted baskets are just about the most versatile item that you can find and contain so much texture! This one, which I found buried on the bottom of a shelf, is in perfect condition and was only $3.00!

The little handles are just darling and don’t even get me started on the latch that twists. I’ve never come across a basket quite like this one before!

thrifted basket

And, when you open it, the hinges are tight enough so that the lid stays open! How neat!

There are so many ways to style a thrifted basket. But, for Spring, I placed a white hanky in the corner of it in such a way that the floral design can be seen when the lid is shut.

thrifted vintage basket

I know it’s kind of dark down here on the floor but I wanted to show you where I have the basket displayed.

It’s sitting on the bottom shelf of a night stand in our bedroom.

This thrifted basket brings such texture and rustic color to an otherwise bland space!

basket under side table

4 Vintage White Hankies

Here we go again with the linens that I said I wasn’t going to buy:) I mean..who can resist such lovely lace textiles?!

All three hankies came from the same thrift store and you’ll never believe the price….49 cents each!

The first hanky I have folded and sitting underneath a bowl in my hutch.

Hankies make such lovely base pieces, like how I set this milk glass compote on it. Without the hanky, the bowl would just feel like it’s floating without any anchor point.

thrifted vintage hanky

The next hanky (my favorite out of the three) I placed, once again, underneath a larger decor piece on the mantel.

I like how the soft, feminine hanky breaks up two hard surfaces. It’s like a hanky sandwich!

lace hanky on mantel display

Vintage hankies also look amazing when used in a seasonal vignette.

I styled the third white hanky into this Spring basket display. Alongside my prized flower frog and some vintage dishes, this hanky looks so pretty for the season!

Spring decorating with thrifted finds

Last but not least, this is the most Spring-like hanky out of the lot. It has a Tulip embroidered on one side of it!

This hanky is styled on the other side of the mantel as, again, a base for decor. My cute bunnies needed somewhere soft to sit for the season and the Tulip hanky was the perfect solution!

vintage Tulip hanky

Shop Hankies

Eyelet Table Runner

The last item on the list today, but certainly my most favorite, is this vintage eyelet table runner.

It’s just stunning! With the scalloped edges, the eyelet detailing, and the soft white color of the fabric, this old linen has everything going for it!

And, the price tag wasn’t too shabby either, coming in at just $1.99.

thrifted eyelet table runner

Eyelet runners are always on my thrifting list because I use them all over the house. Not just as table runners, but as neutral bases for shelf displays and seasonal vignettes. I even use them on bathroom shelves!

This style of vintage linen, due to the delicate pattern, elevates any space. And, because these runners are typically white, you can incorporate them with literally anything and it will all blend seamlessly together.

For Spring, I placed this on top of the credenza before styling my vintage dishes and other Spring decor on top of it. I just adore it!

vintage table runner for Spring decor

Closing Tidbits for Spring Decorating with Thrifted Finds

That concludes my thrift haul for today! Decorating for Spring with thrifted finds is not only a budget-friendly option but it also allows for creativity and sustainability.

With a little imagination, you can effortlessly incorporate thrifted items into your Spring decor. So, don’t hesitate to hit up your local thrift store and see what treasures you can find!

Take the first step towards a more environmentally-friendly and unique home by curating each space with thrifted finds, finding a new way of living along the way. Happy thrifting!

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Leave me a comment! Have you found any Spring decor at the thrift store recently? I love hearing from you!

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thrifted decor for Spring

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