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Floral Vintage Door Basket

By Rachel

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Last Updated on March 14, 2024 by Rachel Granholm

Let’s make a floral vintage door basket for Spring!

The inspiration for my basket door display came from a vintage creel used for fly fishing. My husband received it as a gift a few years ago and it’s just been sitting on a shelf, collecting dust. It was about time to use it for something pretty! Follow along as I show you how to create a floral vintage door basket for Spring!

DIY Spring Basket Wall Decor

It’s an extra fun post this week because I’m collaborating alongside my friend Anna from Sky Lark House! Together we are bringing you two different ways of using a vintage basket to create a door hanging for Spring.

Her front door basket is featured below. Look how beautiful!

Basket Decor from Sky Lark House blog

Decorating Walls, Shelves, or Mantels with Baskets

Baskets are, in my opinion, just the perfect home decor item. They have so much texture, come in pretty colors, and are extremely versatile.

Vintage baskets can be found, for mere dollars, at:

You can find uses for baskets in every single room of your home, whether for storage, decor, or otherwise.

Today I am going to show you how to use a vintage basket to create a floral decor piece, so let’s get started!

Shop Vintage Baskets

Using a Basket for Seasonal Decor

Here’s my creel…the star of the show! Any basket will do but try and keep it to a small to medium size so that it doesn’t get too heavy.

vintage fly fishing creel

Materials Needed for a Vintage Floral Door Basket

Directions for a Vintage Floral Door Basket

1. Insert Floral Foam Into the Basket.

I used two different sized blocks of floral foam. You decide how many blocks you need depending on the size of your basket.floral foam in vintage basket
Then, I crinkled up printer paper and stuck that down into the front so that the floral foam would stay in place.

floral foam for creating a spring display

2. Arrange Floral Stems.

Play around here for awhile.

Insert some stems and just keep moving them around until you are happy with the placement with your DIY Spring basket.
vintage basket with faux flowers
You may need to cut the stems down so that the stems sit lower in the basket.
cut floral stem to size
Keep playing and arranging the stems. I liked the look of the white Wisteria flowers draping over the sides and having the rest of the basket filled with yellow flowers and greenery.

Floral arranging is super peaceful to me. Let joy lead this process!
faux stems arranged in a vintage basket

3. Place Accessories in the DIY Spring Basket.

I used three cute birds in a beautiful teal color, a bird’s nest, and some small vintage bird plaques.
faux bird's nest for spring decor
To attach the bird nest, I inserted floral wire through back and twisted it.

Then, I just pushed the wire down into the stems. The nest is now anchored in place!
birds nest in a spring door hanging
Using a hot glue, attach one of the birds to the nest.
hot glue faux bird to faux nest
Squeeze a roughly dime size amount of glue onto the back of the bird, then hold it in place for around ten seconds.
faux bird in floral hanging for spring
I followed those same steps to attach the other birds.

three faux birds in an spring floral arrangement
My tip for placing your accessories is to look for any spots that seem a little bare. I usually place my pieces first to see if I like it and then glue everything down.

But, the beauty of hot glue is that it peels off easily without causing damage to the surface, so you can always pull a piece off and move it if you end up wanting it somewhere else.
vintage bird plaque This cute little bird plaque came from the thrift store. It was only .79 cents and thought it would look so cute nestled in among the branches.

I just put a small bead of hot glue along the back to secure it to the basket.

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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You can see the green bird plaque in the photo below. They look so pretty among the flowers and birds, adding that touch of vintage that I just love. 
a vintage basket floral door hanging

4. Add Twine or Rope for Hanging, If Needed.

My basket has a built in rope attached to the back, but you can simply loop twine or rope through the back and tie it off.
a floral basket wall hanging

5. Display Your DIY Spring Basket!

Here’s my basket hanging in the entryway. I think it’s so pretty how those white flowers spill out over and top and hang down.floral door hanging with a vintage basket
Alternatively, you could try these places for your floral vintage door basket:

  • hang the basket on a screen or front door
  • from hooks
  • over a vintage window
  • display it on a shelf or a mantel

a vintage basket floral display on a mantelHere is my vintage floral door basket on the fireplace mantel. It looks just as stunning sitting as it does hanging.

Wherever you choose to put it, this vintage basket piece will bring in so much texture and color to your home.

a vintage floral decor piece

Closing Tidbits on A Floral Vintage Door Basket

I’m so happy with how my floral vintage door basket turned out! It was so fun to use something that I already had in my home and turn it into a beautiful piece of decor.

I encourage you to take this tutorial and run with it to create a special, unique basket decor piece for your home. Let joy and creativity lead you!

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Let me know in the comments if you have a basket to re-purpose! What would you add to your basket door decor? I would love to know!

Again, head over and say hello to Anna at Sky Lark House and read all about her basket decor! I think she’s amazing, super funny, and her blog is incredible. I’m grateful to be her friend in this large blogging world. It was so fun to collaborate with her on this Spring project!

an image for pinning

Click on the red button to save it for later!

vintage floral door basket

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