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Quick and Simple Summer Floral Displays

By Rachel

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Last Updated on May 7, 2024 by Rachel Granholm

If you are looking for inexpensive and no-fuss decor, these quick and simple summer floral displays are just that!

The air smells fresh, the leaves don a bright green hue, flowers are in full bloom and the days are getting longer. That only means one thing…Summer is just around the corner! For me, Summer is the season where I like everything to feel light and airy. It’s the time of the year where decorating your home is carefree and breezy. I’m sharing some quick and simple Summer floral displays to help enhance the easy, go with the flow Summer vibe.

Summer Blooms in Minutes: Easy DIY Floral Arrangements for Beginners

I’m all about easy decor this time of year. If something takes me more than an hour to put together or decorate, it’s too fussy. You see, Summer is the most beautiful time of year here in the Midwest with gorgeous lakes and warm temps.

There are many adventures to be had in these four short months and I want to spend every second of it outside, not inside futzing with decor. Let me show you how easy it is to create Summer floral arrangements for free!

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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Vintage Vessels for Creating Effortless Summer Floral Displays

The first items you will need are some vessels that are water tight.

I pulled out all kinds of vintage and thrifted jars, vases and tin containers. If you don’t think you have anything to use, I guarantee you do!

Go through closets, cupboard and drawers. You can even use a drinking glass! Summer is wild and carefree so anything goes.

various vintage and thrifted vessels for creating Summer floral displays.

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Quick and Simple Summer Floral Displays

Here, I will give you a step-by-step guide to creating Summer floral displays.

You guys. These are so easy and perfect for those of us who are beginners in creating flower arrangements, me included.

Let’s get into it!

freshly clipped white Lilacs in a vintage enamel kettle

Choose Flowers for DIY Floral Displays

First, you will need to figure out what kinds of flowers you want to use for your displays.

Are there some flowering bushes or trees in your neighborhood that you can walk to and clip some stems? Maybe that isn’t your cup of tea and you want to use store bought flowers. Or, maybe you are not a real flowers person and want to use faux. Any option you choose is totally okay!

For this Summer project, I opted for freshly clipped flowers.

I grabbed a pair of scissors and took a walk to some Lilac bushes and flowering trees in my neighborhood.

freshly picked Lilacs to use in a vintage vase

Tip: If you are going to be gone for a long period of time with your freshly clipped flowers, I would suggest bringing a vase of water with you so that the stems don’t dry out.

After about a half hour and many stems later, I joyfully walked home with my pretty flowers.

freshly picked Lilacs for vases

Fill and Arrange Your Flower Vessels.

I filled my first vessel with water.

Speaking from experience, you don’t want to fill it too full. Put just enough water in the bottom so that the base of each stem is submerged.

a vintage enamelware kettle filled with water

I read somewhere that, to help fresh stems last longer, you are supposed to cut them at an angle.

So, that’s just what I did!

cut fresh stems at an angle

After cutting each stem on an angle, I started arranging! There is no rhyme or reason for this…just go with what looks pleasing to you. Go as basic or as detailed as you like.

I’ll show you a few variations of each.

Lilacs for Free Summer Floral Displays

I started with this giant bunch of light purple Lilacs, making it the focal point in the first floral display.

Isn’t it so pretty?!

a purple Lilac stem used for Summer floral displays

Using the other white Lilac stems that I cut, I simply layered them into the enamel kettle.

Tip: I removed some of the leaves from the Lilac stems because they were detracting from the flowers. Try that if your floral display is looking too messy or crowded.

fresh cut Lilacs in a vintage enamel kettle

Fern Stems for a Simple Summer Floral Arrangement

For some variety in this arrangement, I wanted to add in some Fern leaves.

To do so, I simply cut a few stems from my Fern plants and pulled off the bottom few rows of leaves.

a fern stem used in Summer floral displays.

I tucked the Fern leaves into areas of the arrangement that needed a little more height.

styling a Summer floral arrangement with Lilacs and Ferns

My advice for creating these summer floral arrangements is to not over-think it.

If you feel like you have enough stems in the vessel, then call it good!

fresh picked Lilacs in a vintage enamel kettle

You could also go super simple and literally just tuck some Lilac stems into a jar.

They look so pretty on their own! I did that with this vintage milk bottle.

a vintage milk jar filled with white Lilacs

Mix Flowers and Ferns for a DIY Floral Arrangement

Another variation you could try is to mix different flowers and stems together.

I did this with Lilacs and pink Crabapple stems. The juxtaposition of heights, colors and textures is just beautiful!

a vintage enamel kettle filled with freshly picked flowers

Or, for a more dramatic effect, try placing tall stems in a vintage tin.

I placed a few Crabapple branches into this vintage marshmallow tin and am obsessed with how pretty it looks on my table!

pink Crabapple stems in a vintage marshmallow tin

Displaying Summer Floral Arrangements

Now that you have made a floral arrangement or two, let’s chat quickly about some ways you can display them.

Create a Small Vignette.

I used a vintage chair for a base, draped a vintage lace tablecloth over the back and set my pink stems on the chair.

This is such an easy way to make a statement.

The best part? It took me under five minutes to put together!

a vintage marshmallow tin filled with pink crabapple stems

Here is another easy vignette idea.

I stuck a few white Lilac stems into this thrifted transferware vase. Then, I simply placed a vintage book and a small linen underneath it on the bathroom counter.

If this isn’t no fuss decor then I don’t know what is!

white Lilacs in a vintage transferware vase

Make a Centerpiece.

I suggest using a neutral table runner or linen as a base.

Then, place your floral arrangement in the middle of the table.

a floral arrangement with lilacs in a vintage enamel kettle

Play around with which flowers you would like facing which direction.

For example, I wanted that large bunch of purple Lilacs to be seen from the living room, so I turned the kettle facing more towards that part of the room.

a floral centerpiece for Summer with Lilacs

I tried both of my flower displays to see which one I liked on the table better.

I loved both types of flowers so that’s when I mixed them together into one large floral display!

pink crabapple stems in a vintage marshmallow tin as a centerpiece

Also, I want to mention here that you can use many different types of flowers, stems or greenery for this decor project.

I so wish I had a cutting garden so I could clip fresh stems each day. Until then, I’ll rely on wildflowers or neighborhood bushes!

fresh picked flowers in a vintage enamel kettle

Beat the Heat with Vibrant Flowers: Quick Summer Floral Display Ideas

You can do this all Summer long, rotating out the types of flowers or greens you are using depending on what’s blooming.

Here are some other varieties you could try:

  • Zinnias
  • Cosmos
  • Hydrangeas
  • Daisies
  • Sunflowers
  • Ivy
  • Black Eyed Susans
  • Poppys

Closing Tidbits for Quick and Simple Summer Floral Displays

I truly hope these ideas for quick and simple Summer floral displays are helpful for you!

Flowers are the epitome of Summer. They are colorful, carefree and casual, just the way Summer intends. Take a cue from the flowers, using them to create an easygoing and relaxed home for this season.

Be encouraged to live lightheartedly, stopping to smell the flowers along the way.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Leave me a comment! Do you enjoy cutting fresh flowers for your home? Which are your favorites? I love hearing from you!

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vintage tins with flowers for Summer

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