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DIY Bunny Ornaments for a Show-Stopping Easter Tree

By Rachel

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Last Updated on March 14, 2024 by Rachel Granholm

These DIY bunny ornaments for a show-stopping Easter tree are easy and budget-friendly!

Easter is right around the corner. Can you believe it?! In anticipation of this lovely Spring holiday, I wanted to infuse a little Easter decor into my home. Come along as I share how to create DIY bunny ornaments for a show-stopping Easter tree!

Adorable DIY Easter Tree Ornaments Made with Everyday Items

I’ve had a little bit of a lull in DIY creativity lately which I know happens to many of us from time to time. But, I wasn’t going to let that lull stop me from creating an Easter craft for my favorite holiday. After a little searching on the Internet, my creativity got rolling again.

The bunny ornaments I created are a combination of a few different ideas that I saw, but, as always, I added my own touch to them.

There are quite a few steps involved to make the bunny ornaments plus the tree itself, so I’ve broken it all down into simple and manageable parts. Let’s get into it!

Materials Needed for DIY Bunny Ornaments

Step by Step: DIY Bunny Ornaments for a Show-Stopping Easter Tree

The process below is the tutorial for the bunny ornaments themselves.

As always, if something different works better for you, go for it! This is just a guide.

Step 1: Prepare Ornaments for Painting.

The first step is to prep the ornaments for painting. I simply laid out the number of ornaments I wanted to use on paper towels.

For me, an odd number of things always looks more pleasing to my eye, so I chose to use seven eggs.

wooden eggs for bunny ornaments

Step 2: Choose a Stencil.

The stencils I used from Amazon, which I’ve linked above, are adorable.

I’m super happy with them.

bunny stencils used for an Easter craft

However, there were only three bunnies that would fit on the eggs, so those are the ones I used.

This is the one I started with.

a bunny stencil used for making DIY bunny ornaments

Then this one, which, you guys, looks more like Tilly (my dog) than a bunny and I LOVE it!!

a second bunny stencil to make bunny ornaments

And this is the third stencil I used.

Look at the cute bunny sitting all proud!

third bunny stencil used for Easter bunny ornaments

Step 3: Pick Paint Colors.

Now that the stencils are ready, it’s time to choose paint colors.

To make it easy on myself, I used white for the first stencil, green for the second stencil, and pink for the third stencil.

white paint used for stencils

I personally like to use these foam dobbers when I am crafting with stencils. It just helps to get the paint inside the shape better than a paintbrush.

Here is the first bunny I started with using white paint.

bunny stenciled with white paint

Step 4: Rinse and Repeat.

Then, I basically repeated this process using all three paint colors with the bunny stencils.

Here is the green stencil with the Tilly bunny 🙂

a green bunny stencil for Easter ornaments

And here is the pink stenciled bunny.

pink paint for a stenciled bunny for an Easter craft

I repeated these colors and bunnies until all of the ornaments were used.

Let them dry for a good 20-30 minutes.

stenciled bunnies for an Easter tree

Then, since I was going to be hanging these bunnies on a tree for Easter, both sides are going to be seen. So, I stenciled the back sides as well, the exact same way as I did on the front.

Tip: If you are going to use these on a garland or something like that, you would only need to stencil on one side. You can also opt to paint the wooden egg ornaments a different color if you don’t want to see the wood color. That’s totally up to you!

green bunny ornament for an Easter tree

Step 5: Let Dry.

Once I finished the painting part, I let the bunny ornaments dry.

Meanwhile, I plugged in the hot glue gun to let it warm up for the next step.

DIY bunny ornaments drying

Step 6: Attach Rickrack.

Initially, I was going to use rickrack on each bunny.

However, after painting them, I realized that, if I glued rickrack to the green and white bunnies, you wouldn’t be able to see their ears, which totally defeats the purpose of using bunny ornaments in the first place.

white rickrack for crafting

So, I ended up using rickrack on the white bunnies only, which worked out just fine.

First, I laid out the rickrack on top of the egg to measure how much was needed. I cut the end accordingly.

white rickrack on a white stenciled bunny ornament

I repeated this process for the bottom of the egg.

stenciled bunny with white rickrack for an Easter tree

Then, I used my hot glue gun and glued both rickrack pieces down.

I repeated this process for the other two white bunny ornaments.

rickrack on Easter bunny ornaments

Again, these bunny ornaments are two-sided, so I did the same exact rickrack process on the back of each egg.

bunny ornaments for an Easter tree with rickrack

Step 7: Tie on Ribbon.

The last step for the bunny ornaments is to tie ribbon on each one for hanging.

Because I only used rick rack for the white bunnies, I decided that it would look a little more cohesive if I used the rest of the rick rack for the ribbon on the green and pink bunnies.

rickrack used for hanging DIY bunny ornaments

I simply cut a piece of rickrack to length, pulled it through the hole at the top of each egg, and knotted it.

green bunny ornament with rickrack for an Easter tree

This process was repeated for all of the green and pink bunnies.

For the white bunny ornaments, I used twine as the ribbon for hanging.

twine for hanging a bunny ornament on an Easter tree

At this point, I had a pretty pile of bunny ornaments that are ready to be placed on my Easter tree!

a pile of bunny ornaments ready for an Easter tree

But, before we do that, we need to assemble the tree.

Making the DIY Easter Tree

The items below are the materials I used to build the actual tree part of this project.

materials needed for a DIY Easter tree

Materials Needed for DIY Easter Tree

Below are the steps for putting together the tree elements so that you have a tree to hang the bunnies on!

Step 1: Place Floral Foam in the Basket.

For the base of my tree, I am using a $2 thrifted basket. Try and find a vessel that has higher sides on it so that it’s sturdy enough to hold everything in place.

For this first step, I placed 4 small blocks of floral foam in the bottom of my basket.

floral foam placed in a basket to make an Easter tree

Step 2: Cut the Stem and Place in Floral Foam.

The pussy willow stem is super long and would make the tree stand way too tall. So, using a floral wire cutter, I cut off a portion of the stem, making it a tad shorter.

After that, I pushed the stem in, all the way to bottom of the floral foam.

a faux pussy willow stem

Then, to help the foam and stem stay in place, I simply crumpled up some paper and stuffed it into the cracks.

You can really stuff the paper all around the sides, helping to stabilize the tree.

a faux stem in floral foam for an Easter tree

I should mention here too that this is a good time to maneuver the branches the way that you would like them. This takes some finagling but give yourself a few minutes and the branches will cooperate 🙂

a faux pussy willow stem in a basket as an Easter tree

Step 3: Add Faux Moss.

Then, to cover the paper and the foam, I added faux moss.

The moss I had on hand is reindeer moss but any type of faux or dried moss will do the job.

add faux moss to an Easter tree base

I kept adding moss until the base was covered.

Doesn’t the moss in combination with the basket look so pretty?!

faux moss in a basket for an Easter tree

Assemble the DIY Easter Tree

Okay! Now that we have all of the elements finished, we can assemble the tree using the bunny ornaments!

There is no right or wrong way to do this. I simply spaced out the ornaments amongst the tree, making sure that two of the same color were not next to each other.

a DIY pink bunny ornament on an Easter tree

Take your time placing the ornaments and be proud of what you’ve created!

DIY bunny ornaments displayed on an Easter tree

Finished DIY Easter Tree Display

There are many options as to where you can place the finished Easter tree. This tree would look lovely on an entry table, on a coffee table, or displayed on a credenza with other Easter or Spring decor.

Initially I had the Easter tree on my dining table, placed on top of my favorite ironstone platter.

a DIY easter tree with bunny ornaments on a dining table

However, even though I loved the way it looked with my new hutch in the background, I quickly realized this was not functional since we eat here for each meal.

a DIY Easter tree sitting on an Ironstone platter

So, I moved it to the wall shelf, which I just styled. You can read my simple shelf styling tips here!

After moving a few items around, the tree was able to fit nicely on the left side of the shelf. It anchors the whole display beautifully!

a wall shelf styled for Easter with a DIY Easter tree

Even though this Easter tree DIY was a little more involved than I thought it would be, I love how my bunny ornaments turned out.

The little bunnies are so cute and tie in perfectly with the other bunnies on the shelf.

DIY bunny ornaments on an Easter tree

The mix of the wood from the ornaments and the basket paired with the softness of the ribbon and moss make this tree truly feel like Easter.

DIY bunny ornaments on a tree for Easter

Closing Tidbits

I sincerely hope these DIY bunny ornaments for a show-stopping Easter tree are encouraging for you and are eager to create some for your own home! Sometimes things don’t go as planned, which is never fun, but maybe it’s all a blessing.

I hope you can find the unexpected blessings in your daily living and be thankful for the setbacks that turn out to be just what you needed!

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DIY bunny ornaments for a show-stopping Easter tree

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