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Effortless Spring Decorating Touches on a Budget

By Rachel

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Last Updated on March 14, 2024 by Rachel Granholm

Celebrate a new season with effortless Spring decorating touches on a budget!

Spring is a delightful time to refresh your heart, your mind and your home. To usher this fresh season into my humble abode, I wanted everything to feel light and airy. I kept it really simple by using pieces that I already had. Come see how to create a beautiful space, using minimal items, with effortless Spring decorating touches on a budget!

Thrift Store Finds for Spring

I’m so happy to welcome you into my home! Spring is my favorite season and, after the long winter we had here in the tundra, it felt extra amazing to pull out all of my Spring decor and floral stems.

I’ve incorporated many of my beloved vintage treasures such as milk glass and transferware and paired them with colorful books, hankies, and linens. Decorating your home for the seasons, especially Spring, is special.

The ideas that I’m showing you today are all super easy and budget-friendly Spring decor. Come along as I share my home all decorated for Spring!

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Effortless Spring Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Spring Decorating in the Entry Way

Let’s start this tour in the entry.

As you come in the front door, you are greeted by a Spring vignette in blues and greens. This shelf may be small but it is mighty when it comes to a small space. The pretty mirror is very old. I found it at the thrift store last year for just $5!

The frame around the floral needlework is almost the exact same color as the mirror, making it feel like one cohesive space.

an entry way decorated for Spring

Spring Mantel Decor

Moving to the living room, we’ll start at the fireplace.

I kept the mantel very simple this season. The left side is adorned with Spring florals and the cloche DIY that I created a few weeks ago. I paired the cloche with a vintage watercolor painting that I found at the thrift store, some vintage books and a brown transferware pitcher.

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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The antique mirror, which is almost 100 years old, ties in with the mirror in the entry. The mantel mirror was made by hand by my husband’s late grandfather. Isn’t that incredible?!

a mantel decorated for Spring

The right side of the mantel simply holds the mantel clock and a vintage crock filled with faux pussy willow stems.

I will say that this is more brown than I’ve ever used for Spring but for some reason it just goes. I think, paired with the bright whites and delicate florals, it all blends nicely together and also gives a little more contrast rather than having everything be white.

faux pussy willow stems in a vintage crock for Spring

Spring Decorating with Floral Touches

On the painted credenza underneath the windows, I created a Spring vignette using some of my very favorite vintage pieces. All of the items that you see in this display are secondhand from either thrift stores or antique shops.

I didn’t pay more than $10 for any one of them, which just goes to show that you can create a beautiful seasonal display for an affordable price. That’s the whole point of effortless Spring decorating touches on a budget, after all!

For the base of this vignette, I placed a vintage eyelet table runner in a pretty white color. The neutral backdrop allows me to use more color and texture in the display itself.

The left side holds my beautiful milk glass banana stand with a bouquet of faux Tulips.

a vintage milk glass banana stand with faux tulips

In the center, I placed some vintage books in blues and greens paired with a vintage hanky. The hanky has Tulips on it, helping to tie it in with the banana stand.

The bright blue spritzer is one of favorites, which is why I prominently displayed it. The milky blue color is just stunning. I’ve never come across anything quite like it since!
vintage decor displayed on a credenza for Springvintage decor displayed on a credenza for Springvintage Spring decor on a credenza

On the right side of the display, you will see a stack of vintage floral plates, another brown transferware pitcher and my ‘new’ thrifted brass lamp.

I placed a vintage blue book under the lamp to give it the same height as the left side. Everyone prefers different things, but when I create vignettes, symmetry is my best friend 🙂

vintage plates stacked for Spring

In order to be able to see out the windows, I need to keep the height on this shelf to a minimum. So, by adding small books that stand up-right and vertical items such as pitchers, it still draws your eyes up without blocking the view.

This Spring vignette has all of the same colors and textures as the mantel and the entry, creating a home that feels united.

Spring decor on a credenza

Wall Decor for Spring Decorating

On the living room wall shelf, I introduced a splash of pink! I’m typically not drawn to decorating with pink, but when I found this embroidered hanky at the thrift store a few weeks ago, I knew I at least had to try.

You will still see pops of blue and green in this display to tie in with the rest of the house but I think the pink is so fun and totally works.

a vintage hanky with pink flowers

I kept this shelf pretty minimal, using some milk glass, white bunnies and vintage blue jars.

The flowering stem brings height to the shelf as a whole and the pink Tulip plates tie in with the hanky.

vintage blue jars with Spring stems

The last bit of the living room is the picture rail.

Each of these art pieces have been found secondhand and I just think they all look so striking together! Some are more moody while others are bright but the beauty of a picture rail is that it doesn’t matter!

They pair so well with the other floral decor that is displayed around the living room.

vintage art displayed on a picture rail

Spring Decorating in the Kitchen

You guys, all I did in the kitchen for Spring was place this vintage hanky in one of my copper creamers. If this isn’t the definition of minimal then I don’t know what is!

This truly is such a simple decor piece but it makes me so happy. The blue flowers on the hanky ties in with the rest of the rooms, giving my open floor plan home lots of cohesion. After all, effortless Spring decorating touches on a budget is all about doing what you love!

You will find out more about these hanky’s in detail in an upcoming Thrifted Goodies post. For now, I love the pop of Spring that it brings to my kitchen.

a vintage hanky with blue flowers displayed with vintage copper

Spring Decorating in the Hall Bath

As I’ve stated before, I love to decorate the hall bath for the seasons. This is the bathroom that guests use when they come over so I like to infuse it with vintage cheer.

On the small shelf above the toilet, I created this little vignette using a vintage book, a milk glass bowl and another embroidered hanky. I had the cute bunny sitting there for Easter!

a vintage Spring vignette in a bathroom

On the wall shelf in the bathroom, I created a little Spring scene with blues and whites.

Using a vintage platter as the backdrop, I placed coordinating blue and white pieces around it. This is easy and budget-friendly Spring decor at it’s finest!

vintage decor in a bathroom for Spring

The vintage enamel pitcher is one of my favorite pieces to use during the Spring and Summer months. These flowers look especially beautiful in it…they look SO realistic, like they were just picked from a wildflower field!

You truly don’t need to do much in a space to transform it and make it feel beautiful. By simply adding a few coordinating items in Spring colors paired with some florals, you can create a charming display for the season. It’s truly all about easy and budget-friendly Spring decor!

a vintage enamel pitcher with faux stems for Spring

Spring Bedroom Decor

The last little area of the tour is in my bedroom.

All I did for Spring decor was place my vintage toile tray in the back and surrounded it with the things in life I love the most.

Underneath, on my dresser, I placed my very favorite transferware pitcher and filled it with eucalyptus stems. I love how calming my bedroom feels with the use of green against the blue walls.

vintage Spring decor on a bedroom shelf

Closing Tidbits on Effortless Spring Decorating Touches on a Budget

Thank you so much for coming into my home today. May this easy, budget-friendly, and effortless Spring decorating touches on a budget be encouraging for you! I hope you found inspiration and ideas here to use or incorporate into your own spaces.

Decorating your home with Spring decor, in a simple and minimal way, is a breath of fresh air. There is so much power in being able to use what you have and letting that be enough. Allow the comparison trap to fall away, leaving space for the things that matter most to you and bring you unending joy.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

I love to hear from you so leave me a comment below! How do you decorate your home for Spring?

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effortless Spring decorating touches on a budget

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