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A List Of Vintage Christmas Home Decor

By Rachel

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Last Updated on December 23, 2021 by Rachel Granholm

I want to share a list of vintage Christmas home decor with you!

Vintage Christmas decor makes your home feel nostalgic and cozy. It creates a seamless blend with more modern Christmas decor and gives special meaning to heirlooms of the past. This list of vintage Christmas home decor is meant to encourage you to seek out these timeless treasures in a way that is unique to you and your home.

a vintage milk glass bowl filled with vintage ornaments

A List of Vintage Christmas Home Decor

  1. Vintage Glassware
    a vintage milk jar with red lettering
    This includes pieces like vintage milk bottles, crystal glassware, or Depression glass. These glass pieces are inexpensive and super versatile when it comes to Christmas decorating. Milk jars, especially ones with red or green lettering, are helpful for adding to height to your displays. They also make pretty vases for Christmas greenery on a side table or a bathroom counter.
    a vintage Christmas santa
    Vintage Depression glass can be found in vibrant green colors, similar to the ones shown in the pictures here! Vintage glass bowls are helpful for creating interest as well as making a space feel cohesive when creating a vignette. Add some vintage ornaments to a bowl for texture and you have a simple yet impactful display!
    a vintage santa sitting next to a vintage glass bowl
  2. Milk Glass
    a vintage Christmas vignette
    If you haven’t already heard, I have a thing for vintage milk glass, especially hobnail! The white milky color of this glass is just stunning. My milk glass collection is one that I have out all year round because it is a neutral color. Therefore, you can decorate it for each season in it’s own way, but it is especially pretty at Christmas.
    vintage milk glass decorated for Christmas
    For a very simple way to decorate it, all I did was place pearl white colored ball ornaments around each piece and then added in faux berry and eucalyptus stems. You can also spread out a collection and use it in multiple vignettes to help ground your space and help it to feel cohesive.
    vintage green jar
  3. Vintage Booksa vintage book with a Christmas village display
    Vintage books add interest, color, and height to any display in your home. The one above I found one week ago at an antique store for only $3.00! I knew it would look beautiful any time of the year but was especially excited to use it for Christmas. The little figurines on it came from my mother-in-law. It is a vintage Christmas village and I just think the whole scene is so beautiful. The vintage red linen was my grandma’s and it ties everything together. You can use vintage books in many different ways in your home, giving a whole new life to them.
  4. Brass Candlesticks
    a vintage display for Christmas
    Vintage brass is such a beautiful element to incorporate into Christmas decor. Due to the age of it, there is usually some really pretty patina on the brass. The patina pairs nicely with the traditional red’s and green’s of the season.vintage brass candlesticks for Christmas decor
    Vintage brass comes in many heights and styles, from tall candlesticks to low votive holders. Try pairing brass with wood or enamelware. Then, add in some bottle brush trees or red berries for a stunning Christmas vignette.
  5. Wooden Mashers
    a vintage wooden masher with a green handle
    You may be thinking, “What? A wooden masher?” I was in the same boat until I saw this in an antique store recently for $10 and instantly, in my head, saw it displayed on a shelf for Christmas. Look at that beautiful turned wood on the handle! Try pairing one with a vintage enamelware or porcelain vessel. The old wood gives off a rustic feel and, paired with metal or porcelain, creates an impressive contrast. Vintage wooden mashers, especially the ones that have red or green handles, make for a beautiful addition to your Christmas decor.
  6. Lace Tablecloths
    a vintage lace tablecloth
    Lace is such a pretty texture for the Christmas season and for winter as a whole! It reminds me of sparkly snowflakes. Lace tablecloths are a beautiful choice for your Christmas table because of the neutral color. You can pair any type of decor or dish ware on top of lace for a splendid display.a vintage lace table runner used as a tree skirt
    For an unconventional way, try using a vintage lace tablecloth as a tree skirt! I put up two Christmas trees this year but didn’t have two tree skirts. I had an idea to use my other lace tablecloth as a tree skirt and I’m so happy with how it pulls this tree together. It looks completely stunning underneath it and actually want to use this every year now for a tree skirt.

These 6 ideas that I just shared with you might seem a bit uncommon for Christmas decor but that’s exactly why I wanted to write this post today! Using items that you already have is not only economical but also super special. With a little creativity, you can use everyday decor and transform it for the season. I hope this list of vintage Christmas decor was a source of encouragement for you! May your home be blessed with love and laughter this Christmas.

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Do you have any of the pieces mentioned in today’s post? Let me know in the comments how you would transform it for Christmas!

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