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Cozy and Vintage Inspired Fall Home Decor

By Rachel

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Last Updated on November 6, 2021 by Rachel Granholm

Fall is in the air! Come along as I share my cozy and vintage inspired fall home decor with you!

The autumn season is special. It allows you to take a step back, gather yourself, take a deep breath, and shift into a slower pace of life. Creating a welcoming and peaceful home is, to me, an important part of ushering in fall. Be inspired to savor this new season as I take you through my cozy and vintage inspired fall home decor.

vintage enamelware paired with fall decor

My Decorating Process for Cozy and Vintage Inspired Home Decor

First, I lay everything out.

fall decor items

To get an idea of how I want to use my decor this year, I basically take everything out of the bin, combine it with anything new that I’ve acquired for fall, and lay it all out. This allows me to put things together, move things around on the floor, and see what might work well together before creating a display.

Next, I start by picking one specific area to decorate.

fall mantel decor

I chose to start with the mantel. My mantel is difficult to decorate due to the angled wall that comes right down the center of it. It’s always a challenge to make my mantel feel cohesive because it looks like two separate areas. Anyways, the clock and lamp live on the mantel year round. The decor that I choose has to pair nicely with those two pieces. I started with faux fall garland, as seen above. I love using faux greenery because it creates beautiful texture and blends all the different decor pieces together in a seamless way.

fall decor on a mantel with pumpkins

After that, I just started picking out different fall decor pieces and playing around with them. As I’ve said before, I love the combination of 3’s. The lamp and the two pumpkins above looks very pleasing to my eyes, and combined with the faux greenery, it reminds me of an old country store in a way.

pumpkins on mantel

I ended up adding another garland in a dark purple color for some depth and contrast. I kept the mantel very simple, only using garland and pumpkins on either side. With the vintage clock and vintage lamp, it felt like just enough.

fall mantel decor with faux garland and pumpkins

Next, I moved to shelf decor.

vintage fall decor

There are many shelves in my home and they are my favorite places to decorate for the seasons. With any kind of shelving, you can add many layers to your displays. Place taller pieces in the back such as frames, vases, pots, or jugs. Then, add smaller pieces in front like pumpkins, crocks, or small jars. Next, add faux greenery or stems in between those 2 decor layers. You can also add more height and texture by placing stems inside some of the taller items in the back.

vintage milk glass with pumpkins and faux stems

I decided to keep my milk glass shelf really simple. I just placed little white pumpkins around my milk glass and added some faux stems to the taller pieces. I’ve said it before but milk glass is timeless. You can pair any type of seasonal or holiday decor with milk glass and it is instantly transformed.

vintage hobnail milk glass with faux fall stems

Last, I step back and look.

pumpkins displayed on a side table

This just entails me looking at everything and moving things around if I’m not quite pleased yet. I also take the time to fluff my faux stems so that they look full and realistic.

That’s my super simple decorating process! I always just let my creativity take over and try not to overthink it.

Helpful Decorating Tips

  • Use Pieces That You Already Have

Instead of going to purchase new decor each year, pull from pieces that you already have such as vases, jugs, bowls, or crocks. You can transform any piece of everyday decor into fall decor by simply adding pumpkins and faux stems to them.

pumpkins in a copper bowl

Vintage pieces such as copper, amber colored bottles, and brown or tan crocks look beautiful in a fall decor display. Enamelware is also lovely to use, especially in yellow or red.

vintage amber colored bottles with faux fall stems

You can use vessels that you already have as storage as well. I used this vintage wooden cheese box to hold a set of fall napkins on my dining table. It’s amazing how beautiful the wood tone pairs with the copper color of the napkins!

vintage wooden cheese box as storage for cloth napkins

  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money.

Know that you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to create a beautiful home. If you are in need of more decor pieces for your fall display, go check out some thrift stores. You can find vintage crocks, bowls, and other pretty decor items for around $2. You can also look for fall pillows, blankets, and candles as well! If you are unsure about how to go about shopping for vintage decor at thrift stores, this blog post on just that might be helpful for you!

a tin sign with faux stems

For reasonable prices on faux stems, check the dollar store in your area. Or, wait for them to be on sale at your local craft store. To make your stems go further, you can cut them apart with a floral cutters to make many individual stems.

faux stems for fall arrangment

For A New Season

I hope this inspires you to create a peaceful home this autumn season and that my cozy and vintage inspired fall home decor is a help to you! Remember to not go off of what’s in and cool or what’s trendy. Follow what your spirit says and your home will be a beautiful reflection of the wonderful human that you are.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Comment below and let me know how you decorate your home for fall!

For a few more simple and affordable fall ideas, head over to Meagan from the blog Decorative Inspirations!

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  • Paula Biessener
    September 10, 2021 6:14 pm

    Well done article Rachel. I love how you keep it so simple but the results are fabulous.

  • […] The last quick and easy Fall idea I will leave you with, is a simple Fall kitchen look. This is perfect if you are planning to have some friends and family over for a coffee or brunch. This cost me $15 to put together. My textured clear glass vase is from Walmart, the wood cutting board is from Target’s under $5 section, the styrofoam pumpkin is from Dollar Tree and the chalk board is from a local craft store. To fill the vase, I just went into my yard and took some clippings from my bushes. They were in need of some trimming anyways. You can do the same or grab some artificial branches from any of the stores I have listed and save tons. This Fall kitchen decor will only take you 5 minutes to set up and make such a lasting impression. For more ideas on creating a warm fall look throughout your home, visit my friend Rachel at THE ANTIQUED journey. […]

  • Such great fall decorating ideas! Thank you for sharing at Tuesday Turn About!

  • […] is a gorgeous pairing. The velvet pumpkins that you see throughout my displays are actually from last year. I still love them. They add some deep drama to my fall decor. I piled some into my vintage scale […]

  • […] items that I choose when styling a vignette or a display in my home. The picture below is from last fall. I spend many minutes at the craft store choosing the perfect stems. But ‘how do you pick […]


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