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Simple Braided Rope Wreath DIY For Fall

By Rachel

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Last Updated on December 6, 2023 by Rachel Granholm

Create a simple braided rope wreath DIY for Fall using dollar store materials!

With the Fall season in full swing, I thought it would be fun to create an easy wreath that can be hung in multiple places. I made this wreath using either materials that I already had on hand or that I purchased from the dollar store. This wreath blends coastal style with the rustic nature of Autumn, making for a cozy piece of Fall decor. Come along as I show you how to make a simple braided rope wreath DIY for Fall!

Materials and Supplies

Simple Braided Rope Wreath DIY For Fall

Below is the step-by-step tutorial on how to make this wreath for your own home. As always, this is meant to be a guide. Feel free to tweak things as necessary to fit your spaces’ aesthetic.

Step 1: Wrap Wreath Form.

I used a 12-inch wire wreath form for this project but feel free to use a smaller or larger size.

Start by wrapping jute rope around the form a few times. Knot off the end so that the rope stays in place.

When wrapping, make sure that the rope is touching the previous wrap. You don’t want any gaps or spaces in between the rope otherwise the wire form will show through!

keep wrapping rope for a simple braided rope wreath DIY for Fall

Now, if you are like me, I was using rope that came in three foot sections.

So, whenever I ran out of that length, I attached the next section by knotting the rope to the previous one.

attach more jute rope to a braided rope wreath DIY for Fall

Keep wrapping the rope around the form, pulling tight as you go along.

I will say that this step is the most tedious out of the whole project. Going into it, I was like “oh…wrapping rope around a form is so easy…it won’t take me long at all!”

Boy was I wrong! From start to finish, the wrapping process took me over an hour! So, be patient. Eventually your rope ends will meet again 🙂

jute rope wrapped halfway around a wire wreath form

When you get all the way around, secure the end of the last rope section to the start of the first section by tying them together.

knot the two rope sections together

After that, you will want to go back and cut off any tag ends of rope that are left from attaching one rope section to the next.

This helps to clean up the back of the wreath, helping it to not be bumpy so that it hangs nice and flat.

cut off tag ends of rope on wire wreath form

Your wreath will look something like this when it’s all wrapped and cleaned up!

finished wrapped rope wreath on a wire form

Step 2: Braid Ribbon and Twine.

After the wreath form is ready, the next step is to braid two pieces of twine and one piece of skinny plaid ribbon together.

To do this, first cut 3 strips of each roughly the same length. I cut each of my pieces to 24 inches.

twine and ribbon for braiding

Once cut, knot all three pieces together at the top.

knot braid ends together for a rope wreath

Then, so that it won’t slide around, I taped the top of this piece to my counter.

tape braid to a counter for Fall wreath

For the braid itself, I wanted a looser, wispy look so I didn’t pull the twine and ribbon tight.

I simply braided the pieces together and kind of let the pieces go where they wanted to.

the braid part of a rope wreath for Fall

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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This is one of two braided pieces that you need to make. Make another braided piece the exact same way and then continue to step 3! 

finished braid for a braided rope wreath DIY

Step 3: Attach Braids.

Next, using a hot glue gun, I attached each braided piece to the top middle of the wreath form.

braided pieces on a rope wreath for Fall

Then, I curved each braided piece down each side of the wreath.

I put a little dab of hot glue every 8 inches or so to secure them.

glue braids down to rope wreath form

When you get to the bottom of the wreath where the two pieces meet, match up the twine and ribbon pieces and secure them with hot glue.

This step will not be perfect. Just get it as close as you can and call it good!

braided twine and ribbon on a Fall DIY wreath

Step 4: Tie a Large Bow.

After that, I used a wide piece of brown plaid wire-edged ribbon and made a large bow.

a plaid bow on a DIY rope wreath for Fall

I cut each tail end of the ribbon pieces into a ‘v’ for a finished look.

Then, I attached it to the top of the wreath with hot glue! This also covers up the beginning of braid pieces which looked a little messy.

a brown plaid ribbon for a Fall DIY wreath

Step 5: Glue Burlap Leaves.

The last step is to attach a few burlap leaves to the wreath.

I initially wasn’t going to use these but, after stepping back and looking at the wreath as it was, I knew they would look pretty and add another layer of dimension.

burlap leaves to use on a DIY Fall wreath

The burlap leaves I used from the dollar store had wires attached to them. I didn’t need those to be there so I just peeled them right off.

With the size of my wreath, I didn’t want to pack it full of these leaves. Five seemed like too many so I went with three.

Spacing them an equal distance apart, I glued them down with hot glue.

three burlap leaves glued on a DIY Fall wreath

Step 6: Display the Wreath!

With that, we have a finished wreath!

The rustic and natural look of this homemade decor piece is so lovely for the season.

a finished DIY rope wreath for Fall on a wall

I have it displayed on a wall in the living room underneath a shelf that’s decorated for Fall.

The plaid used on the shelf and the wreath helps to marry the two spaces together.

a finished DIY rope wreath for Fall hanging on a wall

Other places you could display this wreath can include:

  • on the front door
  • hanging over a window
  • on a patio or screened in porch
  • in your front entry
  • on a bathroom wall

Burlap, plaid, and jute are some of the coziest textures that you can use for Fall decorating. Each part of the wreath ties in with the next and, as such, lends warm layers to your home for Autumn.

close up of a DIY braided rope wreath for Fall

Closing Tidbits

It is my sincere hope that this simple braided rope DIY for Fall is inspires you to create something handmade for your home this season. Using your hands to craft something unique to decorate your spaces with is special and rewarding. This Fall season, be encouraged to slow down and let your creativity speak through you. You will be amazed at what it can come up with if you only choose to listen.

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Leave me a comment! Do you like creating DIY home decor? I love hearing from you!

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a simple braided rope wreath DIY for Fall that won't break the bank

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