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7 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Autumn

By Rachel

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023 by Rachel Granholm

Today I’m sharing 7 ways to prepare your home for autumn!

As I was brainstorming what to write this week, nothing was really exciting me. I am going to be sharing a plethora of decorating and DIY projects as we head in to fall here in a few short weeks, so I felt like this post needed to be something new, fresh, and helpful. All of the ideas that I’m going to share with you here are small things that I do around my home this time of year to give me a refreshed and clean home as we head into a new season. Join me as I show you 7 ways to prepare your home for autumn!

Posts on theantiquedjourney.com may contain affiliate links. You can read my full disclosures HERE.

I want to preface this post by encouraging you to embrace the rest of the summer months. It’s still beautiful weather here in Minnesota and I am in no hurry to rush through the rest of it.

August and September are two of the best months to be outside. I don’t really say goodbye to summer here in the Midwest until October rolls around.

That being said, I do start to do small things around my home this time of year to prepare for the changing season. These tasks are fairly easy to accomplish in a few hours, so I just block out some time here and there during the weeks to complete them.

It’s rewarding to check things off the list and get them done now without feeling rushed. That way, I can enjoy the fall season to the fullest when it arrives!

7 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Autumn

Organize Seasonal Decor.

I don’t know about you but my seasonal decor gets so messy between the spring and summer months! I’ve also been collecting and finding new pieces over the past few months that I mindlessly stick in random places throughout my home.

By taking an hour or two to go through all of your seasonal decor, especially spring and summer, you can gather items and put them in a proper place rather than having it all over. This is also a great time to take inventory of your fall decor.

storage bins in a closet used for seasonal decorI realize that there are endless ways that you can organize things and some of you might already have an amazing organization system in place. But, I will share what works for me because it is super simple. It is nothing extravagant but it is easy and budget friendly.

All I do to organize all of my decor is purchase plastic bins in according size, wrap breakable items with extra plastic bags, and then label the bins using tape and a Sharpie.

Unfortunately I don’t have a basement so I keep bins that I pull things from frequently in a storage closet, shown above, and everything else I keep in the garage.

Tidy Outdoor Areas.

My husband and I spend 99% of the summer outside, rather it be on our patio, on the lake, or out fishing on the river. So, come August, my outdoor space is in need of some love.

This tip might seem silly or mundane but it truly makes a big difference to have these small tasks done come fall!

an outdoor space in late summer with a faux lavender plant and vintage napkins
To achieve this, I first use a leaf blower to blow off leaves, rogue grass from the mower, cobwebs, etc…

Then, I shake off all of the patio cushions and pillows. If they are dirty or have spots, I simply use my Norwex rag and some warm water to spot clean them.

After that, using the same rag, I wipe down tables, furniture, and window screens.

Last, I will use a broom to sweep any remaining remnants off the patio rugs. It looks so fresh when finished and now you have a clean slate for pumpkins and all things fall!

De-clutter and Donate Unused Items.

You guys, this is probably my favorite tip listed. I love to get rid of things. I’m a person who doesn’t like any excess clutter in the house. If the thing hasn’t been used for two months or more, I get rid of it!

I’m also a big believer in rotating decor in and out. So, if I purchase something from the thrift store or elsewhere, I will go through my extra decor stash and get rid of something else.

a simple late summer living room with a minimal feel
I don’t think I’ve ever actually shown you a photo of my living room but here she is! My house is very minimal this time of year. A few days before I took this photo, I went through and fluffed pillows and blankets and gave the whole room a nice vacuuming.

Living clutter free enables me to focus on the present moment and helps bring peace to my home.

Refresh Home Decor.

Late summer is the perfect time to refresh your decor by pairing it all down and keeping it really simple. The cloth napkin that you see in this display was my inspiration for my late summer decor.

This basket vignette is the main focal point with the theme of dark blues, light greens, and whites with hints of yellow.

My advice for refreshing your decor would be to find an inspiration piece, something that makes you think of late summer. It could be a vase, a bowl, a linen, or it could even be a certain color.

Then, utilize that item as an anchor for the rest of your decor. Use complementing textures, colors, and styles of decor to make your late summer home feel relaxed and at ease.

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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Deep Clean Floors and Air Vents.

I know what you’re thinking…really?! Deep clean? But this process is actually super rewarding, for me anyways! I don’t know about your house, but my floors tend to get pretty dirty during the summer months.

Grass and sand get tracked in and Tilly brings in dirt that gets stuck to her paws. Also, let us not forget the hundreds of bugs and spiders that make their way in, only to die in what seems like every corner of the house.

Norwex cleaning supplies for deep cleaning a home
To remedy this, I like to get out my Norwex mop, cleaning rags, and vacuum to tend to the baseboards, corners, and crevices that get neglected during the summer. I also like to take the vacuum and clean off all the air vents.

With the air conditioning running during these warm days, a plethora of dust and other debris gets stuck to them. This process of deep cleaning floors and vents creates such a clean feeling home, all ready for the new season ahead. Just put on some fun music and go to town!

Switch Around Wall Art.

Wall art can dramatically change the mood of any space. During the spring and summer months, my walls and picture rails are adorned with art that is light and airy. Florals, vintage crewelwork, and summer-themed barns are a common sight.

But, as late summer rolls around, I like to take down the florals and switch my art to something a little more neutral. Toned down hues such as brown, copper, yellow, or burnt orange are colors that I like to use this time of year.

a vintage oil painting of an old barn displayed with vintage milk glass
As you can see in the photo, the floral tole tray that was hanging on this wall has been replaced with a vintage oil painting in the hues mentioned above. I found this painting at the thrift store a few years ago and it’s one of my favorites. The wildflowers and trees remind me of early fall here in Minnesota.

It pairs so nicely with my vintage milk glass! My advice to you would be to pay special attention to the color in the art that you want to highlight. Pair decor with the art that emphases the feeling of late summer and early fall, however that is for you.

Take Inventory of Clothing.

Anyone else love to organize their clothes on a regular basis?? Yes, I’m that girl who goes through my closet once a month to re-organize and get rid of clothing that doesn’t serve me anymore.

What I usually do is go through my summer clothing first. I take note of any summer clothes that I didn’t wear and put those in a pile to donate then go back through to see what I might need more of for next season.

There are many great deals on summer clothing this time of year so it’s a great time to buy what you need now.

sorting clothes for seasonal prepPhoto courtesy of Sarah Brown from Unsplash.com

After that, I look through my jeans, pants, and sweaters from last season. I usually try on all my pants to see if they still fit or not and then gauge what clothing is needed from that try on session.

I try to buy the majority of my clothing second hand. When I can get a jump start on finding specific clothes now, I can enjoy them once the cooler weather rolls around without feeling like I have nothing to wear!

I’m just sharing what is helpful for me in case you need an idea, but as always, do what’s best for you.

Closing Tidbits

There you have them! My hope is that these 7 ways to prepare your home for autumn brings you uplifting motivation . The changing seasons can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially going from summer to fall. But, when you can set aside small chunks of time to purposefully prepare your home for fall now, each task will get done in a meaningful way. I encourage you to enjoy this late summer season with hope and intention, having hope for what’s to come.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Leave me a comment! How do you prepare your home for Fall? I love hearing from you!

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a collection of photos inspired by late summer with yellows and greens

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