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Decorating with Ribbon for Christmas: Budget-Friendly Elegance on a Dime

By Rachel

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Ribbon isn’t just for the Christmas tree anymore! Decorating with ribbon for Christmas: budget-friendly elegance on a dime can elevate any space in your home for very little money.

Are you looking for a way to elevate your Christmas decorations without breaking the bank? Look no further than decorating with ribbon – a simple, cost-effective way to create a festive atmosphere! With this guide to decorating with ribbon for Christmas: budget-friendly elegance on a dime, you’ll learn how to take your Christmas decor from drab to dazzling with little monetary investment.

We’ll explore how to incorporate ribbon into every area of your home, from the mantle to the Christmas tree, as well as provide cost-effective strategies that will help you get the most out of your décor. So don’t fret – decorating your home for the holidays doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny, it just takes a little bit of creativity!

Why Decorate with Ribbon for Christmas?

I first learned about the idea of using ribbon as decor from Danielle at Home Made Vintage on YouTube. She uses ribbon in such eloquent ways and in small spaces where other decor might not fit. I tried incorporating ribbon in my holiday decor for first time last year and truly loved it.

Simply put, ribbon is cheap and easy. It’s a super frugal and quick way to add Christmas cheer to your home if you are tight on time or money. Whether it be plaid ribbon, lace ribbon, velvet ribbon, or something else, ribbons bring a touch of whimsy, softness, and texture to your holiday home.

Decorating with ribbon is an easy and budget-friendly way to bring elegance and class to any home. With countless designs, widths, and colors, you can find the perfect ribbon to match your Christmas decor.

a flocked tree with red velvet ribbon for Christmas

Where to Find Inexpensive Christmas Ribbon

From experience, I’ve had the best luck finding affordable yet beautiful Christmas ribbon from either Hobby Lobby or the dollar store. Amazon also has a great selection of holiday ribbon, especially if you are looking to purchase it in bulk.

Also, might I recommend checking your wrapping stash. I went through my extra gift wrap and ribbon bin the other day. To my surprise, I found some amazing satin ribbon and had no idea it was in there! Free decor, guys. It’s the best!

Decorating with Ribbon for Christmas: Budget-Friendly Elegance on a Dime Style Guide

This holiday season, I really practiced the ‘art of decorating with ribbon’ by being mindful of which items or areas of my home needed it most. By really thinking through where and how to use ribbon, I was able to create a Christmas display that feels balanced and cohesive. Let’s get into it!

Tie Ribbon on Vintage Vessels

Vintage decor, especially neutral colored vases and pitchers, make for such lovely holiday decor.

Take this ironstone pitcher, for example. By simply filling it with cedar and red berry stems and adding a red velvet ribbon to the handle, this everyday item is instantly turned into a Christmas decoration!

a vintage Ironstone pitcher with red ribbon and greens for Christmas

To try and keep each room feeling united and cohesive, this vintage crock is also adorned with a red velvet ribbon.

Tip: When you are choosing ribbon, try and pull similar colors from where you are decorating. Example: I pulled the red from the scarf and the vintage ornaments up onto the crock by using a red ribbon instead of, say, green or gold. 

a red velvet ribbon tied ont a crock handle

As I’ve said many times before, vintage milk glass is my most favorite collection to use during the holiday season. Pairing the milky white color with pops of bright red and green makes me so happy! 

Here, I simply tied another red velvet ribbon around a milk glass jar. Displays such as these are perfect for setting on a bathroom counter, on an end table or underneath a sofa table. They are small and don’t take up much space yet add instant texture to any space.

vintage hobnail milk glass with a red velvet ribbon for Christmas

Use a Bow for a Tree Topper

Another easy idea for using ribbon as Christmas decor is to tie it in a bow and use as a tree topper.

You can for sure use this method on a regular size Christmas tree. But, for me personally, I like to use bows with extra long tails on small trees that are placed on shelves or tabletops.

To tie the crock and this flocked tree together, I cut a long piece of red velvet ribbon and tied it to the tree top.

Tip: For a more finished look, I like to cut the bottom ends of each ribbon tail at an angle.

red velvet ribbon on a flocked tree

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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The same technique was used on the right side of my mantel.

I placed this taller faux tree on top of a vintage cheese box to give it more height and then, once again, tied a red ribbon to the top of it.

It’s truly such a simple thing but look how much of a statement this tree makes now! It’s an incredibly creative way to bring those festive Christmas colors to small spaces such as a mantel.

a faux Christmas tree with red velvet ribbon

Add Festive Cheer to Christmas Figurines

Another simple way to use ribbon for Christmas decorating is to tie it around figurines such as snowmen, angels, deer or Santa’s, just to name a few.

This pretty red velvet deer is adorned with a cream colored lace ribbon. Not only does it add a little something extra to my cute deer but it also helps to break up all of the red elements that are present. Without the white ribbon, the deer would get lost amongst the red linen and velvet ribbon!

red velvet deer with lace ribbon for Christmas decor

On the left side of the mantel, there are two green velvet deer.

This one is decorated with a Christmas plaid ribbon, standing all tall and proud 🙂

green velvet deer with plaid ribbon for Christmas

On the other green deer, I tied on a red velvet ribbon to tie in with the bow on the opposing tree.

It looks like a pretty red scarf:)

Do you see how ribbon can elevate even the most ordinary of items? It’s so neat!

green velvet deer adorned with ribbon for Christmas

Adorn Lamps with Ribbon

Honestly guys, I think this is my favorite way to use ribbon for the season.

Our bedroom has two vintage brass lamps. The other day I was trying to think of an easy way to add more Christmas elements to that space and then it dawned on me…tie red ribbon to each lamp!

I mean…I don’t know how it can get much more Christmas-y than vintage brass and red velvet.

vintage brass lamp adorned with red ribbon

The other lamp has a milk glass shade.

After I tied the ribbon on it, I stepped back and was just in awe of how pretty it looked.

So, if you are wanting to bring some Christmas decor into your bedroom but are out of actual items to use, tie ribbons to your lamps 🙂 It’s seriously gorgeous.

vintage brass and milk glass lamp with red velvet ribbon

Make a Bell Garland or Swag

I also made a few SUPER easy DIY’s out of ribbon and vintage bells.

This red satin ribbon was in my wrapping stash. It happened to be the perfect length for creating a bell swag to hang on the knob of my hutch.

I simply tied three bells on the ribbon and knotted each one, being sure to stagger the heights of the bells.

Each time I open and close my hutch, the bells clang and it’s kind of magical 🙂

vintage bells made into a ribbon swag for Christmas

After making that, I used the rest of the vintage-inspired bells and plaid ribbon to create a garland. I had enough materials for it to run the full length of my mantel.

a bell garland from plaid Christmas ribbon

I was looking for a way to tie the two sides of the mantel together and this was the exact decor that it needed! It’s super neat how seamlessly the bells blend in the wood on the mantel itself.

You can create so many amazing pieces of home decor with just using ribbon as the base!

vintage bells made into a DIY Christmas garland

Add Ribbon to a Holiday Vignette

You can also use ribbon to create a Christmas vignette.

For this one, I used a vintage ironstone tureen as a vessel, then placed a red bell, a stem of cedar, and a red bow inside it.

By styling a piece of ribbon tied in a bow with a few other pieces of decor, you have an instant display that’s full of holiday joy!

a vintage ironstone tureen filled with cedar and a red velvet ribbon for Christmas

This next vignette sits on the fireplace hearth.

I’ve had this black lantern for years. It’s extremely heavy so I figured this would be a natural, out of the way spot to use it.

To create a simple Christmas vignette, I placed the lantern on top of two red books, set a faux pillar candle inside it, then finished it off with a red velvet ribbon. Voila!

a lantern tied with ribbon on a hearth

Lastly, if you have a small entry area or table that is in need of Christmas cheer, try tying a ribbon onto a small tree. It doesn’t even need to be a Christmas tree!

I placed an antique postcard next to this tree but you could simply cut apart a Christmas card and use that. My local thrift store always has cards for .50 a piece so you could check yours, too!

a ribbon tied around a faux tree on a shelf

Wrap Ribbon Around a Christmas Tree

The last and most obvious idea is to string ribbon around your Christmas tree.

I’ve always adored the look of red velvet ribbon draped around my tree. Some people change up their Christmas decor each year but, for me, I love the timeless look of red.

There is no shame in re-using the same decor year after year!

Decorating with Ribbon for Christmas: Budget-Friendly Elegance on a Dime

Closing Tidbits for Decorating with Ribbon for Christmas: Budget-Friendly Elegance on a Dime

My sincere hope is that this guide, decorating with ribbon for Christmas: budget-friendly elegance on a dime, encourages you to think outside the box when it comes to seasonal decorating. Christmas is such a jovial time of year and one of the best ways to embrace the holiday spirit is through festive decorations.

Whether it’s making a simple bow for your front door wreath or adding a festive touch to your holiday table setting, ribbon can be the perfect way to bring your holiday decorations to life without spending a fortune. Don’t be afraid to get creative and let your imagination run wild!

With comparison at the wayside, be encouraged to do things differently, in your own way, finding love, hope, joy, and peace along the way. Merry Christmas!

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Leave me a comment! Have you ever used ribbon to style your home for the holidays? I love hearing from you!

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decorating with ribbon for Christmas

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  • These are all such beautiful examples of all the different ways to use bows in your holiday decorating. Bows have been everywhere this season and I am so excited about it. All the cheery pops of red you’ve added this year are really pretty! Sending you tons of hugs for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year sweet friend, CoCo

  • Wendy McMonigle
    December 15, 2023 4:46 pm

    I love all of your great ideas for using ribbon Rachel. I agree that everything is better with a bow on it.
    Merry Christmas my friend.

  • Hi Rachel! I am always amazed at how a simple velvet ribbon can elevate Christmas decor and make it look lovely! I enjoyed seeing all the ways you incorporated ribbon into your home this season! Everything looks so pretty, and I love all the pops of red! Happy holidays!

  • MaryJo Materazo
    December 15, 2023 8:08 pm

    I love this Rachel! You know I love my velvet ribbon too. SO many beautiful ideas friend. I absolutely love your brass lamps with the red velvet ribbon. Such a simple touch but it looks amaZing! I just used velvet ribbon on my mantel decor and this post totally made me smile! Great minds think alike. 🙂. XO- MaryJo

    • Rachel Granholm
      December 15, 2023 8:46 pm

      Thank you!! Velvet….mmm. I even ordered a GREEN velvet dress online the other day for Christmas EVe…it arrived today and is SO pretty. I might have to try green velvet ribbon next year 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!

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  • I don’t think it gets any better than using ribbon to decorate for the Holidays! Right? It’s so budget friendly and makes such a big impact. Love your insights into a budget friendly Christmas. Happy Holidays Rachel!


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