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Thrifting For Vintage Spring Decor

By Rachel

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Last Updated on November 17, 2023 by Rachel Granholm

Let’s go thrifting for vintage spring decor!

About a month ago, during one of the coldest snaps of winter here in Minnesota, I started to envision what I wanted my spring decor to look like. The first thing that came into my head was really pretty and whimsical vintage florals. As I started to go to thrift stores on the hunt for these said vintage florals, my vision came to life. Thrifting for vintage spring decor is such a joy. Join me today as I walk you through my vintage finds for spring!

Thrifting For Vintage Spring Decor

Floral China

Believe it or not, someone donated this entire set of beautiful floral china. Like…what?! Unfortunately I don’t have a place to store an entire set of like 45 pieces. So, I spent a good 15 minutes digging through the set and picked out 3 pieces that I loved and thought I could easily incorporate into spring decor.

spring floral china

There is just something about this floral pattern combined with the slight hint of gold along the scalloped edges that just completely spoke to me. The tulips in this pattern make me so happy!

I believe the bowls were $2 each and the platter was $4. I’m not sure how I will style these yet but stay tuned for my spring home tour in a few weeks to find out! You can check out last year’s spring decor in the meantime.

a vintage floral bowl for spring

Tulip Plates

Can you see my vintage florals coming to life? I went to a Goodwill that I don’t normally shop at because it’s a tad on the expensive side but it is a complete honey hole when it comes to vintage dishes. These amazing tulip plates were stacked on the very back of a shelf and I HAD to have them! Just look how pretty they are!

They are not marked on the bottom so they may not be that old but I don’t mind. The vivid colors on them paired with the scalloped green edges were enough to convince me to buy them regardless. Marked at $3.99 per plate, they are the perfect addition to my spring decor collection!

vintage tulip plates

Enamel Lidded Dish

Last weekend, I stopped in at one of my very favorite antique malls. This piece was tucked away in a corner booth and I only paid $2.50 for it! As an avid collector of vintage enamelware, I’ve never come across anything like this!

There are so many things going right for this piece of enamelware. From the floral pattern, the 2 handles, the lid… I just can’t even! It’s so stinking cute.

Mexican vintage enamel lidded dish


Floral Table Runner

This beautiful vintage runner came from an antique store that I had never been to before. I spent way too much time in this booth. With stacks of vintage linens, what’s a girl to do?!

Can you sense my love for scalloped edges?! I love this runner for the simplicity of it and it goes perfectly with the vintage floral theme. It was a steal at only $5.00 and am so excited to style it for spring.

vintage floral table runner

Bavarian Plate

My heritage is German. I always love when I find vintage pieces that are marked with ‘Germany’ or ‘Bavaria’. This lovely floral plate has a ‘Bavaria’ marking on the back and it was only $2.99!

The little bouquets around the side are so beautiful, pairing perfectly with the vintage floral theme for my spring decor.

floral German plate

Hummel Needlework Pictures

If you have been following me for awhile, you know how much I love to find vintage needlework art. I found a PAIR of vintage Hummel crewelwork pictures at my local thrift store for $3.99 each!

You guys, it is so rare to find a pair of anything at the thrift store. These wall hangings are so cute! The pretty little flowers and the umbrellas in each one are quintessentially spring.

vintage hummel needlework

vintage Hummel needlework

Floral Art Print

This beautiful vintage art print was such a surprising find for only $1.99! There was a stack of about 20 different prints of varying subjects.

antique floral art print

This floral print was right on top and the bright bouquet caught my eye. The bottom corner dates the original to the 1940’s!

spring art print signed

There is some writing on the back of it as seen in the photo above. I guess this lady had originally purchased this in the 80’s. This is what’s so cool about vintage decor..each piece has already had a long journey before it gets to you!

So many people get to enjoy the same item. In that way, it connects you, in a very small way, to the person before you.

a vintage floral art print

Closing Tidbits

That concludes my spring thrift haul! I hope you enjoyed thrifting for spring decor with me. Thrifting, whether it be for home decor or otherwise, is such an adventure. Pulling into the parking lot of a thrift store always gets me so excited because you never know what treasures await! May you find something this week that brings you joy.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Let me know in the comments if you have found any thrifted pieces lately!

This past week we lost a precious and very talented lady. Her name is Paula, an amazing blogger over at Sweet Pea. Even though I didn’t know her for very long, I pulled some incredible inspiration from her blog. Her eye for antique and vintage decorating was so admirable. In honor of her, please take a minute to go over to her blog and read through some of her content. May you rest peacefully, Paula!

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