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Styling and Decor Tips for Townhome Patios

By Rachel

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Last Updated on April 24, 2024 by Rachel Granholm

These styling and decor tips for townhome patios will transform your outdoor space into a cozy retreat!

This time of the year is so exciting. The trees don fresh leaves, Tulips and Daffodils are around every corner and all of the bird life is back with anticipation. I don’t know about you but during these warm and sunny months, the patio area becomes an extension of my living space. With the long summer months ahead, it makes me feel good for my outdoor area to look and feel inviting. Come along as I share styling and decor tips for townhome patios!

Create an Outdoor Oasis on a Budget

Once the warm weather arrives here in the North, I live for being outside. I want to be outdoors as much as I possibly can, soaking up the sun and basking in the warmth. Whether that be out on my paddle board, riding my bike, or sitting on the patio with a tasty beverage, my soul longs for this time of year. Heck, I even find that I’m more productive if I sit outside on my computer and work rather than at my desk!

So, because hubby and I (and Tilly) all spend much of our time outside, I designate many hours at the beginning of the Spring season to clean and refresh this area. Our patio becomes an oasis for relaxing, quality time together.

My hope is that the ideas that I’m sharing today will bring you inspiration for outdoor living whether you live in an apartment, a townhome, or a single family home.

a yellow Begonia potted in a terra cotta planter on a small townhome patio

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Styling and Decor Tips for Townhome Patios

Let me walk you through how I transformed my patio from drab and dirty to fresh and full of life in a matter of hours! I’ll share my cleaning process, how to plan out pots for low light and how to tie everything together with simple decor.

For years, I’ve had mis-matched pots and planters with no real plan as to what I was doing. I was basically treating our outdoor space as an after-thought, not as an extension of our living area. The ‘mish-mashed’ look of it all drove me a little batty last season. So, I decided that this Spring was going to be the year of a cohesive and well thought out patio.

a terra cotta planter with a pink Begonia and a black lantern on a small patio

Let’s rewind a little so I can share the planning process I used.

About a month or so before Spring arrived, I started thinking about my patio area and how I wanted it to look.

Here is what the list in my head looked like:

  • loads of greenery from vines and Ferns
  • a new patio rug with green accents
  • matching terra cotta pots
  • creating privacy through a hanging garden
  • pops of yellow and coral or pink
Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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Tip: Look on Pinterest for color or patio theme inspiration. Or, you can make a list like I did. This really helps to narrow down what you want for your patio, especially if you have a small patio. Watch for sales on items that you would like to purchase to help with costs and budget.

In preparation for Spring planting and patio organizing, I purchased some new items that correlated with the list above.

First, I bought two terra cotta planters. They are from Walmart and are exactly the look I was going for. The little pedestal feet are adorable and I love the simple texture around the rim.

new terra cotta planter pots from Walmart for a small patio space

Then, for the lattice, I purchased two sets of these half-sphere hanging planters from Target.

These planters will also allow me to pot more flowers and greens without sacrificing ground space.

a half sphere hanging planter from Target for a small patio vertical garden

A few days before I had planned on starting the patio refresh, I went to the store and picked up all of my flowers and greenery.

My patio is a bit tricky because it faces East, only allowing for a few hours of direct sunlight each day. I’ve had success with Ferns, Coleus, Begonias and various vines.

Tip: Before you buy any flowers or plants for your patio, be sure you know how much sunlight your space gets throughout the day. This will help guide your purchases at the garden center.

plants for shade and low light on a small townhome patio

Small Space, Big Style: Inspiring Design Ideas for Townhome Patios

Step 1: Clean the Entire Patio.

Let’s start with a few ‘before’ photos, shall we?

The winter is so harsh and cold, leaving my outdoor space messy and worn-out.

a before photo of a townhome patio

The siding needs to be wiped down, the concrete is full of dust and there is usually a pile of old leaves stuck in the back corner.

It seems overwhelming with all that needs to be done but I just choose a place to start and go from there.

a before photo of a small townhome patio

The first thing I did was bag up the leaves that were left from Fall and stuck in the back corner.

Just that simple task makes the patio look so much cleaner!

a clean small townhome patio

Then, I spent some time sweeping the rug and concrete.

I also used a rag and cleaner to wipe down the couch, fence, windows and siding.

a small townhome patio with a clean patio rug and plants

Step 2: Plan Out Pots and Planters.

The next step is to ‘stage’ the pots and planters, which is basically figuring out what plants and flowers to put in each pot.

I do this so that the color is spread out over the whole patio, not just limited to one area. Staging or planning out your plant placement before potting them also allows you to see which plants look pleasing together.

a yellow Begonia with Coleus in terra cotta pots

I moved the plants around to different pots until I was happy with how everything looked.

low light vines staged in half sphere hanging pots

The lattice is one area that I’ve struggled with since we’ve resided in our townhome.

We live on the end which is amazing because we have a super large yard space but that also means the road is not that far away.

a lattice on a small townhome patio

In the past I’ve used a flower box on the outside of the lattice. However, I was never able to see the flowers on that side so I couldn’t enjoy them.

This year, I’m trying something new and using the half-sphere hanging pots on the inside where I can see them. My hope is that the vines and flowers will get big and tall, helping to create privacy in the form of a hanging garden.

Tip: If you live in a home like mine and are struggling with patio aesthetic, try using a lattice or something similar for your pots. Using this method will allow you to bring life and color to your outdoor area without sacrificing ground space.

Step 3: Plant and Pot.

After I had each planter and pot ready, I simply added potting soil!

a yellow Begonia potted with a Coleus plant in a terra cotta pot on a small townhome patio

I didn’t take many photos during this process because this part of the patio refresh was super relaxing for me.

I got into a zone and was just one with the dirt and flowers 🙂

hanging fern baskets ready for planting

However, I did capture my sweet hubby helping me pot the large planters with Ferns. The landscaping around the property is not great, basically just these rocks everywhere.

A few years ago, I made some flat spots in the rocks to place these large blue pots. The green that the Ferns bring to this otherwise boring space is life-giving.

potting Ferns in large blue planters on a small patio

The half sphere pots for the lattice look so pretty with the flowers and vines planted in them!

vines and flowers for hanging on a lattice on a small patio

Fun fact! I propagated this Coleus plant!

It was just a little sprig when I plopped it in this blue jar in October. Look at it now! I’m pretty proud of myself for keeping this alive all winter:)

a propagated Coleus plant

The roots became so long that I had to cut them quite a bit so that the Coleus would keep growing in it’s new pot.

I hope it does well!

a propagated Coleus plant on a small patio

Step 4: Arrange the Planted Pots.

To add some contrast to my long patio, I set this white planter at an angle. The Fern in this one ties into the blue pots outside the fence as well as the hanging baskets above.

a white square planter with a Fern on a small patio

I placed the terra cotta pots in a few distinct areas on the ground.

One is set on the left side of the patio and the other one near the middle.

a yellow Begonia potted in a terra cotta planter

My hope is that these plants will get to be tall, which will help to draw your eyes up.

a pink Begonia flower with Coleus plants planted in a terra cotta pot next to a black lantern on a small patio.

The lattice hanging pots turned out better than I had hoped!

They add such beautiful color to that brown wall.

hanging pots on a lattice

I spaced them out equally across the lattice, arranging them in an ‘every other’ pattern. The ‘S’ hooks are extremely sturdy so I’m not worried about them falling off.

patio hanging pots on a lattice

I hung two of the Fern hanging baskets above the lattice.

These will get pretty big over the summer, adding to the privacy that I’m trying to achieve on this side of the small patio.

a patio planted with Ferns and vines

Step 5: Add Patio Accessories.

The last step in this patio refresh is to add accessories. These are the items that really make the patio your own, achieving a unique and personal outdoor space.

I created a small water fountain by using a galvanized bucket and a fountain kit. The sound of the trickling water is soothing, creating tranquility in an otherwise noisy world.

Tip: If you live in an area with lots of traffic or have loud neighbors, consider putting a small water feature on your patio to help drown out the noise.

a fountain on a small patio with flowers and vines

There are many types of patio accessories that you could choose from including:

Whatever you choose to use on your patio, make sure you are using it for a specific purpose. Especially on small patios like a townhome or apartment, every inch of space is crucial.

I have found that, by being very intentional with what you put on your patio, it helps to keep the space clean and minimal, leaving breathing room to enjoy the plants and nature around you.

a pink Begonia flower in a hanging pot

Step 6: Enjoy Your Oasis!

After all the hard work of refreshing an outdoor space, it’s about time to sit down and relax, don’t ya think?!

When you pay careful attention to the smaller details of an outdoor space, you create an inviting ambience.

a small patio with a green and tan sisal rug and a black lantern

By choosing colors and textures that uplift you and bring joy, you can live daily in a harmonious outdoor atmosphere.

I love to come out here to relax and unwind. My small but mighty patio brings such refreshment after a busy day.

a small townhome patio all ready for Summer

Closing Tidbits on Styling and Decor Tips for Townhome Patios

I sincerely hope that you found help ideas through styling and decor tips for townhome patios. Know that you don’t need to do this all at once. It’s taken me years to be able to figure out how to best style and decorate my patio space.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to start small. Choose one pot or one flower or one accent piece and go from there. Be encouraged to go take a step forward, slowly but surely, finding small victories along the way!

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Leave me a comment! How do you decorate your patio for the season? What are your favorite plants or flowers to pot? I love hearing from you!

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half sphere planters for a small patio

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