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Patriotic Vignette with Vintage Decor Finds

By Rachel

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Find tips on styling a patriotic vignette with vintage decor finds in a basket!

The 4th of July is upon us! If you are looking for last-minute decor ideas for this patriotic holiday, or just want to infuse some festive ambience into your home, look no further than this patriotic vignette with vintage decor finds! It’s quick, easy, and, best of all, can be created for free by using things you already have on hand.

Styling a Patriotic Vignette for Any Space

Do you ever find yourself reminiscing about simpler times, when the colors of the American flag proudly adorned every street corner and vintage decor filled every home? It sounds so charming and harkens back to a simpler time, doesn’t it?

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, it’s easy to yearn for the nostalgia of the past. What better way to embrace that sentiment than by incorporating patriotic vignettes into your home decor? From classic flag-inspired pieces to unique vintage finds, this blog post will guide you through the art of creating a patriotic yet thrifty space.

Join me as I show you how to infuse your home with a touch of timeless Americana and showcase your love for our great nation!

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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Vintage Red, White, and Blue Basket Display with a Marshmallow Tin

Let’s rewind about five years ago when my sweet MIL gave me her vintage marshmallow tin that she had in her home for many years. Now, at the time, I thought nothing of it. I just loved the graphics on this old tin and knew it would make for lovely patriotic decor.

a vintage marshmallow tin with other vintage decor in a 4th of July display

But, little did I know how WILDLY popular this specific tin would be a few years later! Fast forward to now, in 2024, when this tin is extremely sought after. I’ve had so many of you comment to let me know that you are looking for this tin and tell me how lucky I am to have it.

And, truly, it’s a cherished decor piece to bring out each season. I’ve used my coveted marshmallow tin in a variety of ways over the years but this display is one of my very favorites to date. Let me show you how to create something similar for your own home!

a vintage marshmallow tin used for a patriotic decor vignette

Shop the Look

Patriotic Vignette with Vintage Decor Finds

Let’s begin with a list of all the decor items I used to put this display together.

Know that you can tweak things as you see fit to match your home’s aesthetic or, if you have something similar already, use that! The beauty about vignette’s is that there isn’t a set of rules to follow. Use what you have, choose things you love, and it will turn out just how it’s supposed to.

Items Used for a Patriotic Vignette with Vintage Decor Finds

Start with a Base.

When starting any vignette, whether it be on a countertop, on a table, shelf, or in a basket, it’s always helpful to start with a base.

This is what’s going to ground the whole display, helping each individual decor piece feel connected.

For this particular vignette, I chose to use a thrifted basket for my base. You’ve probably seen me use this basket many times for various decorating purposes but I just love it! It’s the perfect size for any space and the low sides are perfect for corralling decor items.

a thrifted basket used for a vignette

Shop Decorative Baskets

Add Background Decor.

To start off the basket display, I always place a large, neutral colored book on the bottom. This ensures that all of the decor will sit level.

Then, to bring contrast and depth to the back of the basket, I placed a vintage ironstone platter and nestled it in behind the book.

Other items you could use in the back of a basket vignette can include a plate, another book, or a small piece of art.

basket base with marshmallow tin

Use Books for Height.

Then, I added a vintage red book on the left side of the basket. This not only adds a bit of height but also brings in more of the patriotic flair that I’m going for.

*Initially, I had just set the tin on top of the white book. But, there wasn’t enough color variation between the two pieces.*

When creating vignettes, it’s so helpful to practice patience. These decor displays are a creative process and will take time to figure out! Take your time. Play around with decor by adding things and taking things out until you are pleased with the look.

a vintage red book for a patriotic vignette

Create a Floral Arrangement in a Vintage Tin.

Next, to really bring the marshmallow tin into play, I decided to create a festive floral arrangement using faux stems. Since the vintage tin is the focal point of the whole vignette, this was an important step and one that I spent quite a bit of time tweaking.

First, I placed two stems of red wild flowers near the back of the tin.

red faux flowers in a marshmallow tin

Then, I added three faux white geraniums. I chose this variety of white flowers due to the bushy petals and large, green leaves. The more realistic you can make a faux flower arrangement, the better!

faux white geraniums in a vintage marshmallow tin

Next, to help tie this vignette in with the rest of the house, I added in a few small stems of yellow ranunculus. I think the yellow really brings this display to life!

faux flowers in a vintage marshmallow tin for a patriotic display

Lastly, to bring more patriotic flair, I placed two burlap American flags into the tin, one near the front and one in the back.

burlap flags in a patriotic display

Add Vintage Decor Accessories.

Now we are going to move on to the right side of the basket.

There was a big gap next to the books that I wanted to fill in. So, I rummaged through my craft drawer and found a piece of white fabric. I laid it down in the gap, being mindful of folding over the edges so that it looked almost like a pillow.

white fabric used is a basket vignette

To fill out the rest of the basket vignette, I used extra decor pieces that I wasn’t using elsewhere in the house.

First, I set a stack of three bone dishes in front of the ironstone platter. Then, to hold those in place, and to fill in a large empty area on top of the fabric, I placed a thrifted ironstone dish.

vintage ironstone dish in a basket vignette

For another decor element and added layer of dimension, I placed a pair of two brown floral vintage mugs behind the ironstone dish.

vintage brown floral mugs

Then, to tie the right side of the basket in with the left, I stuck a small stem of yellow ranunculus in between the dishes.

faux yellow flowers and vintage decor in a basket vignette

Finally, to bring in a blue element, I positioned this vintage porcelain scoop next to the lidded dish.

a vintage porcelain scoop used in a patriotic vignette

Tie on a Ribbon.

As a final decor element, and to make the basket cohesive with the rest of the house, I tied on a yellow gingham ribbon to the front.

You could opt to use a wider ribbon here but I didn’t want the ribbon to cover up the decor. Other options for ribbon colors can include: white, lace, red, blue, blue gingham, or red gingham.

yellow gingham ribbon tied onto a vintage patriotic vignette

Vintage Patriotic Display in a Basket

And, with that, we have a finished basket vignette all ready for the patriotic holiday! I adore the mix and match look of the red, white, and blue vintage decor.

Through the use of a natural element, such as a basket, and pairing neutral decor elements like ironstone with the vivid Americana colors, you can achieve a display that is balanced, harmonious, and festive.

a vintage patriotic vignette with thrifted decor

One of the best parts of this patriotic vignette with vintage decor finds is that it is super inexpensive. Each item used in this basket vignette has been thrifted for no more than a few dollars!

Another benefit of creating a display within a basket or vessel is that you can move it around to different parts of the house! My basket vignette is currently sitting in the entryway but it could also be styled on:

a red, white, and blue display with vintage decor

I adore how vignettes can showcase collections in such a simple yet curated way.

In this vignette, I used many pieces of ironstone that I’ve collected from thrift stores and antique shops. Other types of collections that can be styled and showcased in a seasonal vignette include:

vintage dishes used in a patriotic vignette

Closing Tidbits for a Patriotic Vignette with Vintage Decor Finds

As we prepare to celebrate America’s birthday with barbecues, fireworks, and gatherings, take a minute to infuse a bit of American pride into your home decor with a patriotic vignette. Through the use of vintage decor finds, your home becomes meaningful, unique, and helps to tell a story.

Be encouraged to fill your home with pieces that you love, finding your story along the way.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Leave me a comment! How do you like to decorate for the patriotic holidays? I love hearing from you!

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vintage and thrifted decor styled in a basket for the 4th of July

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