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Types of Antique and Vintage Glass

By Rachel

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Picture rows of rainbow colors, glass in all shapes and sizes, sparkling in the sunlight of a shop window. I’m excited to share knowledge with you about the different types of antique and vintage glass!

The beautiful colors beckon you in, urging you to take the time to admire the timeless hues of antique and vintage colored glass. Using different types of colored glass in your space is a creative way to add color to places in your home. The beauty of colored glass is that there are so many colors and styles to choose from so you will be able to find a color that speaks to you. It allows you to incorporate it into your home while complementing what you already own. Find encouragement here on various types of antique and vintage glass!

a jadeite tea cup and saucer on a wooden stand

A multitude of brands and types of antique and vintage glass are present in any antique store you go to.

Here is a quick overview of some of the colored glassware that you may come across.

  • Fenton Glassware (Milk Glass)

    Fenton Glassware Company, started in 1907, has created over 150 patterns since its existence. Some of the notable glassware includes carnival and milk glass. The ‘hobnail’ style, which has a raised bumpy surface all the way around, almost like polka dots, is a famous Fenton design. Fenton is popular with collectors due to the range of styles and the prices are relatively low, typically under $100. Read more about milk glass!

  • Art Glass

    This is the type of glass that is designed with many colors and designs within the glass itself. I’ve seen many art glass pieces that have wave like designs, polka dots, stripes, or a combination of those.
    Art glass is bright and colorful and you can find it in styles such as bowls, vases or paperweights, just to name a few. These colorful vessels can be a bit more expensive depending on the maker but there are also many reproductions available.

  • Carnival Glass

    This type of glass is known for its multicolor hues. The glass changes colors depending on what angle you are looking at it from, making it an impressionable piece of glass to have in your home. Carnival glass fits well in any space.

  • Crystal Glassware

    Crystal glass is different from other pieces of glass because it is made with lead. The easiest way to know if a piece is crystal or not is to tap it with your finger, listening for a ‘ping’ sound. Crystal comes in all different colors, like blue or pink, and all different cuts of glass, such as prismatic stems.

  • Depression Glass

    Named after the 1929 market crash, this glass is highly sought after due to its unique patterns and bright colors. Green and blue are two of the more popular colors, but you can find it in many colors to match your space and decor. It is also pretty inexpensive because it is not as high quality as other types of glassware.

  • Elegant Glass

    This glassware is similar to depression glass but runs at a much higher price point due to the elegant glass pieces being hand made rather than using molds to create it. Elegant glass can be found in many colors, including clear, that you can incorporate into your space.

  • Kitchen Glass
    This glass comes in a variety of colors and patterns.’Delphite’ is an opaque blue color of kitchen glass.
    Fire King is an opaque green kitchen glass.
    Jadeite is also a green, but much lighter, and is similar in color to the mineral Jade.
    ‘Platonite’ is white kitchen glass. Kitchen glass is typically seen in kitchen wares such as cups, plates, pitchers, and bowls but can also be found in vases.

    white hobnail creamer displayed on a lace clothFor A Vintage Home

There you have them! With so many styles to choose from, you can be sure that you will find a special piece for your home. The different types of antique and vintage colored glass are unique and full of beauty. Each kind adds character and a simple charm to any space in your home. By styling your home with vintage colored glass, you are infusing an understated beauty that can’t be found anywhere else.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Let me know in the comments below which type of glass is your favorite!

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  • What’s your favorite kind of glass to decorate with?

    • Fabian Burrell
      February 6, 2024 12:51 pm

      Hobnail style Milk glass are my favorite and I started collecting theses pieces without realizing that I was building a collection. When I walk into a store I am drawn to that milk white vase or cup or bowl. There is nothing like them.

      • Rachel Granholm
        February 6, 2024 12:54 pm

        Hi, Fabian!
        Me too!! Aren’t they just SO much fun to find?! Hobnail pieces are my favorite, as well. Thanks so much for stopping by today!


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