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DIY Christmas Gift Tags with Stamps

By Rachel

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Last Updated on October 11, 2023 by Rachel Granholm

Learn how to easily make DIY Christmas gift tags with stamps!

A few weeks ago, while looking for Christmas wrapping supplies, I realized how expensive and impersonal store bought gift tags have become. Puzzled about it and not wanting to spend $10 on gift tags, I knew I could come up with a solution.

Fast forward a few days later, I was at the thrift store and came across a pack of Christmas stamps. Instantly I knew they could be used to create my gift tags! This project is super fun and festive, making your gifts seem that much more special for your loved ones. I hope these DIY Christmas gift tags with stamps encourage you to create something meaningful!

Posts on theantiquedjourney.com may contain affiliate links. You can read my full privacy policy and disclosures here

I’ve said it before but thrift stores are treasure chests for many things, especially craft supplies. You can find yarn, paint, fabric, and in my case stamps, for a dollar or two. The pack of Christmas stamps that inspired this project was only $3.00! You can’t even find gift tags at a retail store for that price.

Creating your own gift tags allows for a much more personal gift-giving experience. You get to choose the color, the design, and even the ribbon. I made roughly 15 gift tags for under $7.00. Allow me to show you how to make these gift tags and watch your loved ones faces light up!

Materials Needed

  • Kraft paper
  • rubber Christmas stamps
  • craft paint (I used white, red, and green)
  • paper plate
  • paint dobber
  • damp paper towel
  • ribbon
  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • Sharpie or pen


Instructions for DIY Christmas Gift Tags With Stamps

1. Start by laying the Kraft paper out on a flat surface.

Then, choose the stamp that you want to start with.

thrifted Christmas stamps

2. Squeeze paint onto a paper plate.

Then, push the dobber down into the paint, dabbing off any excess

white paint on a paper plate for DIY Christmas gift tags

3. Paint the rubber part of the stamp with the dobber.

You will want to press firmly onto the stamp to ensure that you are getting paint into all of the crevices.

white paint onto Christmas stamp

Then, turn the stamp over and press firmly down onto the Kraft paper.

stamp a holly Christmas stamp on Kraft paper

I recommend rocking the stamp back and forth with your hand to make sure all of the edges are seen on the paper.

a holly stamp on Kraft paper

Now you have one stamp complete!

I repeated the above process using different stamps and colors. Be sure to leave about 2 inches between stamps on the Kraft paper so you have enough room to cut them out.

Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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Here are examples of the other stamp designs that I made. Keep in mind that these are handmade tags so perfection is not the aim here.

I used multiple colors on some of them. This stamp is longer in length with cardinals and Poinsettias.

a Christmas stamp with cardinals and Poinsettias

Sometimes the whole stamp didn’t come out on the paper but that’s okay! I almost think it makes the stamped picture look a little more rustic.

a long stamp with Poinsettias and cardinals on Kraft paper

I also tried two colors on this To, From stamp.

a to, from stamp with green and white paint

After awhile, I realized that I was loving either only white paint or only red paint.

Here is a white wreath. The texture of the branches on this wreath came out so nicely on the paper!

a white stamped wreath on Kraft paper

For contrast, here is the same wreath with red paint.

a red stamped wreath

This cutie little bird house ended up being my favorite stamp and the one I used the most.

There is just something about this stamp that spoke to me! Here it is in white.

a white stamped bird house

And then here it is in red.

a red stamped bird house

So cute, right?!

4. After I had all of my stamps done, I let them dry for about 30 minutes.

Then, I took the time to hand pick which tag I wanted to use for each of my family members. I used a Sharpie marker to write each person’s name on the tag.

a DIY gift tag from stamps

Continue this step until you have all of the tags written out.

5. Next, cut out each gift tag.

I used fancy scissors for this part but any scissor will do the job!

fancy scissors used to cut out diy gift tags

All I did was simply cut around each stamped shape. Some of them I cut in squares, some rectangles, and others in circles. It’s really up to you how you want your gift tags to look!

Tip: Leave a little excess paper showing on the left side of each tag so you have room for the ribbon hole.

a DIY stamped Christmas gift tag

6. Then, punch the ribbon hole.

Using a hole puncher, punch a hole on the upper left side of the tag.

punch a hole in a DIY gift tag for ribbon

This hole will allow the ribbon to slide through it easily.

a hole for ribbon on a DIY gift tag

7. Lastly, attach the ribbon.

The finishing step is to tie a ribbon on to each tag. I had a variety of Christmas ribbon on hand to choose from but use whatever you would like.

various Christmas ribbon for DIY gift tags

I chose one ribbon for each tag. To do this, simply slide the tag end of the ribbon through the front of the hole and pull it out the back side.

ribbon on a DIY gift tag

I then tied one knot in the ribbon so that it was secure but you don’t have to. It’s optional!

8. Attach each tag to its gift!

You have created your Christmas gift tags and now it’s time to attach them to the presents. This process can also be creative because you get to make each gift look festive and beautiful, true to your style!

a DIY stamped Christmas gift tag on a present with velvet ribbon

This pretty wrapping paper is from the Hearth and Hand line at Target. Paired with the velvet ribbon, I thought it was the perfect paper to use with these gift tags!

a wrapped present with a DIY Christmas gift tag

My gift tags turned out better than I had hoped which makes me so happy! This just goes to show you that if you see something in a store that you think you could make, you totally can, and sometimes for better and cheaper!

These gift tags truly are so simple to make. I hope this post encourages you to design something similar for the presents that you are giving this season.

Closing Tidbits

Creating handmade items to share with people that you cherish is so rewarding. These DIY Christmas gift tags with stamps are no exception! They are the perfect balance of rustic, Scandinavian and vintage Christmas all rolled into one gift tag.

The thoughtfulness behind them is what others will remember. Be encouraged to seek creativity in whichever way you find it and find joy along the way.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Let me know in the comments if this tutorial was helpful for you! Have you ever made homemade gift tags before? I would love to know!

an image for pinning

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a DIY stamped Christmas gift tag with velvet ribbon

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