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How To Create A Fall Centerpiece

By Rachel

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Last Updated on November 6, 2021 by Rachel Granholm

With the fall season quickly approaching, I want to share with you how to create a fall centerpiece!

Fall is such a cozy time of year. For your home, it’s a time to switch out bright and airy summer decorations for more subtle, muted tones. Bring out the candles, plaid wool blankets, and decor in shades of burnt orange, copper, yellow, or dark red. Fall is also a gathering time around the table, for enjoying warm meals and sharing joy during this new season. I want to show you how to create a fall centerpiece for your table to help you enjoy your time spent around it.

a vintage fall centerpiece with amber bottles

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Materials to Gather:

How To Create A Fall Centerpiece

  • First, gather pieces from around your home that you think could be used in a fall centerpiece display.materials to create a fall centerpiece

Think about the size and shape of the table that you want to create the centerpiece for. Ask yourself questions like : “how tall or short do I want this to be?”, “what colors would look pretty here?”, or “what can I use that would make this centerpiece feel cohesive?”

  • Then, source a table linen.a vintage embroidered fall table linen

Using a vintage linen in your display adds a soft layer of texture.That could be a table runner, table cloth, or something along those lines. Before going to buy one, look around your house and see if there is anything you have already that you could use. Warm, creamy shades of off white, oat, or tan would work beautifully for this centerpiece. If you need to buy one, my suggestion is to check your local thrift stores. You can find vintage linens there for just a few dollars.

  • Next, start with a base.galvanized metal tray for a centerpiece

This is the piece that will hold everything. For me, that is this galvanized metal tray that I’ve had for years. It’s been so many places in my home and has held many different items but it seemed like the perfect base piece for my fall centerpiece. It has that vintage yet rustic feel that I’m going for in my home this season. Some other options you can try include wooden dough bowls, wooden pedestals, or vintage troughs.

  • Then, start arranging the decor pieces.

vintage amber colored glass bottlesThis includes anything that will be sitting in or on your base piece. These can include jars, vases, crocks, bowls, and the like. I’ve been collecting amber colored glass bottles from thrift stores and antique stores over the past 4 months or so because I really love how they pair with my copper collection in the kitchen. Then I realized a few weeks ago how pretty they would look as part of a fall display! And they do. The rust-like color of the amber glass looks so beautiful against the galvanized tin.

vintage amber colored bottles with faux fall stems

I really only needed 3 of these bottles in my tray. Anything more than that would have felt too cluttered. It is really pleasing to my eyes how the different heights and shapes of the bottles all look together. When you are arranging your pieces, try and vary the heights and shapes of what you are using. In doing so, it creates a more dramatic and interesting centerpiece rather than everything being the same.

  • After that, add low layers.vintage amber colored bottles amongst plaid fabric

This step basically allows you to fill in the bottom part of your base piece. You can get super creative with this and use items that exude fall. I used a leftover piece of plaid fabric and simply laid it around the base of the jars.

faux velvet pumpkins for a centerpiece

Then, I placed little velvet pumpkins on top of the fabric. To complete the look I wanted to achieve, I placed dried eucalyptus stems throughout. Layers of texture is the key to creating a standout centerpiece . Other things that might work well include velvet fabric, lace, burlap, fabric or patterned faux pumpkins, or natural elements such as stones, dried flowers, or dried apple slices.

amber colored bottles with faux pumpkins

  • Last, add fall stems.bouquet of faux fall stems

This is my favorite step because it really helps to tie everything together. You can choose to do this step in one of two ways.

1) Go out to your yard and clip a handful of small fall tree branches. It would be ideal if the branches have red or yellow leaves on them! You can also cut fall flowers if you have any such as mums or fluffy grasses. Then, fill jars or whatever you used for your centerpiece with water and arrange your cut stems.

vintage amber colored bottles with faux fall stems

2) Use faux fall stems. I choose this option because, for me, it was just easier. You can find pretty realistic stems these days at the craft supply store. My advice for choosing faux stems is to buy them when they are on sale and pick a variety of them. Find stems that have a similar color palette but different textures. I usually piece together a bouquet of them as I’m finding them. Once there are enough, I weed out the ones that don’t pair nicely with the rest.

faux stems for fall arrangment

Once you get home with your faux stems, you will need to use a floral cutter to cut the stems apart. I usually cut them apart into small sections and then arrange them. There is not really a rule to arranging faux stems. Just go with what looks nice to you and the aesthetic you are trying to achieve.

a vintage fall centerpiece

There you have it! I hope this tutorial on how to create a fall centerpiece is an inspiration for you. It doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. In fact, the simple centerpieces are often the most beautiful. I hope you find that eagerness inside you to create a fall centerpiece that can be enjoyed year after year.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Let me know in the comments what you would like to use in a fall centerpiece!

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