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DIY Ticking Stripe Fabric Garland

By Rachel

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Last Updated on November 6, 2021 by Rachel Granholm

This project will teach you how to create a DIY ticking stripe fabric garland!

Fabric is such a versatile craft item. You can make such unique projects with fabric that are tailored to your style, including simple home decor! Follow along with this simple, no sew tutorial on creating your very own DIY ticking stripe fabric garland. Be inspired!

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*This tutorial makes a 6 foot long garland*

Materials Needed

a picture of materials that are needed to make a fabric garland


  1. Cut off the unsightly ends of each fabric pieces.
    trimming the edges off of fabric for garland

    Spread your fabric out on the floor. If your fabric pieces have edges that have printed words or anything else that won’t look pretty, go ahead and cut those parts off. You will lose a little bit of fabric yardage but that’s okay.
  2. Measure out the width of each strip.
    measuring the width of fabric strips with tape measure
    I decided to make each of my strips to be 1.5 inches wide but you can make yours larger or smaller depending on your preference. Make a small mark with a pencil every 1.5 inches and that’s where you will cut your strip. Continue this process until you have the markings all the way across the fabric.
  3. Cut the fabric strips.
    cutting strips of fabric for ticking stripegarland
    You can either cut the fabric starting at the pencil mark, or sometimes the fabric is thin enough to where you can make a slit with a scissors and then just rip the fabric from there. Continue this process until you have all your fabric in strips.
  4. Measure the rope.
    rope for creating ticking stripe fabric garland
    Figure out how long you would like your garland to be. I cut my rope a little longer than 6 feet. You can always cut off excess it it’s too long.
  5. Loop your fabric strips over the rope.attaching fabric on rope for ticking stripe fabric garlandFold a strip of fabric in half, loop it over the rope, and then pull the ends through the top to secure. Continue this process, going every other, until you have used up all of the fabric strips.
    pulling ends of fabric through for ticking stripe fabric garland
  6. Clean it up. 
    ticking stripe fabric garland
    By this I mean pull off any long threads or parts that have too much fray or extra threads.
  7. Display your garland! 
    ticking stripe fabric garland on mantel
    Pick a spot in your home to hang your pretty garland. Ideal spots can include across a mantel, along a shelf, or between a doorway.

For A Charming Home

There you have it! A charming DIY ticking stripe fabric garland that will add whimsy to your home. This project can be displayed all year because the ticking stripe pattern is timeless. It goes well with any season as well as any decor. You can even make more of these garlands for changes in the season. For example, you could create a plaid fabric garland paired with beige linen fabric for fall or a pretty paisley fabric garland for winter.

I hope this encourages you to create a fabric garland to adorn your home. The ticking stripe fabric itself lends a calming texture paired with the simplicity of the white. It is a simple project that can be displayed in any room in your home.

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Let me know in the comments below how this project turned out for you. I would love to hear how you displayed your garland!

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