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How To Make A Wood Round and Bead Garland

By Rachel

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Last Updated on October 26, 2023 by Rachel Granholm

Let’s learn how to make a wood round and bead garland! It is simple and rustic.

When decorating my home for Christmas this year I was looking for a garland that wasn’t a traditional green garland. I wanted something a little more rustic with a Scandinavian type feel to it. Knowing that something like that in the store would be pretty expensive, I decided to make my own. The end result of this wood round and bead garland is better than what was in my head and I hope it’s an inspiration for you!

Materials Needed

wood round garland materials

How To Make The Wood Round and Bead Garland

  1. Cover Your Work Surface.
    wood rounds for diy garland
    I used foil under the wood rounds in case any white paint spilled but you could use an old sheet or towel just as well.
  2. Decide What You Want the Garland to Say.
    stencils for wood garland
    Tip: These rounds are linked above and they come with an eyelet screw on top for hanging. Be sure that each of the wood rounds are straight up and down before you start, meaning the eyelet is on top.I went with ‘Merry Christmas’ but there are many other sayings you could do such as ‘Happy Holidays’, ‘Peace’, or ‘Noel’. Lay out as many rounds as you need to spell the word(s).
  3. Place Each Letter Stencil on Each Round.
    trace letters on wood rounds for garland
    Then, trace the inside of each letter with a pencil.
    traced letters on wood rounds
  4. Prepare the white paint.
    white paint for diy garland

    Squeeze some white paint onto a paper plate.
  5. Then, Using a Skinny Paintbrush, Start Filling in Each Letter.
    paint letters on DIY Wood garland

    Continue painting in each letter. After the first coat dries you can decide if you want to do another coat. I opted to do 2 layers of white paint for a crisp and clean look.
    Let the wood rounds dry completely before continuing.
    painted letters for garland
  6. Paint a Border Around Each Wood Round.
    red craft paint for berries
    I decided to create red berries around each piece of wood. To do this, simply dip the round end of a paintbrush in red craft paint and press onto the wood.
    Space out the dots evenly around the wood round.
    berries on wood garland
    Then, go back and press two more dots next to each single dot to create bunches of berries.
    berry bunches on wood rounds
    Continue this process until you have completed berry bunches going around each wood round.
    Let the red paint dry completely before continuing.
    merry christmas on a wood round garland
  7. Add Some Green to the Berries.
    green paint for berry stems

    I used a toothpick to do this step because I just wanted a hint of green coming out from the berry bunches. This step is really up to you on how little or how much green you would like.
    I just picked 3 berry bunches on each wood round and did little swipes of green paint with the toothpick.
    letters painted with berries for garland
    Keep this step super simple and don’t overthink it! Once you have the green where you want it on each round, let them dry completely before moving on.
    finished berry stems on wood garlandThis next part is optional. After my rounds had dried, I started stringing them onto twine with the beads. But, I realized that the letters were hanging sideways and I couldn’t even see the words. So, I busted out my drill! Follow the next steps for this process otherwise jump down to step 9 and see how to string the beads and rounds to finish the garland.
  8. Using a small drill bit (one that just fits the twine through the hole), drill two holes near the top, about 1/4 inch apart. Tip: Use a spare wood round and do a few test holes. I had to try 3 different sizes of drill bits before finding the correct size.
    drill hole for wood garland
    I found it helpful to drill on either side of the top berry bunch.
    Continue this process until you have 2 holes in each wood round.
    two holes drilled for a wood garland
  9. For Assembling, Lay Out the Wood Rounds in a Straight Line.
    lay out wood rounds for assembly

    I laid out my ‘Merry Christmas’ in a straight line on a flat surface. Then, I placed the wood beads in between each letter.
    I did 3 beads, then 2 beads, then 3 beads, etc…for a unique pattern.
    lay out wood beads for garland
  10. Measure Out the Twine.
    twine needed for wood garland
    Simply lay out the twine as long as the line of wood rounds and beads is plus 2 inches extra on each end.
    You can always trim it later on if it is too long.
  11. Knot One End.
    String one bead onto the left end.
    Knot the twine 3 times behind that bead.
    start beading on garland
    Then you can start stringing the beads and wood rounds onto the twine to assemble the garland.
    lace twin onto wood round
    If you drilled holes in each wood round, for each one simply go up through the left and down through the right with the twine.
    lace twine into wood round
    If you didn’t drill holes, just string the twine through the eyelets on each wood round.
    wood garland laced
    Continue this process until you have each piece on the twine.
    Rachel from The Antiqued Journey

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    finished wood round and bead garland
  12. Display your rustic garland!
    wood round and bead garland with vintage milk glass

    You can hang this garland from a shelf, in a doorway, or on a Christmas tree. It would also look pretty laying flat on a buffet or a credenza as part of a Christmas vignette.
    wood round and beaded garland
    However you decide to display it, I hope it brings you a little joy each time you see it.

Closing Tidbits

This tutorial for how to make a wood round and bead garland was so much fun to create. It brings me such enjoyment when a project that’s in my head comes out better than what I had envisioned! This season, don’t let the lack of time or perfection stop you from creating something for your home. You can make beautiful things.

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Comment below and let me know if this project is helpful or inspiring for you!

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